Recycling and Bookmarks.

Good morning my lovelies. What a crazy last few days its been! Hope your all doing really well in this colder weather.

People know I love things like beads. All kinds! Little glass pearls to beautiful jeweled ones. And buttons. Vintage buttons and fabric too! While I love all these little things they can get messy, and go everywhere and I can forget which colours I actually have. So I’m going to give new life to some glass jars that where lying around my house.

My glass containers for my beads.

These little glass jars where once upon a time a lovely choco dessert. Recycling something like this is easy. Got an old sauce jar being used to hold all my paintbrushes. Now they’ve been cleaned and waiting for their new home in my craft room where they will be used to help with all my beads.

Now talking about beads, I’ve been creating some new pieces for my shop. Some of these have even been custom made with the help of my beads.

My custom made bookmarks

Ain’t it pretty. I’m hoping to develop on this design too create even more of these lovely bookmarks for the new year. And maybe get a few cheeky custom orders too! ☺

My bead collection have actually helped inspire my recent makes and I hope to make more in the near future. I love all the different shades of green here.

Do you like reading? What is your favourite book and bookmark?

Until next time my lovelies. Xx

Latest Obsession: Magic the Gathering

Hello my lovely readers. This post is gonna be geeky and about a card game, just a little heads up for folks. 

For a few months I’ve been looking for a card game that I could play with ross and the sis. (FYI ross doesn’t play cards. Damn it!!) As I was looking I came across a game called Magic the Gathering. Never heard of it so I went to my local comic book shop for some more info. And I got loads!! A game that has a story for each new deck thats brought out!! A strategic game that gets the player highly invovled with the story. (I probally couldn’t play outside of the house. Due to all the rules!) 

Magic the Gathering is a turn based card game that is all about tactics, mana and knowing how your cards work. You get 20 health points at the start. Winner is whoever gets the enemy down to 0 first. A lot like yugioh in a way. There are 5 different cards types. These are:

Blue – tricky cards that help boost mana or destroy a players deck with monsters with awesome defense. 

Red – fast and hard hitting. Great for impatient players that hate long games. 

Black – can tap into the graveyard and steal mana from other players. 

Green – these are all earthy based cards that can easily replenish your dwindling life points. 

White – the holy knights that can easily defend you and can give you life too. 

There is different cards again in these groups. Instants, Sorcery, Artifacts, Creatures, Enchantments etc. These can also be combos. Like an Artifact Creature.

I’m a green and black mana player. I love the great combo that they have together and how well they play together. 2 of my favourite cards, both strong but totally awesome. (Not to mention the art work and detail thats gone into them!!!) It’s great when I summon certain cards cause my sister hates them! But I’ll be honest its a great game thats gotten me off my computer and once again chatting about god knows what. 

It can be pricey though. Some people prefer to play it online which is free to play. Ive given it a shot but I prefer having the cards in my hand. 
Until next time my lovelies.