The Stress of Living In Boxes.

Hello my lovelies. I’m gonna be honest with you now. I am very stressed out. You guys see, the partner and I have moved. 450 miles to be exact, but this time we are living in boxes. We are now living in someone else’s home and it’s very stressful. I’m glad they offered a place for us to stay (it’s my old place, the brother in law now stays there) but it’s not home anymore.

While staying here I’ve come to miss the little things we took for granted. Like cooking meals whenever we wanted. (The cooking part aint a topic I wanna go into!) Curling up on the couch to watch a cheesy movie with a bowl of crisps. Trying to stay calm and rage quitting while I die again in monster hunter. (I keep dying at one part and can not get past it!!) Being lazy after work and we both crash on the couch. The whole walking around in just a t-shirt after I get up. Having my craft stuff all over the sitting room table as I pondered what to make. And most importantly the space……how I miss my own space!!

Right now we are living in boxes with very little space. I don’t want to intrude on my brother in laws space with my crafts. I can’t even paint at the moment which is stressing me out! I’ve been hiding at my sister’s flat and even that is pushing the line. She is looking after my chinchillas for me so I go there often for them. God I miss seeing their cute, fluffy little faces every morning.

However there is a good side to this annoyance. We have been looking at some house’s and we may have finally found one. Monday will be the day we find out if they have accepted our offer and I honestly hope they have. I can’t wait to make more things and cook in my own kitchen. (More like watch Rossco cook cause he is the chef in our relantionship) We have both come to realise how much the little things matter.

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Until next time my lovelies. Xxx

Life Lessons I’ve Learned Since Taking The Rose Coloured Glasses Off.

Okay. Time for a deep (ish) blog post. Life lessons and the one’s I learned the hard way. Or simply noticed as I got older and less inclined to listen to bullshit. Let me know which ones you knew or ones I may not mention in the comments. Its always good to learn more.

1. People and success. The mass majority of people in your life really don’t want you to succeed at all. They want you to do well but not better than them. And thats a scary thing to accept. It hit me when my mum would smug over the fact that I didn’t get tbe job I wanted or when I went through my times of unemployment.

2. The only person you can actually count on is yourself in this world. Too many people will expect something or some form of payment in return if they help you. And some peoplejust can not be counted on in the least.

3. Your gonna lose some people. Whether that’s cause people have moved away, grown apart or a little fight that has grown ugly. Sometimes it’s a good thing to leave people behind and others your gonna miss like crazy. But unfortunalety it happens. If you have people you want to keep in your life then keep them there.

4. The world will try to make you feel ashamed of your beliefs. Stick to your guns and you beliefs. Don’t let anyone change you or tell you how to act. We are all awesome and should be allowed to feel awesome.

5. Being an adult can suck. Like seriously can I go back to being a kid please? Try and keep those childish hobbies alive. You like pokemon?? Fantastic so do I. You like collecting stamps. That’s awesome. What about that secert love for dinosaurs? Don’t be afraid of sharing your passions and hobbies with others.

6. Last but not least. Learn how to love yourself. It will be the greatest thing you will ever do. I’m perfect for me and only me. I love my flaws and scars. My history aint pretty but it has made me how I am. I’ll be honest with you I used to hate myself. But now I love myself and who I am, from my tattooed ankles all the way to my button nose.

Really enjoyed writing this little ranty like post. Do you agree with any of these? Have you got any that you would like to share, let folk know in the comments.

Until next time my lovelies.


Why Failure Isn’t Always Failure. 

Failure. Such a scary thing but it really ain’t when you look at it from a different point of view. 

At young ages we are taught to be afraid of failure, to be ashamed of ourselves when we do fail. I used to think like that until I hit my early twenties. And things got a whole lot better after some major changes. 

Failure isn’t failure. Shouldn’t really call it that should I?? How about we call it a chance. A chance is something that we do as a risk. We aren’t 100% sure if that risk we take will work out or not. Heck it might be a complete and utter disaster. It might be the best damn thing you will ever do. 

It’s where we learn what works and what doesn’t work. And that is a valuable thing to have because it changes our mindset about taking risks or chances. Thinking of it as a lesson – as in what can I learn from it, I’ll give it a try or let’s see if this method works – these mindsets take the fear away from failing and instead create a mindset of excitment, learning and progression. 

In some cases things do fail or just aren’t working at the time, those cases could be a project or issue that we have been sitting and staring at for far too long. Those times it’s okay to take a step back for a few days and come back to it with fresh eyes. 

Failure if treated like a lesson can open up so many doors. A lesson I had learned from a failure was that I really am better at hand sewing than machine sewing. After several attempts at the machine, 2 meters of ruined fabric and a few hours later I left my project for a few days. I came back later on and tried hand sewing. While it took alot longer, and I had to learn 3 – 4 different stitch types, I had finish my project and the result was amazing. It was my first large scale project with so many things going on at once. 

I hope this post helps any of you. If you have a lesson or something you learned for a ‘failure’ please share it in the comments. I’d love to read others experience’s. 

Until next time my lovelies. Xxx

Stop Shaming Support Workers. Why We Are Important. 

Good evening everyone. How are you all doing tonight? A while back I started working back in the care sector. One day in particular or more so a comment stuck out. A woman who doesn’t know me simply called me and I quote ‘an overpaid arse wiper’. She has asked me about my job. 

This woman has clearly never needed the help of support work. Never pushed a wheelchair or held someones hand as they break down. And I hope she never needs us. The work a support worker does is invaluable in many ways other than just PC. (PC means personal care) 

Allow me to break down what we do. 

  • We protect people’s dignity. So yes that means full PC support if they require the aid or prompting. (We can shower ourselves with ease they may find it difficult) Sometimes it can be messy but we always do what we can to protect the people we support.
  • Help with the care of themselves. Medication, finance and social support. Not in all cases but some if they don’t have the capacity to do so. Capacity is the ability to make decsions for ourselves. We assist them with everyday tasks and always offer encouragememt. Things that people take for granted. 
  • Support workers are sometimes the ONLY people our services see. And sometimes the only reason they have a social life. 
  • We fill the void in our services lives. We become a family extension in a way. Why? Let me put this simply……..some families and friends don’t care. They cut contact with the service user. Not all families/friends do this but enough do. And that can be very difficult to deal with. It leaves them upset, confused and hurt. And we as support workers slowly become that family. We also take the anger and confusion that can be thrown at us to. 
  • We support workers at times can deal with serious mental health problems, conditions and other health problems. From dealing with emotional break downs, seizures, falls, all the way to physical violence. (Thats a rare case but it can happen) Staff support each other and also try to defuse and calm any situation quickly for the protection of our service’s.
  • We face challenges. Communicating with someone who is non verbal, a person with no capacity or a person who refuses to eat. Each challenge is difficult but we work towards them in a way that helps our service. 
  • We aid in making calls for appointments. Doctors, dentists etc. At the same time we monitor our service’s health. Basically checking a wound, eating habits and flagging things up that might be a cause for concern. For exmaple, a service who has a mixed relationship with food suddenly stops eating. It could be that they’re ill, it might be something more serious or they may have a history of an eating disorder. We raise these issues and then find ways a working round them. Encouraging to eat smaller amounts of food at regular intervals, perhaps liquizading their food or more fatty foods. 
  • We constantly have to know what’s going on around us when with a service. We have to be aware of everything. Can that car horn cause aniexty? How can I reduce the stress of any changes made to their daily routine? Can not go in their cause of the light’s. It triggers their seizure’s! These are just some of the thought’s that we can have. Each one will be difficult depending on the service’s individual needs. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg of some of the things we do. Support workers give emotional, physical, mental and social support on a daily basis. We are more than just ‘arse wipers’ we do so much more than that. We help people. We aid people. We support people whom many forget about. We encourage individuality and confidence whenever we can. 

It’s a joy to be a support worker. It is difficult and stressful. But damn is it rewarding. 


Some Tips on Valuing Yourself

We’ve all been there where we under value ourselves. Where we beat ourself up over something or think less of ourselves. We all do it. And its just not healthy for us. So I’m recommending some tips, that have worked for me in realising my personal value. 

  • Instead of seeing something as failure see it as a lesson. A learning curve, where you tried something and even though it didn’t work out the first time you learned something new through the experience. It could be a new food, or something like dancing.
  • Stop making excuses for people who aren’t worth it. These people will keep letting you down if its a regular thing. Your time is scared, use it wisely. 
  • Say no, mean no and stand by that no. Don’t cave under the pressure from anyone. Doesn’t matter if it’s family, friends etc. Stick to your guns or that gut feeling. You came to that desicion and have that feeling for a reason!! 
  • Second best ain’t happening! Don’t allow yourself to be treated as second best. Your the Queen (or King) of your life not a dessert or a toy to be played with. 
  • Relaise that YOU are the proirity of your life. You may have kids, or someone who relies on you and they are important too but again so are you. Plus your their role model. If they see you being confident, humble and looking after yourself they will do they same. 
  • And finally the last one and the most important. Be the CEO of your life. You have the power to promote, demote or fire anyone in your life. Use it. Understand your value and show people they can not undervalue you. 
  • Take pride in your interests and passions. Not everyone will like them but these hobbies make you happy. Share them with others and even join groups of like minded people. Don’t allow pigeons to laugh at your mind. 

I hope these little tips help or even solidify the feeling of your personal value. If anyone has anymore tips don’t be afraid to leave them in the comments. Your words of wisdom are always welcome. 

Until next time my lovelies. 


Why I Love Monday’s – Beating the Monday Blue’s.

Monday. The beginning of every week and for some reason is always hated. I used to hate Monday’s, despised them actually. We stumble into a Monday with wild hair, bleary eyes that can barely stay focused and a need to retreat back into the confines of our warm, loving beds.

I was the same until I started to look at it a little differently. Normally the hardest part of doing anything, like a new chapter or adventure is the beginning. So what if Monday’s where the exact same………the start of something new!!

A mess of a new adventure. Plus some tea for the nerve’s!

Here’s why I like looking at Monday a little differently now:

  • I can start the week the exact way I want to finish it. With amazing results and being very productive.
  • Remembering each day is a new day, don’t let a bad day ruin the rest of the week!!
  • A chance to re-vamp and re-evaluate any goals for that week or month.
  • Can decide what needs to be worked on that week. For example, blog, health, fitness, me time?
  • Focusing on a positive or strong mindset for that week. I’m in control, as the last week is exactly that…..the past.
  • Can decide on a new topic to learn or even focus on.

I love how even keeping a positive attitude has changed the last week. I’ve been asked how I do it by customers at work. My life is in my hands, I decide what happens and my attitude can have a huge impact on that. So I’d rather start my week off on the right foot and make that continue into the rest of the week.

Until next time my lovelies.


Chinchilla Tuesday!

PICT0097 (1)
Mummy caught my good side.  

Hello hoomans. My name is Damos, and I thought today would be a fun day to introduce myself. I am a 1 year olds chinchilla the same as my brother. I like sleeping on my favourite ledge and climbing up to sit on my mummy and daddies shoulders. Sometimes they need to catch me cause I’m still unsure of my climbing abilities. Did you know that there are loads of different colours of us? We are the standard grey but mummy was saying there are black, white, and even blue sapphire chinchillas!!!! I’d love to see one.

Me and my little brother Maximillion (I’m bigger than him cause mummy said I am) like snuggling in our hanging thingy. We like squeaking and cleaning each others fur. Maxillion likes to steal my sticks too…………and treats.

Maximillion: No I don’t………you stopped chewing and I thought I could have a nibble.

Damos: You do. But we love playing with our mummy and daddy. I like sitting on daddies feet (mummy always says I’m a brave chinchilla!!), climbing over mummies legs and playing chase with Maximillion. My favourite spot is hiding under the table cause I can curl up and rest from playing. I’m still a big nibbler and once bit mummy a bit too hard cause I got scared form a bang. Mummy said it was fine and Maximillion kissed it all better…………..I didn’t means too hurt mummy. But she gave me a kiss and cuddle for saying sorry.

Maximillion: Mummy likes getting kisses so don’t worry. She loves us too much. I’m gonna sleep some more. Night night hoomans.

Maximillion and I being models for mummy. We hope to go to the movies later if we get loads of sleep and maybe a treat. But I think I might just sleep instead and go for a run later. Maybe play with my teddy and curl up on daddies back again. He has a warm back.

I gotta go and snuggle with my little brother. Until next time hoomans. Bye bye.


Blogger Recognition Award (Advice For New Bloggers!)

My Embroidery Thread Addiction!!

Hello my lovelies. Not my normal kinda post but well worth writing. I do hope you enjoy this content though. The lovely Madara from Look For Smile has nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. (It’s not a real award but more like a chain post where bloggers tag each other, answer questions and then passing it on.)

The rules

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them, providing a link to the post you created.

15 bloggers??? Not to sure on that one but I’ll tag in some of my favourite blogs that I do enjoy.

Thank you once again Madara from Look For Smile for nominating me. Madara has a great series going on called Eco-Thursdays which I love reading. These posts have encouraged me to think about Eco blogging.

How my blog started. 

I started writing Seasonal-Rose in late 2014 when I was caring for my mum. (She fell down down the stairs and broke her ankle.) I was bored, no work and it was a cold night when I started searching for a new creative outlet. I had started reading some blogs after watching loads of youtubers, and found my way onto their own blogs. They looked amazing, so stylish with their personalities on show. I spent most of the day thinking of a great blog name, bouncing ideas with my mum. Then it hit me Seasonal-Rose. So that winter, I set up my blog that night and wrote my first post the very next day.  It was a scary adventure but I’ve loved every minute of it.

Advice for new bloggers.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Have some blogger friends on twitter? Not sure on something?? Then ask them. I’ve reached out to some blogger friends and got so many questions answered that it’s amazing. And it’s helping my blog in many ways. (I’ve still got tons to learn though!!!!!)
  2. Do your research. This may sound silly but doing research for a blog post on your topics is a great idea. It shows your love for the subject and can help educate people on something new. Did you know there are 4 main nail shapes in the world!! That’s not including fake nails.

I Nominate: (Here we go folks, I hope you love these blogs as much as I do!!)

Anaida from Affectionatelyours

Sandra from Finger Candy

Envy from Lost in Translation

Sally from Little Budget

Abbey from Abbey Louisa Rose

Chaos-xd from A Glimpse of Darkness

Matina from Marina Baker

So here are my 7 nominations, I love these blogs so much. (I don’t want to tag blogs that I don’t actually read!!) I hope to read your posts beauties. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Self-Confidence, don’t sell yourself short.

Hello my gorgeous people. Finally got a day off work so thought I’d share a little motivation with everyone. I got chatting to a lovely young gal at work, after 15 minutes I noticed that she had very little confidence. Even though she was actually OLDER than me. The horrible thing was that she kept selling herself short. So I gave her a confidence boost, told her to apply to college and just go for it. But it got me thinking, we all have a confidence issues or sell ourselves short at some point in time. So here is as little advice from me to you.

Self-confidence. It’s something many people lack, maybe some fake confidence and others are just over flowing with it. It’s not easy finding it or keeping it for that matter. One person can build it up and another can knock it down just as easily. IMG_20150121_141132

But getting that self-confidence, now that’s the trick. I used to hate myself, I was my own worst enemy. The worst critic of my work and I would get so horrible with myself if I didn’t reach perfection. But not now, I do still have moments where I get on at myself but not as bad. I understand my flaws but no longer let them get in the way of my talents.

Now I know I’m not amazing but I’m getting there. I believe in myself more so than ever. Confidence is self-confidence. Knowing that you are good at what you do, and knowing that you’ll get even better as you continue on. My confidence is knowing my intelligence, my love of art and the fact that I stick to what interests me. It’s knowing myself and respecting that.

I respect what I can do and what I can’t. Baby steps. That’s what it takes, nice easy steps. Get back to the basics of yourself, the real you, the raw emotional you. Knowing what your good at and being damn proud of it! And maybe even admitting that those flaws we all have aren’t really flaws, but things that make each of us a little more special.

Don’t sell yourself short of what your capable of. If your a writer get that novel published, don’t worry if you need to go through 20 different agents!! (How many did J.K.Rowling go through?? How many no’s did she get, and now look at her!!) Each one of you is capable of something amazing, something breath taking, something that can improve our lives maybe even change how we see things. Never sell yourself short.

Self-confidence, Self-acceptance, Self-love. They all go hand in hand.


Advice Corner

Good mornin all you gorgeous people. I’ve been wanting to try something new with my blog for a while now. And I would love for all of you amazing people to get involved. This will be a once a week thing. And it is…..drum roll please:


So basically if you lovies need some advice or have a question I shall attempt to help ya out. But I also want you, my fellow bloggers and supportive readers to also give your pearls of wisdom.

So it can be about anything!! If your having a struggle at work, some one to have a chat etc then get involved. Keep it clean, and if you are giving advice or answering a question please be polite and understanding.

So I’ll get the ball rolling folks:

How do you stay motivated??

I lack motivation at times and its becoming a problem. Any ideas??