Chinchilla Tuesday. Take 2. 

Zzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzz. (Squeeks cutely) Hmmmm, hello (yawn) hoomans. Me and Damos are settling down for the night after lots of playtime. Dis is my tunnel, I like hiding in here and sleeping cause I can get all cosy tosy. Mummy says I’m like a……a……

Damos – like a bug in a rug maxie. 

Maximillion – yeah what Damos said. I’ve never seen a bug in a rug before……I wonder if they taste any goods. 

Thats Damos on his ledge. His favourite ledge. He clicks at me if I’m on it or pushes me off’s it. Mummy loves our sleepy ears and says we are outs of signals and need to recharge our batteries. 

Dat reminds me of a funny thing I dids this week. Mummy and Daddy where cleaning our pen out. Mummy had took the bottom of the pen out to give it a goods clean and I wanted to know what she was doing. I jumped down beside her and gave her such a scare that my mummy squeaked. The wall needed to go up so I wouldn’t hurt myself and as mummy and daddy finished Damos came out to play to. 

Damos – (yawns) that was fun. We had such a giggle and jumped around. Mummy and daddy had finished cleaning things up when we thought it would be funny to play hide and seek. We like hiding alot and hid under our clean pen. Mummy wasn’t so impressed with us but let us play. 

We did give mummy a bit of a fright. Me and Maximillion had started fighting about the stick that we had. We started our use clicking and stuff when mummy told us to be good and not to hurt each other cause we are family. We got some of our favourite oats as a treat. 

Sorry hoomans but Maxie is sleeping and I’m tired too. So night night hoomans. See you all laters. 

6 Things That I Appreciate Everyday

There are many things that I appreciate on a daily basis but somethings I just love that little bit more. 

1. That first cup of tea in the morning. It helps set me up for the day and gives me that time to wake up. (It reminds me that I’m lucky to wake up every morning.) 

Besides got to make sure I have that dash of magic I need to get things done. 

2. Waking up beside my Rossco. Sounds mushy but it’s the truth. Always giving me encouragement or giving sound advice. He takes everything in his stride and I love him for it. Plus he gives the best cuddles. It’s almost 4 years for us!!! Wow!!! 

3. Can’t forget these 2 little fluff balls. These little cuties have been a blessing in disguise of cuteness. They’ve helped me stay postive and cheered me up when I was getting to negative. Damos and Maximillion have taught me more about patience and how too take things slow. Building relationships take time and these 2 are great teachers. 

4. The feeling of achievement when I finally complete a project. It’s a feeling I appreciate more at the moment cause it gives me that boost that I need. Who doesn’t like a confidence boost. 

5. A minute to breathe. That feeling of just relaxing and sorting all my crazy thoughts out. When I have too many thought’s buzzing around, being overwhelmed and feeling too much stress I become very emotional and angry. But taking a time out, just taking a deep breathe or just getting out the house helps get my head back on track. Its something that’s become apart of my every day routine. 

6. Having a plan that I can change to suit the current situation. This has made things easier in so many ways. I can still achieve what I would like to but instead I’ll be using a different route. Okay alot of research and phonecalls went into it but I’m glad. 

What do you guys appreciate? And why do you appreciate it/them? 

Until next time lovelies. 


Chinchilla Tuesday!

PICT0097 (1)
Mummy caught my good side.  

Hello hoomans. My name is Damos, and I thought today would be a fun day to introduce myself. I am a 1 year olds chinchilla the same as my brother. I like sleeping on my favourite ledge and climbing up to sit on my mummy and daddies shoulders. Sometimes they need to catch me cause I’m still unsure of my climbing abilities. Did you know that there are loads of different colours of us? We are the standard grey but mummy was saying there are black, white, and even blue sapphire chinchillas!!!! I’d love to see one.

Me and my little brother Maximillion (I’m bigger than him cause mummy said I am) like snuggling in our hanging thingy. We like squeaking and cleaning each others fur. Maxillion likes to steal my sticks too…………and treats.

Maximillion: No I don’t………you stopped chewing and I thought I could have a nibble.

Damos: You do. But we love playing with our mummy and daddy. I like sitting on daddies feet (mummy always says I’m a brave chinchilla!!), climbing over mummies legs and playing chase with Maximillion. My favourite spot is hiding under the table cause I can curl up and rest from playing. I’m still a big nibbler and once bit mummy a bit too hard cause I got scared form a bang. Mummy said it was fine and Maximillion kissed it all better…………..I didn’t means too hurt mummy. But she gave me a kiss and cuddle for saying sorry.

Maximillion: Mummy likes getting kisses so don’t worry. She loves us too much. I’m gonna sleep some more. Night night hoomans.

Maximillion and I being models for mummy. We hope to go to the movies later if we get loads of sleep and maybe a treat. But I think I might just sleep instead and go for a run later. Maybe play with my teddy and curl up on daddies back again. He has a warm back.

I gotta go and snuggle with my little brother. Until next time hoomans. Bye bye.


A Stardew Valley Review

Games. Everyone loves a good game every now and then, whether it’s a computer game or a decent card game. We all love em from time to time. The last few months I’ve been really loving or more obsessing over a game on steam. Its name: Stardew Valley.

At first glance it feels a great deal like a harvest moon game. The farming, the social dynamics, and your overgrown plot of land. But as you delve more into the game play it becomes clear there’s more to it than just growing fruit and veg. (You) The player can play Stardew Valley anyway you choose. Make it more challenging maybe over run the town with your slime egg presses or have a farm dedicated to the Dinosaur.

Now players can pick from 5 different farm types. Each farm relating to a different skill: farming, gathering, slaying monsters (warrior), mining and fishing.

(Not sure how to get in game photos yet!) I personally like the monster and mining farm. As you play through the game you can decide to help with the community centre thats seen better days or you can ask the Jojo Corp to do it for you…….at a price.

My dino and void chicken! Took me ages to get these 2!!!

While splitting your time between farming and exploring the caves, a player can even choose to swoon one of the 12 potential marriage candidates. The main character can marry either gender it doesn’t actually matter.

Stardew Valley was created by Corncered Ape and has been in the making for 4 years before it was released. A one man mission and it still gets updated as often as he can.

Would I recommend the game: Yes, to everyone who loves farm games!!!

Does it play well: Yes it does. The end game has been developed more so thats a great win. Plus you can play anyway you choose. I’m currently trying to get 999 of each item!!

Is it addicting: Isn’t every game. I’ve already put in over 300 hours and several different saved files to this date.

Until next time my lovelies.


25 Things About Me (Get too Know Me)

Hello my lovelies. How are you all this bitter, sunny day? Hope your week has been a positive one. Mine has been a strange mixture. Stay tuned for updates!! 

Recently I’ve been looking through some old posts and it dawned on me that I haven’t done a ‘Get too Know Me’ post. I love readings these. You always get to find out something funny or interesting about the author. So without further delay. Here are 25 things about me you may not know:

1. I’m an artist. In both textiles and the drawing sense. I’ve been in love with drawing for many years but lost my love for it after some rude, negative comments from teachers in high school. However the last year I’ve rekindled my love for it and can’t wait to get stuck in more. 

2. Born English but bred Scottish. Its a combo that I’m proud of!! (I love Britain and our amazing history.)
3. Some of you may know that I’m a mum too 2 gorgeous chinchilla’s. Or my furbabies as I call them. Damos and Maximillion are close to 1 years old! I’m beyond excited for them!!

4. If your a new follower then you might not know I was born a brunette. Now though I’m a bluenette!! Still loving the colour. 💙

5. Not surprising to some but I’m a novice when it comes to makeup and hair. I may be a lipstick addict but I have no idea how to contour or even plait my hair. Never mind put it in a bun!!! 

6. Im happier in the counrty or by the ocean. The roaring waves and the vastness of the open woodlands. 😍

7. Been told many a time that I can talk for Scotland. Got the gift of the gab me and I never shut up. Ross has even said I talk in my sleep!!! Something about birds…….I have no idea either. 

8. I have 7 tattoo’s at this moment in time. My 6 star signs for the family and the heart on my right foreman. I do want more in the future, but currently looking for a great tattoo artist who will work on designs with me. 

9. I suffer from bouts of insomnia. Hence the dark circles under my eyes. These bags are designer folks!! But joking aside being an insomnac is annoying and exhausting. But on the plus side I am getting it under control. 

10. Embroidery. I’ve recently fell in love with this beautiful techinquie and I’m slowly starting to learn more about it. 

11. Not a proud one to admit but I’m currently unemployed. However I do have a few interviews coming up so watch this space!!! 

12. I’m 1 of 4 children. 3 gals and 1 boy. Being the second oldest is tough, mainly cause you play peace keeper and get a lot blamed on you for some reason. Not sure why though?!?!?! 

13. If you ever meet me in person you may be confused by my accent. I can pick accent’s up very quickly or if I’m round people for long periods of time. Basically my accent is a crazy mixture of a few places. (But please don’t call me a fifer! Just no.) 

14. I actually stayed a good 10 ish years of my childhood in the Orkney Islands. (Part of my crazy accent!!) The Orkney’s are the Island’s just at the top of Scotland before Shetland. If you ever go I highly recommend the peat hills at sunset. (They look like they are on fire!!) 

15. Gamer gal right here. I love games like Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Stardew Valley, Yugioh, MTG, Jak & Daxter, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and the list could go on!! 

16. I used to do tons of whelking!! Whelks are the salt water version of snails. These little snails can be found in rock pools all over the coast. Just be careful you dont get a hermit crab. They pinch rather hard. The snails are yummy in a white cheese sauce with garlic butter!! If you ever need a hand whelking gimmie a shout! 

17. I’m a tea jenny. Through and through a tea jenny. I can’t start the day without a cuppa and I’ll have like 6-12 a day. It’s a problem I know. 

18. Unpopular opinion. I love dark chocolate. I actually prefer it too white or milk chocolate. 
19. I despise cream. Whipped cream, pouring cream etc. It’s just not nice. Just no. (Shudders at the thought of cream!!) 

20. I’m not a techie person. At all. Anything that goes wrong with my phone or computer I shout on Rossco. But I am learning. Very slowly…… a snails pace slow.

21. I can not cook to save myself. Well I can just not all that well. Rossco cooks mass majority of the meals and sometimes me. (I’ll be cooking the night!! Wish me luck!) 

22. I actually have aniexty. Normally I’m a very touchie, huggy kinda person however I hate it when someone touches me without my say so. I freak and feel like my space has been invaded. Just don’t. I also rip myself apart alot too. Mentally and emotionally. However I do know that it doesnt define who I am as a person. 

23. Fantasy, mythology and ancient history are just some of the things I love. I love to dig into theories or learn something new in a subject that I’m interested in. 😄

24. I have so many interests that I can confuse myself easily with them. This goes for ideas too. My mind can at times be a choatic mess of ideas, theories, plots, information or anything else. It can be scary really but so libarating at the same time. 

25. I ‘ve been building my confidence over the last 4 years to a point where I will not take anyone’s negativity or crap. I have a brutal attitude to some situations now where I do come off cold and harsh. I was severly bullied in both primary and secondary. And by other people closer too me. It got to a point where the black hole almost destroyed me. But I faught back. And now I’m at a stage where negative comment’s or attitudes will not have an effect on me. That is a good thing. 

I hope you all enjoyed some of this new infomartion. Don’t be afraid to leave something about yourself in the comments!! I love getting to know my readers that bit better! 

Until next time folks.


How I’m Coping With Unemployment. 

Unemployment. I hate it. I truely do hate it with a passion. I’ve always worked since I turned 18 and never really been out of a job……until now that is. And it ain’t fun. It’s actually horrible, it’s stressful, and very upsetting. 

(FYI I was let off with loads of other people because there was NO work coming in for us. Which is understandable.)

To begin with I treated the first few days as a sort of holiday really. I applied to a few jobs here and there but my attitude was upbeat. I was confident and wasn’t overly worried. Even had an interview but didn’t get it. However I remained calm. That is until this week where I came to the realisation that I didn’t have any holiday pay or last minute payments for my old job coming in. 

Now fear and worry have set in with the simple thought of: how the hell am I gonna pay my part of the rent!!!?? 

So I did the only thing I could do. I swallowed my pride and walked into a job centre. They have helped me apply for Jobseekers, even gave me a list of website’s to look at for jobs and I have a meeting this week with them. I’m nervous but feel more in control. I’m making a positive step forward. 

Heck I even took a leap of faith and applied to some bigger jobs!! I even smashed a recent phone interview but I need to wait 3 weeks for the face to face interview (which doesn’t help me now!!) But I’m still gonna see what happens and I’m still gonna go for it if I can. 

Even though I have all this positive stuff round the corner. I’m still so worried. How can I pay the rent?? Is Ross gonna cope?? How does he feel about this?? What about next months rent?? What about food and my boys?? And now my stepdad has taken a bad turn! 

So many thought’s are running through my head but I know I will get there. I always do. It’s just so scary. So difficult and now is when those damn voices have come back to make things worse. My anxiety has come back with a vengence. 

But I will get there. I’m just too damn stubborn to accept this. 

Until next time my lovelies. 


Why Our Daily Struggles Are Important.

Our daily lives are some interesting, moving and yet difficult times. Our hands can tell so many stories of our daily stories, the struggles we face and the many experience’s we have. Different people, different stories, different hands. Each person has a story unique that’s special to them. Some have worked in a trade their whole life, have built a family home and lost it all because of a simple mistake. Some are just working away in a place they hate because they don’t know what they want yet, floating between loving their car and what to do with a computer degree. But always coming home to their other half with a few new scars. Some are struggling with finding a job, but studying hard to provide a life not just for themselves but for their child. Whom they’re currently fighting in court to get access to.

These daily struggles build our character, our personalities, the way we handle situations and how we forge relationships. Having a bad day can bring us down but it that’s just one bad day out of 365 days a year, a hurdle that must be jumped or stepped around. Not everyone will go through the same struggles as our individual selves. People ain’t going to understand some of these struggles because let’s be honest they haven’t lived through them. They haven’t had to make those heart wrenching decision’s or deal with some of those nail biting moments. But it’s the same for them to. They will have went through some moments that some people will never be able too understand.




Age. Strength. Compassion. Understanding. Father.

Will speak his mind in any situation.






Dedicated. Loving. Other Half. Hard working. Loyal.

A voice of reason when I have none.







A Mother. Honest. Funny. Worried. Young.

Needs to be reminded of all the things she has achieved.



Each person means something to me. Each person is going through a different struggle. Has had a different life, has grown but continue’s to grow on a daily basis. They each have determination, belief, confidence with in  themselves and the people around them. These people have grown and become important to me because of their daily struggles. I can learn so much from them, I can also teach them. And that’s why I love them.

Their daily struggle’s don’t beat them it just drives them forward to make their lives better. One day at a time, bad or good each struggle is met head on with our life experience’s.

Until next time.








Ootd and a Day Out. 

Hello my lovelies on this beautiful sunny day. It is a stunner of a day and I wanted to make the most of it with a casual outfit to go with the braw weather.

My favourite cardie of all time!! Super comfy and so cosy. The length is perfect and something I always look for in a cardie. Actually really like the 3 grey tone going on too. From Primark.

The khaki dress is also from Primark, love the loose fit and how easy it is to wear. It does have a long line chain but I took it off after the niece attempted too grabbed it.

The aztec shoes are again from Primark. Aztec designs are just amazing on their own.

Bag is from River Island. Its small but perfect for a simple day out. Think it fits in with my outfit quite nicely.wp-image-284654147jpg.jpg

My niece, sister and I went to Sally’s to pick up some stuff for the sister’s college course. Never been in there before and was a little overwhelmed by all the stuff. Pleasantly surprised at the huge range of items and products that they had too offer beauty students. (And those in the industry.)

We thought it was a good idea to do some window shopping and stumbled upon these little cuties!! I love sheep, all the cuteness and white fluffy wool. Far too cute if you ask me.  

And finally my niece wanted to show the world her sausage roll that she was slowly picking apart. (Her hair has finally come in nicely, she used to be bold!! Well very fine hair that you could hardly notice!) Over all this was a great day out, one that I desperately needed too.

Until next time my lovelies.


A feeling of Hopelessness

For the first time, I can’t fix this. I can’t speak reason or put a plaster on the wound. I can’t take you away from the pain and the fear of not knowing.

We both know something is going on, and there is NOTHING we can do. I watch you panic and work yourself into a mess. All the while wishing I could do something to make things right. But for the first time I can’t. I feel completely and utterly useless. My words have no effect on you as you scream and rage.

For the first time I’m lost in an ocean with no way to get to shore. And I can see a horrible storm coming. One I’m not too sure I’m gonna enjoy. For this time I can’t enjoy the chaos cause the storm is far too close to home. To my heart. And that scares me.

So I’ll stay strong for you. I’ll be your rock and I’ll try to get you to smile. This fight your fighting, I’ll take up the sword and shield I’m known for, and I’ll fight by your side.

Even though this time there is truely nothing I can do.

I’m lost. I’m scared. And the storm is coming.


Latest Obsession: Magic the Gathering

Hello my lovely readers. This post is gonna be geeky and about a card game, just a little heads up for folks. 

For a few months I’ve been looking for a card game that I could play with ross and the sis. (FYI ross doesn’t play cards. Damn it!!) As I was looking I came across a game called Magic the Gathering. Never heard of it so I went to my local comic book shop for some more info. And I got loads!! A game that has a story for each new deck thats brought out!! A strategic game that gets the player highly invovled with the story. (I probally couldn’t play outside of the house. Due to all the rules!) 

Magic the Gathering is a turn based card game that is all about tactics, mana and knowing how your cards work. You get 20 health points at the start. Winner is whoever gets the enemy down to 0 first. A lot like yugioh in a way. There are 5 different cards types. These are:

Blue – tricky cards that help boost mana or destroy a players deck with monsters with awesome defense. 

Red – fast and hard hitting. Great for impatient players that hate long games. 

Black – can tap into the graveyard and steal mana from other players. 

Green – these are all earthy based cards that can easily replenish your dwindling life points. 

White – the holy knights that can easily defend you and can give you life too. 

There is different cards again in these groups. Instants, Sorcery, Artifacts, Creatures, Enchantments etc. These can also be combos. Like an Artifact Creature.

I’m a green and black mana player. I love the great combo that they have together and how well they play together. 2 of my favourite cards, both strong but totally awesome. (Not to mention the art work and detail thats gone into them!!!) It’s great when I summon certain cards cause my sister hates them! But I’ll be honest its a great game thats gotten me off my computer and once again chatting about god knows what. 

It can be pricey though. Some people prefer to play it online which is free to play. Ive given it a shot but I prefer having the cards in my hand. 
Until next time my lovelies.