The Body Shop romance!

Afternoon my gorgeous rosette’s. How’s the last week been for you all? Good? Any exciting news? I hope the last week has treated you all well. 

I had been left to my own devices in town a day or so ago. And well, my bank account may be wanting to change our relationship soon. (Poor thing, but payday soon!) Not my fault some shops had a few sales on. And one of those shops is a shop that I have had a long romance with. Especially when it comes to their skincare. The Body Shop. I love that place, and the staff are super friendly too. Now on to the products I went and got: 

These 2 gems are both new too me and a new release. Well the vitiman E is a new release in the range. I can’t wait to mold these into my routine. Not tried them as of yet but I can’t wait. 

Now the products. The seaweed range is range that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I got this for my t-zone which has been very oily lately. (Scotland’s crazy weather system.) This is an oil-control overnight gel. And it smells so nice. Not over powering, more like a subtle aloe vera kinda smell. Not like seaweed. (Sniffing my hand all the time isn’t really helping me figure out the smell either) 

Second product is from a range I know and love. The vitamin E range is great for all skin types and combo skin too. This one is the moisture-perfect emulsion cream with SPF 30 (PA+++ but not sure on that part!!) I got this cream mainly because the skin round my eyes and nose are very dehydrated. I do drink loads of water folks!! Hopefully this helps, it’s also packed with hyaluronic acid which helps skin stay hydrated. So I can’t wait. This will be getting used alot in the mornings. 😊 

I love this!!! The tea tree skin clearing foam cleanser. I’m using a face wash at the moment that I’m not super pleased with. (Even though it’s from the same range as this one I prefer the foaming cleanser by a mile!) This is an old faithful that I refuse to part with. Plus I love the new packaging for it. Dark green and black. Great combo. 

I’ll give my verdict about my 2 new purchases later on so watch this space. 

Until next time beauties. 


Re-hydrating Dry Skin.

We all have that one season which plays havoc on our skin. Winter is the one that hates me the most……even though it’s my favourite season. It always leaves my skin dry and dull. Which can be very fustrating. Due to this my skincare changes slighty. Using products that are more hydrating and still gentle to the skin.


Heavenly Hydration from Avon in their Planet Spa range. It has a mixture of sesame seed oil and mediterranean olive oil which helps lock in moisture and keeps skin soft.

It also smells amazing!! (Dear readers I love nice scents. I notice scents alot quicker than many other things.)

Two smalls drops of this at night, heated up by rubbing the hands together it leaves my skin soft. It goes on an hour before bed, that way its started to be obsorbed into the skin. By next morning my skin is softer and less. I do wash any excess oil off in the morning. Got to stick to the skincare routine!!

I do sometimes mix this oil into my foundation or concealer. That mainly happens when the begs under my eyes are at their darkest and need that extra punch of hydration. Plus I get really good coverage!! Only 1 drop though, don’t want the foundation to ‘slide’ to much.

Drinking water also helps keep skin hydrated. I try to use a small combo of things to help, espically during the cold crisp months of winter.

Hope you enjoyed the post beauties. How do you keep your skin hydrated??


Lanolips Review – Glossybox

Been testing the products from October’ s Glossybox and happy to report a very postive review. Woop. The glowing review is for the lip ointment that I’ve adopted as my favourite winter lip product. Be gone evil chapped lips, hello kissable lips. 🙂


The lovely little gem: Lanolips Lip Ointment with colour and SPF15. The colour is rhubarb but only gives the lips a subtle pink tint. Not over bearing in colour.

It goes on really well, and helps heal any cracks in the lip after application. Or several applications. Teaming this up with a light pink or dark purple, it keeps the colour lasting and matte lipsticks don’t dry out as quickly.

This is a full size product and avaible at boots from £7.99 where you can also get Banana and a free lip ointment during the 28.10.15 – 24.11.15

Will be re-purchased often. And now has a secure place in my bag!! If a balm doesn’t work then this will.


The October Glossybox


I love getting my Glossybox every month. All the goodies and new products to try is amazing. Plus it helps broaden my limited (more like tiny) knowlegde of the beauty and makeup world. This month has once again impressed me with variety and value for money.


Just a quick note before I start: next month Glossybox will be pairing up with Nars!! The website will give more advice in the coming weeks with prices also. (So exciting!)


Now onto the box itself!! Finally a highlighter. The So Susan Haute Light Highlighting pencil, the packaging is amazing and the product itself looks like it could be a favourite. Its a subtle peach hued colour, that wont make my skin look sickly but boost colour. Cant wait to try it!


Second the Nicka K Airbrush Blending Sponge. This is the first blending sponge that I own and have always heard amazing things about them. So I’m going to be looking forward to seeing if all the good points are true for myself. 🙂


The Talika Photo-Hydra day moisturiser, is something that will be used constantly through out this colder and skin drying month. Its made by a French brand Talika. This sounds like it could be a great primer too. Ah, the joys. Now to see how well it does with scottish weather.


Perhaps this will be my favourite product this month. Maybe not there are some good looking products that could just win it. (I always love lip products! Slightly addicted!) Right back on topic……the Lanolips Lip Ointment with SPF15 in the colour rhubarb. Helps protect your lips from the cold but also gives that hit of colour for this cold season. Packed with vitamin E, lanolin and natural oils this one has got to be a keeper!!


And finally a product I’m a little nervous about. Its play paint by Jelly Pong Pong which is meant to help give back colour to dull skin. Just a teeny tiny amount on the cheeks and lips to bring back the complextion we all love….and miss during autumn and winter.

Well that all the products each one is a full size. And prices are as follows:

Lanolips Lip Ointment – £7.99 from
Nicka K Blending Sponge – £6.50 from
Talika Photo-Hydra – £24.85 from
Jelly Pong Pong Play Paint – £8.95 from
So Suasn Highlighting Pencil – £15 from

I’ll a more indepth review on products when I use them more. Until next time, bye.


Naobay Review

Shocking news. My favourite item out of this month’s Glossybox is NOT a lip product. For once, its actually a skin product. One that I’ve enjoying adding into my skin routine (I’m very picky with skincare!)


This face toner is by the Spanish brand Naobay. An item that has impressed me with the way it works with my skin and the fact thats natural plus organic.

Its helped with my oily T-zone (during the hotter weather my skin gets more oily!) Helping my skin feel less clamy and more relaxed. Great for when I wear bronzer at work.

The product has done a great job at removing any oil and dirt from my skin after nights. Thankfully I haven’ t broke out with this product or had any reactions either. I was slighty worried that I could happen. I’ve teamed this up with my face wash from the body shop and getting some nice results.

The product itself has 99.13% of its ingredients from natural origin and a 12.16% organic. For those who want something more on the organic side then this is a great product to add too your list.

You can also check out the brands website for more info of all their products. The toner is a full size product and costs £10.65 from


Délicieuse Lip Balm Review

My Glossy Box finally arrived the other day. Happily I’ll admit that this month’s box was so much better than last month’s!!! This month’s box is all about skin care, and lip care. Which as always is a big plus when your wanting something new to try. (The makeup bag is a cute plus too!!)


This little cutie is by Lollipops called Délicieuse (Nightmare to say! I’m English, but I shall get there.) This is really good. While it doesn’t tingle, it softens beautifully. Very creamy in texture and thick in consistency. It works really well with a lipstick over it (be careful with a matte lipstick though. Tends to blot a little with the balm undernearth.)

The lip balm’s packaging is adorable and very girly. (Not much of a pink lover, at least it aint shocking pink!!) It’s also a full size product and worth £4.15 shop at I absolutely love this little french delight!

Now to try the skin care……..can’t wait!!

Until next time beauties. Xx

Etre Bella Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel

On such a lovely hot day, our skin sometimes needs a little touch up. Dry skin needs a great moisturizer for the hot days and I’ve recently been trying out a new product. (Glossy Box, I salute you!!!)


This is a gem!!! And I do mean that. The product is by Etre Bella ‘Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel’ and it does a great job. The last few days have been hell for my skin, simply bad weather and then amazing sun. (Make up your mind Scotland!!!!)

I’ve been lathering my face with this and its helped so much. It locks in moisture, cools the skin down and just helps revive my skins normal glow. It now has pride of place in my makeup bag (it goes everywhere with me, never used to!)

Just a little heads up, this is the full size product at a small 40 ml at a tidy sum of £15.93 from Would I personally get it again? Yes! I love how it cools, smells fresh and clean. I’m not sure how it would work on other complextions though. I would love to know!!


Zerreau Beauty – Towel off Shampoo Review

Got to try something a little new and a little different this week in my latest Glossy Box! Normally I just give my hair a good wash every 2-3 days (like everyone else, my hair can get super greasy!!) But I got something new and strange to try, and here it is cuties:


This is the ‘Zerreau Beauty Towel Off Shampoo’ a brand I have never heard of but have happily tired lately. This is NOT full size!! The full size is £7.95 from

My first opinion on the product….meh. Being very honest with you all here. Normally this kinda stuff doesn’t do it for me but I gave it a shot. I guess I was hesitant to give it a go, cause no water is required.

For short hair maybe a small handful of the foam. (It needs a good shake before hand!) I simply put a large amount on straight onto my roots, massaged it in to them and scalp and then covered the rest of my hair. I do have to admit it smells gorgeous!! Like really nice. It smells of sweet, juicy apples. Yum!!

Anyway, after massaging it into hair and roots, it was just a case of simply towel drying my hair, making sure I got all the product out. (Yes I did this when my hair was a little more ew to see if the results were any good.) The results for that day was great, it felt clean – although a little heavy, like when you have loads of moose in – smelled clean and most importantly, my hair looked clean.

However my hair the next day, it was shower time by far. This product is great if you need something quick and fresh. Better than the spray dry shampoo thats a fact!! Would I ever get it? A full size can for sure. But only ever use in an emergancy!!

Bye for now beauties and cuties. Xx

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Hello beauties. How you all doing? It’s nearly the weekend!! Woooo. (Even though I’m working lol) I gave a cleansing water a try for the first time ever. I normally use a Body Shop cleansing butter, but I heard to many good things I decided to give the other one a shot.


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. Normally cleansing water leaves my skin either really dry, oily or red. So rather impressed when this didn’t do that. It cleansed really well, espically round my eyes. (Normally I have issues with removing eye makeup!) But this did really well, very gentle and it didn’t cause any redness or irritation round such a sensitive area. I normally say I love things with a nice scent, but really glad that it doesn’t have a scent to it.

I still prefer my cleansing butter, however this will be used whenever I’m using foundation or more eye makeup. The cleansing water just eats away at the makeup, and boom……..its clean, fresh skin. XD

What’s your take on Cleansing Water?? Xx

GlossyBox Review.

Hello beauties. Weather in fife has been gorgeous the last few days (hopefully for my long weekend too!!) What you beauties got planned for the weekend?? Hope its fun and creative. 🙂
I recently got my beauty box, the gorgeous ‘Glossy Box’ and I can’t wait to try out the products.


This is 1 of 4 collector’s edition boxes. With the gorgeous sytle icon and a woman who I do admire for her style: Marilyn Monroe. The box is inspired by her classic red lip and her eye liner look. Lets see what’s in the box shall we!!


These two items are both full size and by brands I have never heard of. The ‘Lord & Berry’ lipstick pencil in the shade ‘Kiss’. I’m actually trying it out now, and it’s very creamy and so easy to apply. It’s at £10 if your buying it online!! The ‘Pop Beauty’ Kajal Eyeliner Pen is also being tested out today. Its a nice, easy to use black pen/pencil. Will give more info in a review.
Its £6.50 online!!


And the third full size product is tbis adorable nude/pastel pinkie nail varnish by ‘Colour Club’ in the shade Barely There. I’m looking forward to trying this nail varnish out later on. (I have no nude colours. So this is very new.) It’s £4.10 online also.


These two products are travel size (tester) the Astral is a product that my mum actually uses, so she has in fact stolen it from me!! I never even held it before mum spotted it. Gave me it back for the pic though. XD
The other product is by ‘IDC’ body lotion ‘Scented Garden Warm Lavender’, which is another product I’m looking forward to trying out. At £3.59 for 100ml.

Am I pleased with my first GlossyBox?? Yes I am, considering it was only £38.50 for 3 months. And I’m getting 3 full size products. Perfect!! Can’t wait till I get my next one. They also work on your personal sytle and makeup look so each box is tailored to meet your needs and sytle. Love it.

Do you beauties buy any beauty boxes?? If so, which one(s)? Xx