Settled In and Ready To Go!

Foggy and lush outside our house.

Hello my lovelies. Well I can finally say I’m settled into my new house!! Just in time for the winter season too……perfect. During the last few weeks things have been crazy, from trying to sort the house, family and finally passing my driving test! (I can now drive legally, woop) Its been one crazy little roller coaster. But the wait is over and we are finally in our home. I honestly feel like I’m dreaming!

We have most of the larger stuff sorted and now just need to get all the little nic’s & nac’s that make a house a home. I’m so excited however this crazy gal is just happy to be in her own home. No more living in boxes and all the crazy stress of not being able to do certain things.

Things have been quiet on the shop front which is absolutely fine as I wanted to mainly focus on getting my home sorted. Plus with everything that has been going on I’ve not been as focused there as I should be. However keep your eyes peeled for the new year. I’ve got some surprises coming soon for you all.

A little shop update: things are looking good over there. I’ve got loads of new goodies ready for the new year and to top it all off I have my own little studio/office space! It still needs alot work done to it but its defo on the way there and I can not wait to share it with you guys. Personally I can not wait to get in there and get it set up…..only problem is the style of how I want it. I’ve never had a crafting room before so this is new and a little overwhelming.

With this little update I hope to hear from you all soon.

What has you guys excited and nervous?

Until next my lovelies. Xx

MUR Lip Kits Haul and Review.

Hello my lovelies!! This is a little haul I got  awhile back and thought I should share it now with you all. But first, how was everyone’s Christmas? I hope however you spent the day that you enjoyed it all the same. (My partner is ruining the flat with his damn drone. I should never have got him it!! 😂😅) 

Now onto the haul. Its a lip kit haul from MUR or Makeup Revolution to be exact. All of these where bought from Superdrug for £8 each. (I got a 2 for 3 deal and wanted a treat!) So lets get started shall we: 

The haul.
There are 7 lip kits here and I’ll talk about them all. (Ish, I have a little negative feedback on one but it happens.) Lets start with my favourite one first. 

Regent the metallic lip kit.

How stunning is this red! The best thing is that it’s metallic as well. Very pretty shade and love that it doesn’t make me look washed out. The lip pencil is lush as well and can be worn for a much softer everyday kinda look. The metallic packiging is cute too, and great for telling the difference. Lol.

Next onto a not so favourite.

The Holographic Lip Kit

The sparkly one on my hand that you can barely see is the holographic lipkit in Unicorn Dream. And it was a kind of disappointment. The purple lip liner and the spark liquid lip stick are not a nice combo. And that’s just my personal opinion. I’m happy to wear em individually but defo not together. Which is a damn shame. 

Vampire Night’s!
It was the name on this one that got me if I’m honest. And it is a lovely one as well. A matte lip kit for a matte loving gal. In the pic it was just applied so it still looks wet, but now it’s dried into a deep wine red colour that’s great for that vamp look. Or dark lip lovers out there. Royal and Majesty are both matte lip kits also with stunning colours between them. (Sorry no pics at the mo but will be in my next monthly lipstick library!) 

A little Integrity.
While I’m not a major fan of gloss finishes this colour is beautiful. A lovely blend of pink and purple. Fabulous. More than likely wear the lip pencil on it’s own but I’m happy to give this one a try. 

Empire’s don’t build themselves.
This copper shade is Empire and yet another metallic liquid lipstick. Just one of the very few copper shades that I own. It’s a second favourite even though it dries more gloss than matte. The colour won this one over that’s for sure, plus it’s great to play around with. 

Hope you enjoyed this little haul folks. Until next time my lovelies. 


The Wee Tea Company (purchase & review)

Good morning my lovelies. How are you all doing on this chilly and yet sunny morning?? I’m still full of the cold so I believe a new tea is in order. For those who don’t know me, I’m a pure tea jenny. If offered a choice it will be tea any day, any time. And your like me this little place will excit you too. 

Look at all this tea and that’s not all of it!! The little pop up shop is located in Dunfermline shopping mall. It’s run by The Wee Tea Company (how adorable is the name!!) and smells like heaven!! (Heads up, this is not a sponsor post!! I’m just a tea fanatic!!) Also the tea leaves they use are grown in Scotland! Talk about local and have a website all tea lovers should check out:

They let you smell the tea’s as you walk round. As the lovely man said (I didn’t get his name!!!!) it’s the best way to get the know the tea. And they all smell amazing. Each one with something different to offer. They also do the normal Earl Grey but also some other gorgeous ones. Such as their: Rose Smoked Black Tea (new, christmas is round the corner folks! 😉) or their Highland Christmas Chai. They have a few in for Christmas!!! (Some of their tea’s also have some health benefits, so don’t hesitate to ask!) Know any tea jennys?? Got their Christmas sorted here. 😆

I had to get myself some. Not sorry or guilty in the slightest. (Can’t wait to go back!)

The Ginger Chai Tea smells delightful (loose leaves) but I’m reviewing the tinned tea. The lovely Christmas Chai Black Tea that are bagged. 18 silk pyramids bags to be specific.  

Excuse the snippers, I’m sewing. Anyway how intense is this colour. Such a beautiful orange!! I love the intense colour and the flavor…… When you first smell it, it just wafts chai. That lovely Christmas scent that’s not in your face. I don’t normally drink black tea, but this is lovely. The chai taste is there and tickels the back of your throat. (The only tea I haven’t put sugar in!) It has such a rustic taste. 

It’s actually so hard to put into words. But it does taste amazing. 

I hope this has tickled your tea taste buds my lovely readers. Until next time. 


Our First Christmas Tree.

Another day, and yet another post. This one is all about our tree. It’s not as flashy as some trees, not quirky or vintage. But it is our first tree. (Ross and I!) Which makes it a little more special, it’s finally Christmas in our house.

I love it. Naturally cause I put it up on the 1st of December. It was a little difficult but got there in the end. Super excited to see my wee niece’s face when she see’s it, and her name on labels under the tree!! Gotta love the lights and tinsel, a great way to show off some colour. There is no topper to the tree (Ross ain’t to keen on the star or angel for certain reasons) I’m hoping to find a cute little snowman instead! This Christmas is gonna be a first for so many things:

– Zevanna’s first Christmas with us.

– Maxamillion and Damos’s first ever Christmas!! (They have some goodies too!) 

– Our first tree. 

– A first time for some festive cooking. 

And the list goes on. Although I will admit the tree isn’t finished just yet. One or two more bits and it will be perfect. It’s strange how much things have changed in a year. Last Christmas we had an old tree and it was just Ross and me. This year we have a full house!! I love that, besides it’s not what’s under the tree that matters but who is round it. 

Is your tree up?? What do you love about yours?

Christmas Jumper(s)

Day 2 of Blogmas, and it’s been a giggle with taking tons of photos and trying to get stuff all sorted. Who doesn’t love cute Christmas jumpers?? Well I have a slight confession…….me. I don’t like Christmas jumpers. However it’s the horrid ones with all the crazy stuff hanging out, too many bells and the recent social media, hast tags ones. I was out shopping when I stumbled upon 2 and I loved them. 

How awesome is this jumper!! I actually love it. There are bells (they may be coming off soon!!) but its the colours I love. It’s little bits of coloured tinsel and it goes round the back. How cute. Simple and just right for Christmas. (I got this from Asda george for £16.) Its cosy and perfect for the season. Also this is a medium size, and ain’t to snug. 

The second jumper is actually for the guys. I am ‘modeling’ it because my partner is currently in the land of nod. (Night worker, he needs his beauty sleep!!) 

Santa! Why are you on a jumper old chap? Ain’t it cute. The best gents jumper that isn’t over the top. (Although Ross would wear one of those just to tick me off!!) It’s actually a Large and looks great. Can’t wait for him to wear it!! I got this outta George Asda too for £16 (I think!!!) last week. I’ve been pestering the poor bloke too wear it since. Lol. 

I’m more excited about these and Christmas cause it’s my niece’s first one with us!! I hope she loves the jumpers just as much as I do. I have one for her, but cann’t show you yet. It wouldn’t be fair on the wee one. She will be modeling it shortly though!

Do you like Christmas jumpers?? If so, what ones do you like?? 

Until next time beauties. 


A Tradition of Hot Chocolate (Blogmas!)

Good evening beautiful readers. How has your day been? I’ve been busy with work, fighting with the new tree (later post!!!) and some winter cleaning. Now I’m settled with my first hot chocolate of the season!! I love traditions. And I had created a tradition a couple years back were I would open up the December month with a fresh hot chocolate. (And my first attempt at Blogmas!)

It helps get me in the mood for Christmas!! 

This year I’ve left my usual and went for something different. 

A white hot chocolate!!! What!! But wait…..there is more. 

It’s a strawberry white hot chocolate!! How amazing is this. And I love it. My first time trying it and it has a good old thumbs up from me. (I’m a hot choco lover plus super fussy. Takes alot to impress me!) 

This hot chocolate is from a lovely little shop called Whittard in Edinburgh. I pass it all the time on my way to college. I bought this for £7 and it’s worth it. 

The strawberry taste is very subtle, I mean barely noticeable but there. And the white chocolate itself its too heavy but creamy. FYI I make my hot chocolates (well the sister does. The queen of making hot chocolates) with hot milk. I hate hot water, yuck. 

But I do love my first chocolate drink of the year. It gets me in the mood for Christmas and helps keep me relaxed. 

Are you a hot chocolate lover?? What’s your favourite?? 

Until next time loves.


The Revolution!

Good afternoon my darlings!! How ya all doing the somewhat tempermental day?? The scottish weather can’t decide if it wants to freeze us or have a very late summer. Tpyical weather really. Now on to the somewhat exciting part. (Well for me anyway! Hope you like it too!) 

My little sister has just really got into her makeup course and I finally got to see her kit that she hot from college. Now I’m not a makeup expert or anyrhing but I will say that she needs a new kit. Asap!! 

This palette is from Revolution in their light to medium. The Ultra Cover and Concealer Palette. This one is actually for me, I’ve been lookin to try some other forms of concealer since I got my Soap and Glory concealer stick. Mainly cause while I do like it, I feel that it doesn’t actually blend into my skin all that well. I can not wait to test this out and see how well it works with me. They do feel very creamy in texture on my finger tips. Not actually used them yet but will!

I got all these products from my local Superdrug and they all where £6!!! That’s a cheeky wee bargin right there. Plus they DON’T test on animals! High five to you Revolution. 

(I have no swatches as of yet, due to taking a really irrating allergic reaction to something! It’s affected my hands and arms badly. Sorry!! But will eventually get them up!) 

Gah I love this eyeshadow palette! Shame it’s going into the gift box for the sis. (FYI she is aware of these but thats all she knows about! Don’t tell her the rest guys!) It’s Revolutions Affirmation palette with 32 stunning colours. Must are a shimmer but a couple are matte’s. Not super expensive nor will they break the bank. I’m loving the shade’s Declare, Vouch and Consent. They look so pretty!! Can’t wait for a little test run. Or to see what she can do with them. 

Quick note, the packaging is fab as well. Sturdy, kinda sleek and great to fit in a decent makeup bag! Plus the rose coloured lettering really stands out on the black beautifully. 

Now onto another cover and conceal palettw but this one is in Light. I prefer the mix if I’m honest but these will be great for her too play about with. Even build up a small customer base and get a good idea on the different skin tones. I saw a great darker one that looks stunning. So think that will be joining her kit soon. 

Do you beauties like Revolution?

Any makeup suggestions would be great folks? 


Christmas and Loved Ones.

Hay everyone. I just realised today that it’s Christmas tomorrow, and for many of us that means opening gifts that are loved ones have took the time to get for us. The shoes we wanted or that new game that we wanted so bad! But for many others ……Christmas is also a cruel reminder of loss and tragedy. Like the horrific events that happened in Glasgow recently. So for the rest of this year and next year, I’ll be keeping my family closer to me, my partner and my friends. After nearly losing my mum due to an accident, these things have made me realise that it’s NOT about what’s under the tree at Christmas. It’s about who is around it that tree. So for me this Christmas, my prayers are with all those that have lost someone at this time of year, whether it be recently or years ago, that pain never really goes away. For me, I’ll be lighting a candle tomorrow morning as soon as I get up, as a mark of respect for people who are no longer with us.

Next year I have many dreams and hopes. I will be sharing some of them with you, my readers and fellow bloggers. Some of which are just simple things like going too college, moving out, a new job too. But i’ll be holding my family that much closer, especially now with what’s happened. And through out all of next year I’ll be living my life, I’ll be sharing my interests and passions with you and my closest people. And now I hope that every single one of you has a lovely, warmth filled Christmas with your closest people and always hold them close. Cause you never know what’s round the corner.

I just want to say too everyone……Merry Christmas, stay safe and enjoy your day. xx