A knee-high sock haul.

Hello my lovelies. How are you all on this fine day?? I’ll admit my day has been rather slow. Recently I was looking for some knee high socks. Why? Simple I’m not a fan of tights. Do not like them at all. So I wanted to invest in some decent knee highs that could keep me warm and still look good. And I went and got some from amazon. By the way what’s your opinion on knee high socks?? Do you love them?? Or are you more a tight’s person??

Bear socks. I love these ones. Warm and can be worn with a dress or shorts!! These are so cute with soft fluffy ears with cute little faces. The quality is really good too.

Any cat lovers out there?? These are just as cute. Again can be worn with a dress or shorts. The soft fluffy ears are great and love the black cat vibe. The little pink nose is nawwwww!!

Sporty socks. These are great for wearing under jeans or jeggings. I have these with blue stripes and black with white stripes. The red and blue are my favourite out of these. Plus they’re breatheable and not made to be clamy.

My other black knee high socks. These are just as good but a thinner material. Fab for under jeans and leggings. Plus great to wear on a warmer day, maybe not for winter though. I have these in a lovely burgandy.

And the final set. Not knee high but close enough. I got 3 of these. One a light tan, this baby blue and a soft pastel pink. I do have a problem with these though. My tan ones have began to fray at the top and I’ve only worn them once. Yet these blue ones get worn alot and they haven’t started fraying yet. Same with the pink.

Until next time my lovelies.


A Sneak Peak in the Sketckbook 

Hello lovely people. We finally had some snow here in tempermental Scotland. Not much but its something I guess. Anyway hope your having a fab week (day even). 

You will see plenty of pencil work through out my pieces. Gonna expand on the mediums though. Hoping to use charcoal pencils today. 

I’ve been debating over this post for a while. I had lost my spark for drawing but recently it’s came back with a bang!! And now I’m beyond proud to let you have a sneak peek into my sketchbook (s) I’m using several at the moment. 

My first fashion illusration piece. Turned well seeing as I have no idea how to draw a dress or a figure. 

I did this one as a smaller sample of a larger piece. This is pencil but the large piece is a mix of oil pastel/acrylic paint.

This was the piece that I finished last night. A simplified gem piece. Beyond pleased with it and I plan on doing loads. From different colour palettes, mediums to size. (If interested in one please let me know size, colour and medium.) This is done in pencil. 

I can never get hair to look right. So I had fun with this one. A good tester piece to see how it can flow. 

The proportions are all wrong on the face. But I thought it would be an interesting thing to see what I could do in 10 mins. The face is a mix style and only for fun. (Ain’t the green slime cute!!!) 

Another simplified gem piece but smaller. I do love the sytle and colour scheme. This is in my sketchbook for college. 

This shell was a complete accident. I have a shell on the other side of the page and an oil pastel underneath. I was adding some work shading to the shell when this happened. Love it. 

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek through my sketchbooks. And I can’t wait to do another. (If anyone is interested in any piece’s please let me know through here. Would be happy to discuss mediums, sizes and prices.)

Until next time my darlings. 


Going Blue. A Big Change.

Hello my lovelies. How are you all? It’s been a tempermental and busy week here. With parties and crazy weather. Gotta love scottish weather. Anyway on to the post. And its a huge change for me. I have always loved my dark chocolate locks. They where a serious confidence booster, but I had always wanted a certain colour done. I wanted a change, a big change, but was a little worried. Until last night. Where I sat in a hair dressers for 6 hours getting this crazy transformation done. 

The first 2 hours was stripping my hair of its dark qualities. No more chocolate brown for this gal!! The blonde was a shock to the system let me tell ya. But luckily it was nothing more than a base for the real colour! But how blonde am I!! Not me at all. 

These look purple but they’re actually blue. 4 different shades of blue. The dark blue was the main base while the other 3 gave different tones through my hair. So after several hours, 6 roughly I went from a dark brunette to a bluenette. Amber (from Colour Hairdressing in Dunfermline) you did a fantastic job!! She answered every question I had and was fab. Still getting blue off my face though!! 😄

Ta da!!! I love it. The tones are gorgeous and complement eachother beautifully. So glad I went for it. But was so anxious about the end result. It’s gonna worth it even though I need to wash my hair with cold water. Eeek. But worth it. 6 hours well spent and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I got my hair chopped in a long bob. A great length for styling. 

Until next time my lovelies. 


Snood Over!

Hello my lovelies. How are you all doing? I’m having a fantastic week so far! Big plans are coming together and I’m beyond excited!! But enough of that, onto the post. 😄

Now who loves scarves?? I do. I have a collection that I refuse to get rid of. Who doesn’t love the cosy feeling they give or the amazing fabrics, colours and textures that they come in! I love em all. However…….I can’t wear them at my work place due to health and safety. So I’m working away while being cold. (I get cold easily and struggle to keep heat.) And then one cold day, my saving grace came too me in the form of a snood. A snood is like a scarf but has no end. It’s just a continous piece of fabric. They can come in different lengths and thinknesses.

A simiple colour and simiple design. A friend recommended them too me and so I went a lookin for some. FYI loads of gorgeous ones in New Look!! But too nice for where I work. I work in a warehouse at the mo near docks so it gets very chilly. The one I did get is from Primark for only a few £’s. I can’t mind the exact price but it wasn’t more than £5!! Plus a great piece to any wardrobe. A cute fashion piece if you will.

Mainly gray with baby pink a cute little combo for the season. Plus it’s warm and helps me keep in the heat. The quality is actually great and easy to wear. Nothing super fancy but workable. I’ve worn it all week and love it. No more complaining from me anyway! I would recommend getting one if you hate the annoyance that a scarf can bring, but also want to keep warm. I plan on getting more of these simiply because they are cute and do a great job.

Do you guys own any snood’s? Where do you get yours from if you do??

Until next time beauties.


Fashion Book Collection (Reference)

Books. I love them. So easy to get lost in one or even find some amazing pieces of info about a subject you enjoy or even just have an interest in. Who doesn’t love the feeling of turning a page!! Or the smell of old books……bliss. Anyway onto the topic of the post. Personally I have a small (ish) book collection. With a smaller reference collection for subjects that interest me. Here is my small but steadily growing fashion book collection: 

These books are all fantastic in themselves. (I do have a quilt making book and a Gok Wan one but can’t locate them!!) I’ve always believed if you have an interest in a subject then you should always invest in that subject. It can be a career choice or just a hobby, as long as it is enjoyed then it is worth investing in. Besides I love knowlegde, and I love finding out new info that I never knew. I’m slowly becoming a common face at my local library or college library. 😋

Now to the books themselves. The dress making book was a gift from my mum 2 years ago, which I have used often. Mainly for reading but I hope to change that into more pratical work this year. It’s a lovely step by step guide on dress making with great instructions and amazing detail. 

The Coco Chanel is a beautifully illustrated piece about her life by the talented Megan Hess. She changed the face of fashion with her daring outlook and continues to be an inspirtation to aspiring designers. (Myself included there!!) Plus I love how it flows and gives key information into her life and work ethnic. While the book is short, sweet it suits the late designer perfectly. Short, sweet and to the point. I’d have loved to work with her, or learn from her. I bought this from Amazon when I saw it at work one night. 

Next are my 2 bible’s. The purple hardback is ‘The Fashion Book’ which is a great piece of the whole of the Fashion world. A mixture of photos and information on a whole list of people. Its an A – Z  of makeup artists, textile designers, photographers, models, jewellery designers, Illustrators, Retailers and even Icons. All these people helped change fashion through out history with their own creative flair. I got this tome from Waterstones last year and it has helped through college a few times. (Can’t remember how much it was!!! Sorry!!) 

My most recent purchase for this collection!! I’m so chuffed that I got this, simply because of the sheer amount of information thats in it. It’s a history book but of fashion!! A hard back that cost £30 from Waterstones. (Heads up……..my furry mosters have already took a few bites outta it!!) 

One of the pages out of this 480 page book. It spans from the ancient world to the modern era of how we currently dress. I love the sheer detail, knowlegde and work that has went into this book. I haven’t read all of it but it is useful for history of fashion and if you ever need so inspiration from an older era. (Now to find a book on corsets!!) 

I do hope you all enjoyed this little tour of some books that I do love.

Until next my lovely readers. 


Christmas Jumper(s)

Day 2 of Blogmas, and it’s been a giggle with taking tons of photos and trying to get stuff all sorted. Who doesn’t love cute Christmas jumpers?? Well I have a slight confession…….me. I don’t like Christmas jumpers. However it’s the horrid ones with all the crazy stuff hanging out, too many bells and the recent social media, hast tags ones. I was out shopping when I stumbled upon 2 and I loved them. 

How awesome is this jumper!! I actually love it. There are bells (they may be coming off soon!!) but its the colours I love. It’s little bits of coloured tinsel and it goes round the back. How cute. Simple and just right for Christmas. (I got this from Asda george for £16.) Its cosy and perfect for the season. Also this is a medium size, and ain’t to snug. 

The second jumper is actually for the guys. I am ‘modeling’ it because my partner is currently in the land of nod. (Night worker, he needs his beauty sleep!!) 

Santa! Why are you on a jumper old chap? Ain’t it cute. The best gents jumper that isn’t over the top. (Although Ross would wear one of those just to tick me off!!) It’s actually a Large and looks great. Can’t wait for him to wear it!! I got this outta George Asda too for £16 (I think!!!) last week. I’ve been pestering the poor bloke too wear it since. Lol. 

I’m more excited about these and Christmas cause it’s my niece’s first one with us!! I hope she loves the jumpers just as much as I do. I have one for her, but cann’t show you yet. It wouldn’t be fair on the wee one. She will be modeling it shortly though!

Do you like Christmas jumpers?? If so, what ones do you like?? 

Until next time beauties. 


Ootd. (Some Grunge)

Hello beauties. Hope your all well! Anyway I went and had a little slurge at River Island (i’ve finished all the Christmas shopping!!) and thought why not get a treat. 

I love this outfit. The top is loose fitting, makes it easy to wear tucked in or hanging loose. Even at a 10 its still got loads of room. Not too mention that I love the eagle and flower motif on it. Can’t forget the mini stone (diamond like) details. The top is in their Urban section at £16. 

Now the skirt. Very comfy to wear and my first piece of faux leather. I love how these are both well on trend but they can easily be worn with something else too. 

A cute mini skirt from their Urban section at £35. I love the stud detailing on the pockets and it has pockets!!! Bonus. Plus it sits nicely on my hips. I do like that it doesn’t rub on the skin. A statement piece that I am super happy I bought. Teams up together rather well if I must say. 
Until next time beauties. 


A Timeless Watch.

Time. Always saying we have too little time, not enough of it really. I was always bad for running late (still am sometimes!!) And so I thought why not buy a nuce watch. Nothing to glitz or glam. Something sturdy and noticeable. (This investment happened roughly 4 – 5 years ago) And I’ve never been so damn chuffed over a purchase like this. 

Also I can not stand fabric or leather strap watches. The straps always break so easily and get dirty quickly too. Not my cuppa tea ta. I’ll stick to the link watches. 

My loyal and very blue ice watch. It’s a little old yeah. A little battered and seen better days but fantastic non the less. This has been a part of some crazy memories. From meeting my partner and our first date (and many more after that one!!) to all my interviews and some big nights out. Like new year last year! What a night that was. 

And yes I know I wear my watch in an odd way. I find it rather comfortable with the clasp at the outside of my wrist and the face inside. Strange but hay, we all have our quirks. (How do you wear your watch??) 

I bought this for £70 at H. M. Samuel mainly due to the fact that I love blue. Its only ever failed me once when the digit 3 came off and got stuck on the larger hand. That was not fun but not as expensive as I thought it would be too fix. I remember when I lost this once and turned my mum’s place up side down looking for it!!! It turned up eventually under one of the seats on the couch. 

Anyhow I just wanted to share one of my favourite timeless pieces with you. I’m never actually fussed how much something costs. What I love the most is the memories I can make with it. And this watch has some damn good memories, a few bad but hay thats life. 

What’s your favourite watch?? Do you have a timeless piece with some beautiful memories?? 

Until next time beauties.


Fabric Heaven

Hello everyone. Hope your having a lovely weekend. Finally I decided to venture out of my cave and explore a little. I made the journey to Edinburgh in hopes of finding a gold mine! I’ll be honest here, my hopes weren’t very high after a couple of disappointments. But I travelled down an unknown road being led by my trusty google maps (very tech I know) and I stumble upon a treasure trovel filled with wonders. 

Of warm cottons, hand woven tweeds and threads galore! Simple silks and stunning buttons. A fabric crafters dream. And a scary place for those who are just entering the craft. 

How soft do these look!! The simpile white and black designs are amazing. Plus the texture was amazing. (May get these next time!!)

These are just some of the gorgeous fabrics that I found within a store known as ‘Edinburgh Fabric’s’ my local habadashery. I’m studying textiles at college and I would love to become a designer. So I thought it would be a great idea to get a little head start on my hand sewing skills. Hand sewn pieces aren’t just gorgeous but the amount of time and patience that goes into a piece. Amazing. 

These are the 3 fabrics that I finally settled on. After an hour of looking! These are perfect for quilt making and I got some threads to match. I’m hoping to make square’s from the lighter colours and using the darker flower motif fabric as a boarder piece. Can’t wait to get started but gotta learn the stiches first and get to grips with them. Luckily I have aome less expensive fabric at my hands to play around with. 

What projects are you guys working on? Any tips or tricks?? 


College and the Daily Challenge!!

Hello my lovelies!! How are you all doing this week? Well I’ve been busy…..ish. From work (full timer and nightshift) and college (only part time mind!!) It’s been a good week. I know that some have recently just started back into education. It’s a little strange being back in a classroom but its such a great feeling. Anyway, I though I would share with you lovelies some of my college project and the daily challenge that I’m doing. So here we go: (you may wanna grab a cuppa!!)  

Isn’t the ladybird cute!! My first ever attempt at one. I’m back studying textiles and want my sketchbook to look good. Our theme is environmental pattern which means everything and its a great way to explore deeper into the subjects that I have an interest in. Gemstones, water, lava, steampunk and a few others. Is anyone else studying this?? Looking forward to the end result which will be a piece of fabric made by ourselves!!!

At the end of the course we shiuld have a piece of fabric made by us. The next course is garment building with the fabric we made (if we choose to do it!) Im super excited and love it. It does feel a bit broken with only being a day but the amount of work I can do is brilliant. 

How do you make a sketchbook look great??? I’ve got a ton of improving to do and would love to know your thoughts. 

Now back onto improving myself! I have more than one challenge going at the moment. A 30 day drawing challenge which is mainly for giggles. 

But it is helping me become more comfortable in making mistakes and not being such a critic. Plus I plan on mixing up my media that I use and building up on detail. I have a few of these lined up till the new year! Also I’m trying to drink more water……but I don’t like plain water so mixing it up with fruit or squash. (I’m super picky with drinking water. It’s also got to be really cold!) Anyone else like that??

Have you guys got any challenges for this year? If so what are they?? Xx