Saving For The Future. (Mini Personal Achievement!)

Hello my lovelies. How have you guys been this crazy week? Its went by really fast for me. One day it was the end of the weekend, now it’s my weekend again. This is gonna be a some what chatty post today.

Welp lets jump right into it before I squeal with excitment. (Before I go any futher, Im not bragging in the slightest kay.) This year me and the other half made the agreement that we are going to save for our own house. We are currently renting and lets be honest, while the area is nice its not a place we want to be long term. Or if we plan on expanding our family.

So I have had problems with saving for years. (Money grabbing parents who where not ready for 3 extra mouths to feed and guilt tripped the cash outta us.) But I finally did something I wanted to do for ages. Since I was 18. Drum roll please…………

I FINALLY SAVED £1000!!!!!!

Eeek. After months of on/off work. Being worried sick and feeling completely useless I finally reached a milestone that I had wanted for just under 8 years. And it feels amazing. 😄

I may be a little tighter fisted with my cash now, and even questioning if I need things when I’m shopping or out and about. We are even home cooking meals for work which is amazing for the both of us. I’m just so happy and proud of myself. Very pleased to see that all the hard work that I’m putting in is finally amounting to something.

And I wanted to share this excitment with you guys.

Until next time my lovelies.


Goals For 2016.

Wow. Another year is almost over and once again it’s time to make some (achievable of course) goals for the new year. Some goals will be easier to do than others and some will hopefully help me kick my lazy butt into motivation. Key word there: hopefully.

My first main goal will be to get my blog Seasonal-Rose: a little more fashion and lifestyle focused. For the course I’m wanting to do this will help me with future employment or even uni. (That’s if I stay focused and continue on with what I’m doing.) Also blogging related, I would love for 2016 to become a very positive year for my blog. From blogging more to hopefully attending a blogging meet up, to finally gaining more follows and likes. But we shall see what happens in that department eventually.


(A couple of pieces of my work. I’m slowly getting used to showing my work off.)

A very large goal that I have set myself is getting into college. I haven’t even got an interview yet and I’m already freaking out about my work and content. (Sorry to all the lovely people who have to deal with me on a daily basis!!!!) I think college would be a great way to get motivated and help me get on the right track. Plus I already had a taster course and fell in love. I hope things go to plan. Fingers crossed.


Another goal would be to finish the novel that I’ve been writing for over a year now. I write 4 or 5 chapters then scrap it because it’s either not working or it gets damaged. (I like writing in pen first then typing my work up…….it just doesn’t reach that far!!) So the goal is to write a chapter, then type it up and develop it. Watch this space cause it could happen.

On a more simpler note, having a driving license will help me in so many ways. From helping the family out to giving my lovely partner a break from driving me everywhere. Love you babe!!! (He sometimes reads my posts, ain’t he a cutie.)

Many of my goals are so simple to achieve. It’s just that I’m very lazy. I mean I would love to learn French and Italian but I keep making excuses. I’d love to start up an etsy shop. However my main problem is lack of funds and skill. Well those are the excuses that I use.

A small idea would be to go out gathering but (and for once its a genuine problem) I have no idea what would be dangerous or not. It’s annoying that there is thousands of pounds of free resources out there and I hate that I can’t use it.

So in saying all that I personally think the most important goal that I would love to achieve from here on out would simply be, to become more motivated and to just dive straight in. No more excuses and no more procrastinating.

What are your goals for 2016??