Plans and Building in 2018!

Hello my lovelies. How are you all? 2018 is just round the corner and I thought this would once again be a great time to share some plans that I hope to get on the ball in 2018.


Languages. I’ve always wanted to learn a new language for such a long time and in 2018 I’m so determined to do just that. My place of work has so many languages going on and I love the sound of all of them!! 

Swimming. Ross and I plan on going swimming 3 times a week to help with our health. He wants to get healthier and so do I. My breathing has been a damn nightmare and needs sorting. We also plan on being better with our food too!!

Planning, goal setting and journaling. These are personal little goals that I need to work on and keep them going strong. I’ve loved goal setting so far this year. I just need to get my head round the journaling thing. (Everyone else’s journals are so pretty and detailed. Mine is just super plain and boring.)


My cute little shop will be worked on a great deal in 2018. I’ve wanted this for years and now that I have it I intend on making it work. Many new ideas are in the works, with some super cuties in development. (Keep an eye on my insta for sneak peaks!) Buisiness cards will be created too and if things go well, a whole website may be in the works. I don’t want to give too much away yet but all I can say is too much cuteness!!


My plan on being more active on social medias for 2018, this way I can help provide a brilliant level of customer service and people can ask questions. A social media page will be made for the shop too. I’m getting excited that’s for sure!!

Youtube. That was going well but with the lack of a decent camera and editing tools it will take a while to do well. But I don’t plan on giving up on it!! 

My blog is going strong and I defo plan on keeping this going. Some updates are needed and maybe a revamp too. Lets see what happens.

So far 2018 looks like it is going to be an amazing year, with saving for a house and hoping to drive next year it looks like an adventure. And I can not wait to see how things turn out. And I hope that you, my lovely readers will continue to support my blog well into 2018. 

What are your plans for next year?? 

Until next time my lovelies. Xx

My Goals for 2017. 

Well it’s nearly the end of 2016, and I’ll be honest I haven’t been the best at smashing any goals I’ve set. I would love to say so much was happening and I got distracted (in a way I did!!) But I’d also be lying. I became lazy and fell outta love with many a thing. Although I did hit some targets. 
I don’t do resolutions. It makes things sound so final. But I do love setting goals and targets. They help in so many ways. And I have a few set for next year that I do intend too keep. Here are a few:

Blog Growth

I’d love to see my blog grow next year however I know that totally depends on the content I write and mainally if you, my lovely readers enjoy what I write. I do have a number in mind but this blog will only grow naturally, with a great deal of dedication and a ton of grinding. (Maybe develop on my photography, writing and a little coding!) I also want Seasonal-Rose to become a little more fashion based but I have a feeling that things will change a great deal. Watch this space!!

Esty – Start up the Shop/Buisness

Next year is when I hope to start building up on the dream. A small shop. It’s something I’ve wanted for a while and I plan on making it happen. From embroidery, upholstery, custom pieces to little bits like badges or pins. Blankets, throws, cushions and even clothes. I am hoping to get it up and running soon. I will be using the blog to show case a great deal of my work along with instagram. Hope too see you there. 


Sight-seeing. Growing my knowlegde base. I really want to travel more and hope to get my passport soon to allow this to happen on a greater scale. I love other cultures, languages and fashion. Seeing it in person will be a better experience. Milan, New York, LA, Tokyo, Hong Kong…….so many more!!!


This is a big one!! There are so many things that I would love to have…….car, our own house, a camera etc but I’m hoping to build upon my fiances next year in a way that will continue to grow and help towards a more secure future for myself.  


This is a tricky one. While I want to stay at college and progress futher into my education. I’ve noticed that I won’t learn certain things like corset making, hand stiching to name a few while at college. So I’m currently torn for this one. But either way I will continue to learn, I’m far to stubborn to give up. Whether I decide to go the self taught root or not remains to be seen. But I’m currently working on a few projects for Christmas.

These are only a few of the goals I wish to meet. All I can really say is that I don’t want to be in the same place I am now, this time next year. 

Do you have any goals for next year that you want to share?? How do you hope to achieve them?

Until next time lovelies.