Competition Time!!

Hello my lovelies. What gorgeous weather we are having these last few days. I’m burnt! Anyway onto the serious stuff.

I have a competition running. A simple naming one for some of my wisps and there are goodies to be won too!

Such as discounts for my shop, a choice of handmade goodies and much more. All you have to do to enter is to simply follow my shop’s facebook page and submit your name choices there.

You can join in at

These are the wisps that are currently needing names.

The wisps that need names.

I have a few more wisps that need names but these ones will do for now. I can’t wait to see your name suggestions! Winners will be annouced and contacted on sunday late afternoon. Good luck everyone!


Christmas Bark (Chocolate! And baking)

This Christmas I really wanted to try my hand at baking something. Anything. And so I took to the world wide web for some ideas. I wanted to do something simple, affordable and a tasty treat. As I was giving up the search I stumbled upon a video of facebook. It looked amazing!!! But I didn’t have any candy melts (if anyone knows where to buy them in scotland, let me know in the comments!) but I soon found out you could make it with chocolate. 

Introducing Christmas Bark. A great way to any chocolate lover’s heart. 

How delicous are these?!?! And they’re just chocolate. I used 5 bars of milk chocolate (150g), 1 white chocolate bar (150g) and some of the wee one’s chocolate as a topper. (I can’t spell it!!) I simply melted all the chocolate, dribbled the white chocolate over and left to set over night. I plan on giving these to family and friends as little gifts. 

The taste test……..amazing. I can’t wait to do this again but with chilli flakes. I love chilli in chocolate and I think it will be a great little treat for everyone at Christmas. Or with a middle layer of peanut butter!! Oh, so many ideas!! Overall this experince went really well and I love the out come. 

Until next time beauties.