MUR Lip Kits Haul and Review.

Hello my lovelies!! This is a little haul I got  awhile back and thought I should share it now with you all. But first, how was everyone’s Christmas? I hope however you spent the day that you enjoyed it all the same. (My partner is ruining the flat with his damn drone. I should never have got him it!! 😂😅) 

Now onto the haul. Its a lip kit haul from MUR or Makeup Revolution to be exact. All of these where bought from Superdrug for £8 each. (I got a 2 for 3 deal and wanted a treat!) So lets get started shall we: 

The haul.
There are 7 lip kits here and I’ll talk about them all. (Ish, I have a little negative feedback on one but it happens.) Lets start with my favourite one first. 

Regent the metallic lip kit.

How stunning is this red! The best thing is that it’s metallic as well. Very pretty shade and love that it doesn’t make me look washed out. The lip pencil is lush as well and can be worn for a much softer everyday kinda look. The metallic packiging is cute too, and great for telling the difference. Lol.

Next onto a not so favourite.

The Holographic Lip Kit

The sparkly one on my hand that you can barely see is the holographic lipkit in Unicorn Dream. And it was a kind of disappointment. The purple lip liner and the spark liquid lip stick are not a nice combo. And that’s just my personal opinion. I’m happy to wear em individually but defo not together. Which is a damn shame. 

Vampire Night’s!
It was the name on this one that got me if I’m honest. And it is a lovely one as well. A matte lip kit for a matte loving gal. In the pic it was just applied so it still looks wet, but now it’s dried into a deep wine red colour that’s great for that vamp look. Or dark lip lovers out there. Royal and Majesty are both matte lip kits also with stunning colours between them. (Sorry no pics at the mo but will be in my next monthly lipstick library!) 

A little Integrity.
While I’m not a major fan of gloss finishes this colour is beautiful. A lovely blend of pink and purple. Fabulous. More than likely wear the lip pencil on it’s own but I’m happy to give this one a try. 

Empire’s don’t build themselves.
This copper shade is Empire and yet another metallic liquid lipstick. Just one of the very few copper shades that I own. It’s a second favourite even though it dries more gloss than matte. The colour won this one over that’s for sure, plus it’s great to play around with. 

Hope you enjoyed this little haul folks. Until next time my lovelies. 


February Beauty Favourites.

Good morning (or whenever you are reading this!) For once we have a lovely sunny day looking on us today. Today’s post is gonna be about my beauty favourite’s. And to be honest there isn’t a super large amount. But onto the post (while I have a 2 year old sitting on my lap!! FYI said 2 year old is my niece.) 

First up, lip products. I love my lip products and have a few new loves to share with ya. 

A few Makeup Revolution products and their new lip kit in Noble. I’ve already got a small review on that in an earlier post. The lipstick is ‘No Perfection Yet’ and only cost £1!!! Such a deep plum colour with a creamy texture.  I also recently re-discovered the ‘I Love strawberries and milkshake’ lip gloss which I love. Thought I had lost it actually. So glad I found it again. Plus it has a sweet taste. 

A smelly. And a very nice one at that. This is from River Island and called ‘By Night’, it smells amazing. Sweet but not over the top sweet. The best way to describe the scent is like coconut. £10 for this large bottle that I got for Christmas. (I already need a new one cause this one is almost finished!!) 

Now for skincare and its the Body Shop’s Drops of Youth. Which I’ve only started using this month. It does help with keeping my skin hydrated but its not super intense hydration. I’m not to keen on the oil like texture but I do love the way it soaks into my skin quickly. Not to mention the green bottle is pretty damn cool! 

Eeeek. A new palette. But what palette you say. This beauty is from Makeup Revolution from their I ❤ Makeup range. Such a sleek looking case. The the simpleness of it. But wait until you see the inside!! 

All the pretty colours. Ive just dabbled in this palette a few times. Its not been used loads yet but I’m building confidence in my eye makeup skills which where lacking…….greatly. I love the pastels the most along with the blues and pinks. Such a gorgeous palette that I can’t wait to explore more. 

Until next time my beauties. 


Revolution Lippies

Hello beauties. How is your week so far? I’m currently full of the cold, which isn’t fun. Never is. Anyway I recently made a couple of purchases that I should have made a while back. (Okay a couple weeks ago at least!) 

How beautiful are these!! 😍 I actually love them. 2 of Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte lipstick range in the shades ‘Diamond Life’ and ‘Chauffer’. And they are stunning. The packaging is subtle and very chic. Not of the top but stylish and easy to use. I also love the fact that they DO NOT test on animals. Fantastic. 

This is ‘Diamond Life’, a stunning dark burgundy (deep red) colour that glides on beautifully. It is alot darker in person. I only needed to swipe this once for the swatche but thought I should do more to give it a more intense colour. 3 swipes and you can see the colour. Very creamy in texture but does need to be re-applied after a few hours. Love it for the winter season too. 

I normally don’t like nudes. However ‘Chauffer’ is a stunning deeper nude shade. Again the pigmentation in these lipsticks is amazing. Although its not much of a winter shade, I think that I can get away with this one. Both of these lippies where from my local Superdrug, in the Revolution section at £3.00. 

 I did also take advantage of the offer they had. Spend a £10 and get a free palette. I got these 2 for myself and the third one went to the sister. (All other purchases are for Christmas!!) 

Until next time beauties. xx