Why My Pet’s are Encourgaing Me To Have a More Vegan Mindset

(Disclaimer. Pet owners please be advised that some info in this post is distressing and graphic. While no video footage is used or linked please be aware this is to address a real issue. Thank you for your support and hopefully we can stop this.)

My babies. Maxie and Damos. Xx

Wow that’s a long title. But it’s true. If you don’t already know I have 2 playful chinchilla’s. And these guys although small have become a major part of my life. With big personalities and adorable moments that make you make to just say ‘awwww’ every few minutes. These guys have changed my viewing on alot of things. 

This blog post is not pissing on anyone who does buy brands who do test on animals. Your money, your choice guys. 

Makeup Brands. I refuse to buy any brands that test on animals or are involved with a third party that does. Sorry Mac and Nars this northern gal aint gonna be a customer. For me supporting a brand that does I wouldn’t deserve the 2 floofers in my life. So I am be buying more animal friendly products. Vegan products. And that is fine with me. There are so many brands who do NOT test on animals that don’t get the limelight like they should. Body Shop, Kiko, Sheersense and Lush to name a few. If in doubt look for the bunny logo which is only allowed to used by brands that 100% do NOT use or test on animals. 

Buying fur. Never. Never will I buy real fur. I had always been against the fur trade which is illegal in some parts but now more than ever. Just no. After watching a video where animals such as foxes and badgers etc died from elctrotuction and gas I already felt sick. Then it turned to chinchillas. They broke their necks. They killed them while the tiny animal struggled to break free. And thats when I lost it. I cried so damn much! All for the damn fur trade!! 

If you really want fur buy faux fur and don’t be afraid too double check that is in fact fake fur. You can do this by spreading the hair fibres apart and seeing if the fibres are stitched into the fabric. You will see all the stitching. If they are its fake, if it looks like skin, then leave it. Or if in doubt leave it on the shelf. 

Am I going Vegan? Well I’m making some life changes. Slowly. Being a vegan is a huge step forward for me so I’m going to learn more first. It’s not a desicion I want to make lightly. While making some changes I want to learn and do research so I can stay healthy. Any advice would be fab guys!!! 

Damos. Not sure if he wants to jump or relax!!
My boys have really opened my eyes to many things and these things make me angry and uncomfortable. So I want to raise awareness about animal cruelty by supporting animal friendly brands, sharing photos of my beautiful chins and re-educating people where needed. 

Its the 21st centuary. We dont need real fur or products that are tested on animals. Get with the times brands or you’ll lose your custom. 

Until next time folks. 


A Trio of Toggle Bracelet’s

Hello my lovelies. How are you all on a not so pleasant day? (Weather is horrid here!) Had a rare full day off so got my crafty mind going and made these little cuties. 

Toggel bracelets that I made
The dark blue and brown was the first one I made and after seeing the end result, with its cute little light house charm. I decided to make more. 

A close up of the lighthouse charm.
The first bracelet wasn’t without issues. First I had made it too long. Too many beads. And second I hadn’t closed the crimp bead properly so the wire was coming loose. After sorting these 2 problems I had a bracelet that fit well. (Still a little big but that’s okay for me!)

Blue spiked toggel bracelet with airplane charm.

My second creation. This one was a test of my patience. I kept having to redo it again and again cause I had too few beads. My first use of a big bead and while it is a little too big, its defo a keeper. Simply for the practice and colour combo. 

Little airplane charm detail.
Third toggel bracelet! Success!!

My third attempt at the toggel bracelet. And I can happliy say success!! It fits snuggly on my wrist and looks great. By far my favourite piece. Love the little watermelon charm and the use of gold bracelet wire. Was going to use a dragonfly charm but think I’ll use it with a different colour combo. 

Close up of the watermelon charm.
I’m off to enjoy more bracelet making. 

Until next time lovelies. 


Ootd and a Day Out. 

Hello my lovelies on this beautiful sunny day. It is a stunner of a day and I wanted to make the most of it with a casual outfit to go with the braw weather.

My favourite cardie of all time!! Super comfy and so cosy. The length is perfect and something I always look for in a cardie. Actually really like the 3 grey tone going on too. From Primark.

The khaki dress is also from Primark, love the loose fit and how easy it is to wear. It does have a long line chain but I took it off after the niece attempted too grabbed it.

The aztec shoes are again from Primark. Aztec designs are just amazing on their own.

Bag is from River Island. Its small but perfect for a simple day out. Think it fits in with my outfit quite nicely.wp-image-284654147jpg.jpg

My niece, sister and I went to Sally’s to pick up some stuff for the sister’s college course. Never been in there before and was a little overwhelmed by all the stuff. Pleasantly surprised at the huge range of items and products that they had too offer beauty students. (And those in the industry.)

We thought it was a good idea to do some window shopping and stumbled upon these little cuties!! I love sheep, all the cuteness and white fluffy wool. Far too cute if you ask me.  

And finally my niece wanted to show the world her sausage roll that she was slowly picking apart. (Her hair has finally come in nicely, she used to be bold!! Well very fine hair that you could hardly notice!) Over all this was a great day out, one that I desperately needed too.

Until next time my lovelies.


A knee-high sock haul.

Hello my lovelies. How are you all on this fine day?? I’ll admit my day has been rather slow. Recently I was looking for some knee high socks. Why? Simple I’m not a fan of tights. Do not like them at all. So I wanted to invest in some decent knee highs that could keep me warm and still look good. And I went and got some from amazon. By the way what’s your opinion on knee high socks?? Do you love them?? Or are you more a tight’s person??

Bear socks. I love these ones. Warm and can be worn with a dress or shorts!! These are so cute with soft fluffy ears with cute little faces. The quality is really good too.

Any cat lovers out there?? These are just as cute. Again can be worn with a dress or shorts. The soft fluffy ears are great and love the black cat vibe. The little pink nose is nawwwww!!

Sporty socks. These are great for wearing under jeans or jeggings. I have these with blue stripes and black with white stripes. The red and blue are my favourite out of these. Plus they’re breatheable and not made to be clamy.

My other black knee high socks. These are just as good but a thinner material. Fab for under jeans and leggings. Plus great to wear on a warmer day, maybe not for winter though. I have these in a lovely burgandy.

And the final set. Not knee high but close enough. I got 3 of these. One a light tan, this baby blue and a soft pastel pink. I do have a problem with these though. My tan ones have began to fray at the top and I’ve only worn them once. Yet these blue ones get worn alot and they haven’t started fraying yet. Same with the pink.

Until next time my lovelies.


Snood Over!

Hello my lovelies. How are you all doing? I’m having a fantastic week so far! Big plans are coming together and I’m beyond excited!! But enough of that, onto the post. 😄

Now who loves scarves?? I do. I have a collection that I refuse to get rid of. Who doesn’t love the cosy feeling they give or the amazing fabrics, colours and textures that they come in! I love em all. However…….I can’t wear them at my work place due to health and safety. So I’m working away while being cold. (I get cold easily and struggle to keep heat.) And then one cold day, my saving grace came too me in the form of a snood. A snood is like a scarf but has no end. It’s just a continous piece of fabric. They can come in different lengths and thinknesses.

A simiple colour and simiple design. A friend recommended them too me and so I went a lookin for some. FYI loads of gorgeous ones in New Look!! But too nice for where I work. I work in a warehouse at the mo near docks so it gets very chilly. The one I did get is from Primark for only a few £’s. I can’t mind the exact price but it wasn’t more than £5!! Plus a great piece to any wardrobe. A cute fashion piece if you will.

Mainly gray with baby pink a cute little combo for the season. Plus it’s warm and helps me keep in the heat. The quality is actually great and easy to wear. Nothing super fancy but workable. I’ve worn it all week and love it. No more complaining from me anyway! I would recommend getting one if you hate the annoyance that a scarf can bring, but also want to keep warm. I plan on getting more of these simiply because they are cute and do a great job.

Do you guys own any snood’s? Where do you get yours from if you do??

Until next time beauties.