Notebooks & Buttons.

Hello my lovelies. Its 2019 and we are defo making progress through this new year. I’ve even made some new products to. Both of these where projects I had been wanting to do for a while and finally decided to give them a go. The final product is something I’m very proud of and will be doing more of.

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So lets get cracking with these new items. The first one is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s so simple but I over complicted it. Making it out that it was harder than it actually was.

Moon and Sun blank notebooks.

These are great A5 sized blank notebooks. And my first of hopefully many more to come along. Both hand drawn with a white gelly roll pen and hand sewn for binding. I drew these designs a while back and had wanted to do something with them as they where spur of the moment kind of ideas.

The longest part of these 2 was the drawing part. I was worried that they wouldn’t look the way I wanted them too. However they turned out really well. The sewing part was the hardest. Gave myself a good one as I tried to push the needle through the pages. (Note to self, if larger than 17 sheets think gonna be a nightmare!) Please note that these are not in the sale.

Button Heart on Canvas

My heart will go on with this one. This lovely piece is my newest piece prefect for valentine’s day. It will eventually go on the shop but for now will be used to show size and shape for commission pieces. If you would like one please message me through my shop’s facebook page here: with colour prefernce.

Now back onto the piece itself. I like buttons, I have ALOT of buttons. Maybe an unhealthy amount of buttons but hay I’m a crafter. Stuff like that happens. I had a few blank canvases lying around, also finally got my hands on a hot glue gun. I planned out the position of each piece first and the stuck em into place. I learned very quickly that was a silly idea as the buttons moved around alot. Plus I have sure serious blisters now on my right hand. My poor finger tips! 😓

Hope you guys love these pieces just as much as I do. What would you like to see next?

Until next time my lovelies. Xx

November Favourite’s

It’s that time of the month again where we discover the favourite things people have been using day in, day out. Or a new something new on the scene that only got pointed out to us!! First off. In 4th place:


Its this gorgeous candle. Yes it is from asda and its only £3 but it smells heavenly. This is infact a re-purchase. The other went out the other night!! It is the sweet mulberry candle and it smells amazing. Thankfully it’s not overbearing in scent and rather soft. (May need to get more……) Candle daft I am indeed.
Next item on the agenda, in 3rd place:


This is not beauty related!! But it is a heads up for all tea lovers, who would love to try something new! My favourite tea so far has got to be the ‘Peppermint and Thistle’ by Twinnings. What a lovely combo. Its soft in taste and not overpowering like some teas. It doesn’t leave a nasty after taste and best drank still hot. Not luke warm (disgusting!!)I only put 2 sugar in, so that may be it. Also it does not go well with milk either. Its a win win.

And the runner up in 2nd place:


The MUA palette in ‘Undressed’ has been gently kicking my Naked palette’s out of reach. The colours are fantastic and work really well together. They blend beautifully (even for a rookie like me!) The favourite shades have got to be the last 4 on the bottom row. ‘Tawny’, ‘Henna’, ‘Fuel’ and finally ‘Cool Grey’ of course all are stunny metallics but I am enjoying the lovely nude shades as well. The palette is only £4!! Perfect bargin buy.

And finally my favourite item. Drum roll please for 1st place is……:


The throw has first place! I’ve had this cream one for a year now and its still no. 1 (Even though I have about 5 now!) Its a single person throw, with a hood and it gets used all the time. Nothing beats finishing a long day on shift and curling up in a cosy throw with a cuppa or hot choco. Perfect for the colder weather too.

So there you have it folks, this months favourite’s. Do you agree with any?? Or has something else stolen your top spot? Would love to know beauties.


Tiger: Tealight holders

To all my quirky loving readers and lovers of all things different. I have found a little something that will get those quirky juices flowing. Halloween is upon us and I finally found something not just spooky but so adorable. I just have to share my find with ya all!!


Ingore my reflection please!! Anyway, these are so cute. Perfect tealight holders for halloween. Made from dark orange glass, these are beyond awesome. Plus they are large too, well worth it. And stylish (mum aint getting her paws on them!!)

Halloween lovers your welcome. I found these at my local Tiger store for £2 each!! But if you guys want them you need to get them quick, cause they are selling out quickly. Found out that some stores are struggling to keep them in stock.

Until next time my fellow dudes and dudettes.