A Sneak Peak in the Sketckbook 

Hello lovely people. We finally had some snow here in tempermental Scotland. Not much but its something I guess. Anyway hope your having a fab week (day even). 

You will see plenty of pencil work through out my pieces. Gonna expand on the mediums though. Hoping to use charcoal pencils today. 

I’ve been debating over this post for a while. I had lost my spark for drawing but recently it’s came back with a bang!! And now I’m beyond proud to let you have a sneak peek into my sketchbook (s) I’m using several at the moment. 

My first fashion illusration piece. Turned well seeing as I have no idea how to draw a dress or a figure. 

I did this one as a smaller sample of a larger piece. This is pencil but the large piece is a mix of oil pastel/acrylic paint.

This was the piece that I finished last night. A simplified gem piece. Beyond pleased with it and I plan on doing loads. From different colour palettes, mediums to size. (If interested in one please let me know size, colour and medium.) This is done in pencil. 

I can never get hair to look right. So I had fun with this one. A good tester piece to see how it can flow. 

The proportions are all wrong on the face. But I thought it would be an interesting thing to see what I could do in 10 mins. The face is a mix style and only for fun. (Ain’t the green slime cute!!!) 

Another simplified gem piece but smaller. I do love the sytle and colour scheme. This is in my sketchbook for college. 

This shell was a complete accident. I have a shell on the other side of the page and an oil pastel underneath. I was adding some work shading to the shell when this happened. Love it. 

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek through my sketchbooks. And I can’t wait to do another. (If anyone is interested in any piece’s please let me know through here. Would be happy to discuss mediums, sizes and prices.)

Until next time my darlings. 


Haul of Embroidery Thread

Hello my lovely readers. Sorry for the late post, and the failure of blogmas. I took a bad turn and needed to recover for abit. I’m alot better though and feeling fantastic!!! As some of you may know, I’ve fallen in love with hand embroidery and want to explore that area more in depth after I finish my college course. 

I was looking around for awhile and finally found a few websites that sell the threads that I was recommended by my lecturer from college. The brand is Perle Finca, which does some amazing threads in some stunning shades. (I don’t know much about the brand itself but hope to get some info soon.)

I ordered these just before Christmas and got them on Christmas Eve!!! I love the colour range, plus the sheer intense colour is amazing. The royal purple (tint 141) is stunning and I can’t get over the greens either. Each one of these only cost £2.40 each so I went and got a few. Plan on getting more next time…….or all of them.😆 I also found that some websites do a larger colour range than others, so defo shop around before buying or settling on just one website. 

These 3 colours are the light grey (tint 116), the baby blue (tint 859), baby pink (tint 827) btw names of the colours may be wrong. I tend to delete emails asap and forgot to get a note of the names. The numbers are right though. I’m going to be using these 3 colours for my final piece for college. My colour theme is a winter theme with pastel colours and a darker green that I’ve used as the main shade. I can’t wait to use them, my only problem is that I struggle to thread my needle with the threads. They are thick with a slight twist. (I have to get my sister to do it for me!!!) 

Hoping to use these more through out the new year in other projects, plus getting me comfortable using them and a needle. (Too many accidents!!) Any advice for a novice in hand embroidery will be greater accepted!! 

Until next time. Xx

Latest Tattoo’s.

Hello all. This post is gonna be a little different (in a way!) No product reviews, no lusting over this or that. Just a simple experience with a tattoo artist and a needle. Eek! 😫

 Aren’t they gorgeous!! Simple and pretty. Not over the top or insane. These 2 are my star signs. The one on the right foot is aquarius and the one on the left is capricorn. I’m a cusp child, born on a date where the star signs clash. I got 6 of these in total.

Now getting a tattoo is a BIG thing. You have to do your research on the tattooist, on the design you want, the placement, how big or small. Even if colour is gonna make it work or not!! Cost wise as well. But the main thing about it is simple: are you going to be comfortable with the tattoo. It’s on your skin for life, it’s gonna be apart of you (unless you get it removed, or covered up!)

Don’t forget about your pain threshold either! While your pal may have been cool as a cucumber getting their thigh done, you could be in tears! So always ask (if your not sure you could handle it of course) the tattooist if you could use a numbing lotion on the area in question. I got my feet and just above the ankels done. Now while some parts were cool, some of it was agony! So be warned!!

You also need to think about after care. No point on spending cash on a lovely piece of work and then not looking after it!! It’ll go bad, be all gross and could cost loads in healthcare! So a few easy aftercare tips for ya:

1. Never soak the tattoo! It’s not good for it and it won’t heal right. Always clean the tattoo using the shower and warm water. I like using Simple, I get a nice lather in my hands and then gently clean it. Rinse afterwards and pat dry.

2. Tattoo’s dry out quickly. So keep it hydrated. This is when a moisturiser addict (like myself) are in our zone. You can use coco butter, bepanthan, astral etc. I use astral a couple times a day. But if your not sure ask your tattooist for advice.

3. Don’t itch!!! I know it’s tempting, but you will just damage the skin and ink. Let it heal. It is gonna scab over and please try to leave them alone. (It’s hard sometimes!!) But when it scabs it meams it’s nearly finished healing.

Now ain’t Leo cute. I love all the different shapes and line work. Might as well have a little fun!! This one is for my little niece, the little tornado that she is.

A little strange leg work here. And please ignore the fact that I’m slowly turnin into a gorilla!! Can’t shave for a week and a bit. Damn. Anyway, the one left of the pic is virgo for my mum. Maiden she most certainly is not! And the right one is libra for my step dad. Not so sure on the scales for him. (Love ya really old yin!!)

Now this one is very important to me. This is scorpio and the tough little monster this is for is my younger brother. Who I adore. He can be scorpion at times, so fits him nicely. (This is on my right leg along with my mum’s one, plus it’s my dominant side!) And yes each tattoo is in fact my families star sign.

And finally my tattooist. The lovely apprentice Malcolm was a gem. Thought I was gonna kick him at one point! But he was brilliant. Happy to chat away and made sure I was comfy.

So a big thank you to Malcolm from Voodoo! Hope everything goes well for ya hun.

Until next time my lovely readers.


Who are you?? – Daily Inspiration

Who are you? It’s a common question we all ask. But when people ask it, am I the only one that gets the feeling it’s a much more loaded question, than simply whats your name?

Its not just asking your name. Which is basically a label. The person asking the question, is asking what your social statues is. Asking what your place in this world is. Its asking ‘who’ the person is. Are you a hobbiest?? A designer? A teacher? An adventurer? ( If you are, I envy you so much. In a good way of course.)

Some people aren’t sure of ‘who they are’ which isn’t a nice feeling. Some don’t notice that they are a person. The thing is: we are all someone. Strip a person of their name: who are they after that??

Are you a mother/father? Then that makes you a teacher, a best friend, a hero, a protecter, a peace keeper. So your more than just a parent. Alot more than that.

You have friends? Siblings? Work mates? Then your someone to them. A shoulder to lean on. A partner in crime. A patient teacher.

We each have connections in life with so many other people. Your more than your name. Your son or a daughter to someone. A hero to someone else. You could be teacher to the many, without realising it.

Me? I’m a daughter, a best friend, a partner in crime at times, a lover, a sister and so much more.

So I ask again: Who are you?


Watercolours. A Wandering Artists Tool

Hello all you amazing arty people. Got a new post for all creative people out there. Do you guys get inspiration all of a sudden when your out and about??  But then realise that you have no art stuff on you to get the colour or shape down. I get that often (a little too often actually!!) but I have invested in a watercolour box that I can carry around with me. And it must be shared with you all.


This piece of kit is ‘Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolours Sketcher’s Pocket Box’ and a lovely little god send it is! I love this, and bring it almost eveywhere with me. (Unless I’m working then it stays at home.)

The colour pigmention in the paints themselves are fantastic, with 12 colours in total. Only thing is you don’t actually get a black in the set. The little paint blocks can be bought individually either online, or from a really good art shop.


The best thing about these is that the are so small!! The little silver brush is apart of the paint set, and can fit in your bag so easily. It’s also very light in weight which is an added bonus. Just make sure you have a bottle of water on you (just don’t drink it if your using the water for the paints, trust me it ain’t nice at all!)

I like using these to get some basic colour and then and in more detail with pencils over the top.

Do you guys like water colour paints??
Do you like carrying round art stuff with you everywhere too?? If so, whats your favourite tool?? Xx

Colourful Canvas – Daily Inspiration

Thinking about it, everyone has a past.
You, me, our best friend, that woman in the cafe and even that guy down the road.
Like a canvas of their own design. Filled with different colours, shapes and tones. Some will be more subtle, with pastel colours and softer shapes. While others will be darker, vivid colours and more dangerous shapes.

Even the softest of canvases will have spots of dark colours. Hopefully even the darker ones will have areas of pastel. The canvas of our lives blend into one another. By our own design. By knowing eachother.

So instead of seeing just another person, see a canvas instead. Of past struggles and praises. Dont judge any person, we don’t know what their canvas looks like, nor do they know yours.

We are all a canvas. A blank space that begins to be coloured each day. Respect each canvas, just like you respect your own.

Cause one day you could make a master piece. By your own design.


Big Dreamers – Daily Inspiration

We all dream big. We’re a race of dreams. But so many of us don’t chase after those dreams. They just let them waste away and turn to dust.


But there are some of us, some of us who just can’t stop our dreaming. Who’s dreams are so big that they consume us. Non-dreamers say ‘You can’t do it!’ or ‘forget about it, you can’t achieve that’ or the rude ones who just laugh at our dreams.

I say, we can achieve those dreams. Don’t take on the massive dream at once, break it down into small managable pieces. You wanna be the best dancer on the stage, enroll in dance classes. Or a doctor, then ask to help your local emergancy services. Get your name out there!! Start your dreams off small, then you can build on them.

People get scared at their huge dreams and don’t go for them. Just break ’em down into what you can achieve today!! Its today that counts.

Are you a big dreamer? I’m a big dreamer and I know that I’m on the right track. By doing things small, you and I can get there one day.