Recycling and Bookmarks.

Good morning my lovelies. What a crazy last few days its been! Hope your all doing really well in this colder weather.

People know I love things like beads. All kinds! Little glass pearls to beautiful jeweled ones. And buttons. Vintage buttons and fabric too! While I love all these little things they can get messy, and go everywhere and I can forget which colours I actually have. So I’m going to give new life to some glass jars that where lying around my house.

My glass containers for my beads.

These little glass jars where once upon a time a lovely choco dessert. Recycling something like this is easy. Got an old sauce jar being used to hold all my paintbrushes. Now they’ve been cleaned and waiting for their new home in my craft room where they will be used to help with all my beads.

Now talking about beads, I’ve been creating some new pieces for my shop. Some of these have even been custom made with the help of my beads.

My custom made bookmarks

Ain’t it pretty. I’m hoping to develop on this design too create even more of these lovely bookmarks for the new year. And maybe get a few cheeky custom orders too! ☺

My bead collection have actually helped inspire my recent makes and I hope to make more in the near future. I love all the different shades of green here.

Do you like reading? What is your favourite book and bookmark?

Until next time my lovelies. Xx

Art Supply Haul! (Small One!)

Hello my lovelies. How are you all doing today. The weather where I’m at doesn’t know if it wants to be sunny, rain or snow. That is British weather for ya.

Welcome to a small ish art supply art. (I shoulda got those water brush pens!!) So might as well jump in with what I’m excited to use the most.

Winsor & Newton Ink Collection

I’m rather new to using Ink in my art works and had used it once or twice during the Inktober season for 2017. The inks are from Winsor & Newton a brand that I do love using. The water colour and acrylic paints they do are amazing. I’ll be taking part again this year too. I got these from Whsmith and nabbed the colours Purple, Orange and Gold. (The Gold was almost sold out!!) I love the cute little bottles they are in and still trying to decide how to use them. May use the gold for details and will defo be grabbing the white ink next time.

These are gonna be used for my wisp series that I’m slowly working on. Also going to be expertimenting with them to build up an understanding of them so I know how to get the best out of them. Can’t wait to build up more of a collection of these little cuties. They are just to adorable.

More supplies. Pens and Paint brushes.

The brushes are from Winsor & Newton with the cold blue handles. Love this colour combo. But I had actually got this brush set to use with my inks. Love that they are all small in size so great for little detail pieces or giving that little extra. Shall see how that goes and keep you all updated. The 4 piece pen set is by Faber Castell. A brand I haven’t really used before. But intend to try them out. Plan on using them for out lining work and creating more depth in some pieces to. One thing I wish I got was the water brush pens that I saw. They where on sale and I shoulda grabbed them while there. Been wanting to play with them for ages and didn’t bother getting them. They are on my list of supplies to get next time.

I got this haul from Whsmith in the Bluewater Shopping Centre. That place is insanely large. Not a fan of the sheer scale of the place. Mainly due to the amount of people but glad we got there very early.

Have you guys got any art supplies I should get next? Please do recommend them. Until next time my lovelies. Xxx

MUR Lip Kits Haul and Review.

Hello my lovelies!! This is a little haul I got  awhile back and thought I should share it now with you all. But first, how was everyone’s Christmas? I hope however you spent the day that you enjoyed it all the same. (My partner is ruining the flat with his damn drone. I should never have got him it!! 😂😅) 

Now onto the haul. Its a lip kit haul from MUR or Makeup Revolution to be exact. All of these where bought from Superdrug for £8 each. (I got a 2 for 3 deal and wanted a treat!) So lets get started shall we: 

The haul.
There are 7 lip kits here and I’ll talk about them all. (Ish, I have a little negative feedback on one but it happens.) Lets start with my favourite one first. 

Regent the metallic lip kit.

How stunning is this red! The best thing is that it’s metallic as well. Very pretty shade and love that it doesn’t make me look washed out. The lip pencil is lush as well and can be worn for a much softer everyday kinda look. The metallic packiging is cute too, and great for telling the difference. Lol.

Next onto a not so favourite.

The Holographic Lip Kit

The sparkly one on my hand that you can barely see is the holographic lipkit in Unicorn Dream. And it was a kind of disappointment. The purple lip liner and the spark liquid lip stick are not a nice combo. And that’s just my personal opinion. I’m happy to wear em individually but defo not together. Which is a damn shame. 

Vampire Night’s!
It was the name on this one that got me if I’m honest. And it is a lovely one as well. A matte lip kit for a matte loving gal. In the pic it was just applied so it still looks wet, but now it’s dried into a deep wine red colour that’s great for that vamp look. Or dark lip lovers out there. Royal and Majesty are both matte lip kits also with stunning colours between them. (Sorry no pics at the mo but will be in my next monthly lipstick library!) 

A little Integrity.
While I’m not a major fan of gloss finishes this colour is beautiful. A lovely blend of pink and purple. Fabulous. More than likely wear the lip pencil on it’s own but I’m happy to give this one a try. 

Empire’s don’t build themselves.
This copper shade is Empire and yet another metallic liquid lipstick. Just one of the very few copper shades that I own. It’s a second favourite even though it dries more gloss than matte. The colour won this one over that’s for sure, plus it’s great to play around with. 

Hope you enjoyed this little haul folks. Until next time my lovelies. 


A Rose and Some Gemstones (Drawing) 

Hello my lovelies, how are you all doing? It’s been a nice, slow week for me and I’ve loved it. Got lots done too. Even been super productive with loads of crazy design ideas. And I wanted to share with you all some of the things I’ve been working on. 

Blue and purple simplified gemstone
I’ve always liked gemstones but can never draw them well so I thought I could maybe simplify them down and still make them look nice. These purple and blue one is a fav of mine, (done in pencil) which I plan doing a canvas version of. Not sure which medium I’ll use though. But I do love it and the black pen outlines helps it too pop. 

Red and pink simplified gemstone in pencil
Yellow simplified gemstone piece
I’ve enjoyed messing around with scale and shape each time I do one of these simplified gemstone pieces. This yellow one is my second largest piece that I’ve done. It was difficult trying to get several yellows that didn’t match in shade each time. 

Green and Brown simplified gemstone piece in pencil

While drawing this one it gave me an idea for something else that I wanted to draw for ages. I really like how the colours work so well together and may go for a more ‘earthy’ colour palette on my next gemstone piece. 

I’ll be very honest now, I’m not the best artist in the world and there are some things that I just struggle too draw. (Damn high school teachers and saying things have to be perfect!!!!) 

A simple multi colour rose in pencil
This simple multi colour rose was alot of fun. It was a challenge to make it look like a rose just without the softness of one. The idea for this came from my green and brown gemstone piece that I had done. I have loads of plans for this design and its future. With different colour palettes, mediums and uses. 

What have you been creating or drawing lately?? 

Until next time lovelies. 


Fashion Book Collection (Reference)

Books. I love them. So easy to get lost in one or even find some amazing pieces of info about a subject you enjoy or even just have an interest in. Who doesn’t love the feeling of turning a page!! Or the smell of old books……bliss. Anyway onto the topic of the post. Personally I have a small (ish) book collection. With a smaller reference collection for subjects that interest me. Here is my small but steadily growing fashion book collection: 

These books are all fantastic in themselves. (I do have a quilt making book and a Gok Wan one but can’t locate them!!) I’ve always believed if you have an interest in a subject then you should always invest in that subject. It can be a career choice or just a hobby, as long as it is enjoyed then it is worth investing in. Besides I love knowlegde, and I love finding out new info that I never knew. I’m slowly becoming a common face at my local library or college library. 😋

Now to the books themselves. The dress making book was a gift from my mum 2 years ago, which I have used often. Mainly for reading but I hope to change that into more pratical work this year. It’s a lovely step by step guide on dress making with great instructions and amazing detail. 

The Coco Chanel is a beautifully illustrated piece about her life by the talented Megan Hess. She changed the face of fashion with her daring outlook and continues to be an inspirtation to aspiring designers. (Myself included there!!) Plus I love how it flows and gives key information into her life and work ethnic. While the book is short, sweet it suits the late designer perfectly. Short, sweet and to the point. I’d have loved to work with her, or learn from her. I bought this from Amazon when I saw it at work one night. 

Next are my 2 bible’s. The purple hardback is ‘The Fashion Book’ which is a great piece of the whole of the Fashion world. A mixture of photos and information on a whole list of people. Its an A – Z  of makeup artists, textile designers, photographers, models, jewellery designers, Illustrators, Retailers and even Icons. All these people helped change fashion through out history with their own creative flair. I got this tome from Waterstones last year and it has helped through college a few times. (Can’t remember how much it was!!! Sorry!!) 

My most recent purchase for this collection!! I’m so chuffed that I got this, simply because of the sheer amount of information thats in it. It’s a history book but of fashion!! A hard back that cost £30 from Waterstones. (Heads up…… furry mosters have already took a few bites outta it!!) 

One of the pages out of this 480 page book. It spans from the ancient world to the modern era of how we currently dress. I love the sheer detail, knowlegde and work that has went into this book. I haven’t read all of it but it is useful for history of fashion and if you ever need so inspiration from an older era. (Now to find a book on corsets!!) 

I do hope you all enjoyed this little tour of some books that I do love.

Until next my lovely readers. 


Nyx Galore.

Hello beautiful people. How are you all on this cold, bitter, icy day? 

I think I may have developed a problem or slight addiction. Hay I knew it was coming and I did warn everyone but no one believed me. Until this happened……..

I own 25 lippies!!!! Yay. Anyway these are the newest additions to the collection.(keep reading for a surprise at the end!!) All from Nyx (who ever introduced me to Nyx, while I say thank you, Ross doesn’t!) 😅 Enough of that onto the good stuff. 

Now I know the light pink is not a winter colour. However I couldn’t resist it. The packaging is adorable plus the colour itself is beautiful. A nice pop of pink that looks great and actually works with me. It’s the Nyx Lipstick Butter in ‘Sweet Tart’. The name suits the colour. Plus its super creamy and doesn’t feel like its drying at the moment. 

Now these 2 are winter colours! Look back up for the swatche on my hand. Both are stunning dark berry colours. While the lip pencil in ‘Auburn’ is more than a rustic red, like a red grape wjile the matte Lip Cream in ‘Transylvania’ is more like a plum shade. So dark and daring. Love em. Plus love how creamy they are. 

Hmmmm wonder what to buy next?? 

Surpise!!!! Yip its blue. I have always said blue is my favourite colour. And can’t leave it without a wee show off. 

Look how blue it is, oh hay it matchs my nails! I do love the sheer colour and how it’s very different. This is from Nyx’s Wicked lippie collection in the shade ‘Sinful’. Perhaps I should wear this more often then. A halloween colour for sure, or cosplay. 

Anyway until next time my beauties.