Oat and Honey Mask

Good afternoon everyone. I was cleaning out my drawers a few days ago when I found a face scrub mask tucked away in the corner. I had actually thought I had lost it in the move!!! It had at one point been my favourite mask and I had to give it a try….again. What may this product be, you ask. It is this:


It’s the ‘Honey and Oat 3 in 1 scrub mask’ and it is a delight!! Especially for those of us that have dry, dull skin. I like to keep it on between 5-10 mins, mainly because it feels nice and smells lovely!! After I rinsed it off, it is less dry on my cheek bones, chin area and less dull too. The oats help exfoliate, deep cleanse and polish the skin. While the honey adds to the polish and moisturises the skin. I will be honest and say when putting it on it does feel a little strange to begin with. Also don’t put on too much or too little, it doesn’t do as well. But that could just be me. I find that masks tend to work better when they are used weekly. (Going to have to keep to that myself!!)
Have you guys got a favourite face mask?? Xx

Coconut Dream

I am very literally kicking myself, I have never once used anything with coconut in it. Yes I know I am a fool, I’m missing out on a gorgeous scent and some amazing products. I have promised myself this year that I am going to buy more products with mainly coconut in it. This was mainly because my friend gave me 2 testers to try for my birthday.


I feel very silly for not noticing these amazing products earlier!! These coconut milk body lotion and shower cream are from the Body Shop. I wasn’t expecting much when I tried them and was pleased that I got a lovely whiff of subtle coconut. I love how it doesn’t smell like chemicals!! The milk body lotion is something I have not tried before. Comparing it too what I usually use, which is a body butter I personally like that the lotion does not become greasy when used too much. I love how it soaks into the skin leaving it soft and giving it a lovely healthy glow. I prefer to use lotions and body butters after a shower and before I go to bed. I may be using this more, along with a body butter of course.
Have you guys been surprised by any skin goodies lately?? Xx