Recycling and Bookmarks.

Good morning my lovelies. What a crazy last few days its been! Hope your all doing really well in this colder weather.

People know I love things like beads. All kinds! Little glass pearls to beautiful jeweled ones. And buttons. Vintage buttons and fabric too! While I love all these little things they can get messy, and go everywhere and I can forget which colours I actually have. So I’m going to give new life to some glass jars that where lying around my house.

My glass containers for my beads.

These little glass jars where once upon a time a lovely choco dessert. Recycling something like this is easy. Got an old sauce jar being used to hold all my paintbrushes. Now they’ve been cleaned and waiting for their new home in my craft room where they will be used to help with all my beads.

Now talking about beads, I’ve been creating some new pieces for my shop. Some of these have even been custom made with the help of my beads.

My custom made bookmarks

Ain’t it pretty. I’m hoping to develop on this design too create even more of these lovely bookmarks for the new year. And maybe get a few cheeky custom orders too! ☺

My bead collection have actually helped inspire my recent makes and I hope to make more in the near future. I love all the different shades of green here.

Do you like reading? What is your favourite book and bookmark?

Until next time my lovelies. Xx

Patchwork Animal Plushies

Hello my lovelies. How are you all doing on this rather wet looking day? I’ve been great, from working alot on nightshift and making time for crafty adventures. 

I really want to show you 2 of my latest pieces I’ve recently made. So here they are, my patchwork animals:

My Patchwork Piggy

This one turned out really well! The felt is from the Dovecraft Essentials in pink. You can you colour theme packs from the Works for £2!! I got loads of different colours. The fabric was from a subrciption box that I used to get. I’m so happy with how this turned out although it got rather annoying with the measurements and then the stuffing part. I didn’t want to over stuff this little one. I love the nose and my blanket stiches here. 

My Patchwork Robin

This little guy is a little wonky. I had wanted him to be more circle in shape but it’s either the way I’ve sewn him or stuffed him. The beak is also my first attempt at statin stich on felt!!! While not perfect it went really well. I think I’ll stick to the size of my piggy though as it seems more reasonable in size. But I’m still proud of how the robin turned out. 

I have loads more ideas for the Patchwork Animals so keep an eye on the shop. May even make some cute fruit and other bits too. Super enjoying the sewing time and the creative side. Also nice to see some of my fabrics getting used!! 

Any advice or recommendations are highly welcome for getting better. 

Until next time folks. Xx

Christmas Bark (Chocolate! And baking)

This Christmas I really wanted to try my hand at baking something. Anything. And so I took to the world wide web for some ideas. I wanted to do something simple, affordable and a tasty treat. As I was giving up the search I stumbled upon a video of facebook. It looked amazing!!! But I didn’t have any candy melts (if anyone knows where to buy them in scotland, let me know in the comments!) but I soon found out you could make it with chocolate. 

Introducing Christmas Bark. A great way to any chocolate lover’s heart. 

How delicous are these?!?! And they’re just chocolate. I used 5 bars of milk chocolate (150g), 1 white chocolate bar (150g) and some of the wee one’s chocolate as a topper. (I can’t spell it!!) I simply melted all the chocolate, dribbled the white chocolate over and left to set over night. I plan on giving these to family and friends as little gifts. 

The taste test……..amazing. I can’t wait to do this again but with chilli flakes. I love chilli in chocolate and I think it will be a great little treat for everyone at Christmas. Or with a middle layer of peanut butter!! Oh, so many ideas!! Overall this experince went really well and I love the out come. 

Until next time beauties.