Tips On Looking After Coloured Hair

Looking after natural hair can be a handful, but looking after coloured hair……that can be a challenge. Not long ago I finally got my hair dyed blue 3-4 shades of blue to be exact which I adore. I’ve learned a few things on looking after my coloured hair which I want to share with you. So here are a few tips on looking after that gorgeous colour: 

1. The most important one I think but the most uncomfortable. Wash your hair with cold water. It helps protect the colour for longer. (Heat actually damages the colour and will make it fade faster!! Not good!!) 

2. Always use a heat protector when using heated tools. This will help create a barrier for your colour so it will not fade as quickly. This protection can be in the form of a spray or oil. 

3.  Avoid using sulfates on coloured hair these can strip that stunning colour from your hair. Always double check hair products for this damaging chemical and avoid it. 

4. Products. Make sure the products you use are perfect for coloured hair. (Good brands to use are Toni & Guy, Aussie and VO5 ect) 

5. And finally reduce washing your hair to 2 times a week. (Or what your stylist recommends) This lets the natural oils work their magic on your hair. During in between days use a dry shampoo that works with coloured hair to keep it looking fresh and lovely. 

I hope these tips help with looking after those stunning locks and keep em looking fresh. If you have any other tips please leave them in the comments and share the wisdom. 

Until next time my lovelies. 


Luminous Colour Masque Review

A bit late on this review, due to moving and losing everything at one piont. Anyway, a small review on the latest hair madk that I got from Glossybox.


This is by Maria Nila and made in sweden. A great thing about it is that its 100% vegan so all good ingredients for your hair. Plus it smells gorgeous, sweet but not over powering. A nice pomegrante scent that lingers.

I used this generously and loved the feeling my hair had after using this. But I personally think you would see the best results with coloured hair. It has colour guard complex (basically, stuff that looks after your colour and helps it last a little longer)

They do have a website for all the products and have a huge range!! Price wise is all in euro’s. But I will have to check out their products more.


Toni & Guy for Normal Hair.

Finally got my hands on some more of Toni & Guy hair care range. Just a small brief when it comes to my hair care: I like to mix, match and try new products. (Not like my skin care though.) You never know when you will find a product that works well with your hair!!


These are from the normal hair range. The shampoo was nice, I did wash my hair twice with this and I did feel more softness. The conditioner was really nice. This combo gave my hair a nice bounce, I teamed it up with the Toni & Guy hair mask and I have to say I’m pleased with the results.

My hair can become greasy and brittle. Other times it can be slightly rough to the touch. (Seasons play a huge part of this!)

I’ve used this range for over a week and I can see the difference in texture and shininess. However my only problem: it doesn’t smell as nice as the Garnier Ultimate Blends range. But its still a great product in general.

Can’t wait to try some of the products from this range. I shall report back!


Zerreau Beauty – Towel off Shampoo Review

Got to try something a little new and a little different this week in my latest Glossy Box! Normally I just give my hair a good wash every 2-3 days (like everyone else, my hair can get super greasy!!) But I got something new and strange to try, and here it is cuties:


This is the ‘Zerreau Beauty Towel Off Shampoo’ a brand I have never heard of but have happily tired lately. This is NOT full size!! The full size is £7.95 from

My first opinion on the product….meh. Being very honest with you all here. Normally this kinda stuff doesn’t do it for me but I gave it a shot. I guess I was hesitant to give it a go, cause no water is required.

For short hair maybe a small handful of the foam. (It needs a good shake before hand!) I simply put a large amount on straight onto my roots, massaged it in to them and scalp and then covered the rest of my hair. I do have to admit it smells gorgeous!! Like really nice. It smells of sweet, juicy apples. Yum!!

Anyway, after massaging it into hair and roots, it was just a case of simply towel drying my hair, making sure I got all the product out. (Yes I did this when my hair was a little more ew to see if the results were any good.) The results for that day was great, it felt clean – although a little heavy, like when you have loads of moose in – smelled clean and most importantly, my hair looked clean.

However my hair the next day, it was shower time by far. This product is great if you need something quick and fresh. Better than the spray dry shampoo thats a fact!! Would I ever get it? A full size can for sure. But only ever use in an emergancy!!

Bye for now beauties and cuties. Xx

New Garnier Ultimate Blends – Honey Treasures Review

Hello gorgeous people!! It’s yet another beautiful day (for once, although windy) and I can not believe I have not mentioned my new shampoo love. Yes, I am infact having a love affair with my shampoo!! (Don’t tell the other half!)


These are my new favourite hair care essentails! They don’t just leave my long hair feeling really soft, but have strengthened from root to tip.

Normally I would brush my hands through my hair and the amount of hair attached to my hand scared me. (Even though I’ve been looking after it!! But not used my hair mask in ages) But that has reduced in the last week. Yay XD

Not just the amazing strength it gives but it leaves your hair smelling like honey for days!! The shampoo and conditioner have great consistency, plus they don’t leave hair feeling greasy.


If you don’t have strong hair and it’s really brittle then I highly suggest this. You can get it from most boots. (Couldn’t find it in the small local one!)

Ps, getting my hair cut short-ish soon, would you beauties like a post going from long to short hair?? Going to a new hairdressers so nervous and excited.

Have you gorgeous people got a holy grail for hair? If so, what is it??

The Hair Tuck Trend

Hello beautiful people. Hope your all having a lovely Thursday. I know, I remember mentioning at some point that I don’t normally like major trends from the catwalk. However i have got too make an acceptation on this one. It could be because I do this often when its far too windy or when my hair just isn’t playing ball. This interesting trend is ‘The Hair Tuck Trend’

photo from

As seen in Vogue and on the cat walks recently, many of my friends have asked for my opinion on this simple and highly sought after trend. My opinion, it’s not going to be to everyone taste. That’s too be expected. However for me personally, I find the word ‘cute’ not good enough for this gal-next-door look. It’s more chic and simple, stylish in a laid back way and I’m sure many women have done this on the occasional windy day. It suits everyone, but mainly for the more casual moments of our day to day lives. Unfortunately it will not look so good in the office. The best thing about this look is that anyone can do it. You don’t need a stylist, or to pay a massive amount of money too achieve this look. Even more so it’s also very practical, keeping your hair out of your face and you don’t damage it by putting it up.

I think I may need to start getting my big turtle necks out more!!

What do you lovelies think of this trend?? Would you give it a go or have you already down it?? xx

Hair Revival. :)

I have very damaged hair and for some unknown reason, the health of my hair tends to slowly go down hill during winter. And I’m sure that I’m not the only one. I was out a few weeks ago and came across something known as a hair mask. I had heard of them from a friend, I just wasn’t to sure on them. Until i stumbled upon this little miracle in a pot. This hair mask is by Toni and Guy and it’s a reconstruction mask for damaged hair.


I have never used a hair mask before if I’m being honest, so using this product was very new and a little confusing to begin with. I have used this for 2 weeks and I’m beginning to notice a very fine difference. (My mother has even made a comment on my soft locks looking a little healthier). My hair used to by rather dull and brittle to the touch, but its becoming a lot softer and shinier. I use this 3 times a week after a shower, and i just massage it into my scalp and the rest of my hair for 5 mins, then its washed out.

DSC_0633And this is only after 2 weeks of using a Toni and Guy product. I have a feeling I’ll be using this more often. Rather pleased with the results so far.

Do you guys have a secret remedy for damaged hair?? xx