Lets Get Naked. (Urban Decay Review)

No need to fear, there are no nudes in this post just a gal getting happily excited about an amazing skin product that I’ve been wanting for absolute ages! Lets get started shall we? First off, I’m not keen on foundation even though I do own one. The lovely no.7 foundation is great, has fantastic coverage however I just don’t like it. It can feel heavy plus restricting at times, even though I prep my skin beforehand really well!!

I do however love moisturiser, tinted moisturiser to be exact. I’ve been looking for ages for one that hydrates but also covers like a foundation, without the heaviness of one. I tried a many, but to no success.

So I continued my search that seemed to have no end when finally, I found one!!! From one of my favourite brands too!!

The Naked Skin One & Done hybrid complexion perfector SPF 20 in the shade Medium Light is beyond perfection. A mix of a foundation and a hydrating moisturiser. I just need a small ish amount (not nearly as much as foundation) and it covers beautifully. It’s light weight, moisterising and fits my skin tone perfectly. It blends seemlessly while working well with my conclearer. 

I had tried this before I got this one. I had used it within 2 days and wanted it. So my lovely sister got me the 40ml bottle for Christmas…….or in my case an early Christmas. I’m not complaining. The packaging is sleek, with a great little squeezy pump. I love using my fingers to cover then a brush to buff it out. Honestly I’m so glad I came across this baby, it will defo be replacing my foundation that’s for sure. 

Would I repurchase, em yes!!! I already have a back up. 😆 

Until next time my beauties. 


Revolution Lippies

Hello beauties. How is your week so far? I’m currently full of the cold, which isn’t fun. Never is. Anyway I recently made a couple of purchases that I should have made a while back. (Okay a couple weeks ago at least!) 

How beautiful are these!! 😍 I actually love them. 2 of Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte lipstick range in the shades ‘Diamond Life’ and ‘Chauffer’. And they are stunning. The packaging is subtle and very chic. Not of the top but stylish and easy to use. I also love the fact that they DO NOT test on animals. Fantastic. 

This is ‘Diamond Life’, a stunning dark burgundy (deep red) colour that glides on beautifully. It is alot darker in person. I only needed to swipe this once for the swatche but thought I should do more to give it a more intense colour. 3 swipes and you can see the colour. Very creamy in texture but does need to be re-applied after a few hours. Love it for the winter season too. 

I normally don’t like nudes. However ‘Chauffer’ is a stunning deeper nude shade. Again the pigmentation in these lipsticks is amazing. Although its not much of a winter shade, I think that I can get away with this one. Both of these lippies where from my local Superdrug, in the Revolution section at £3.00. 

 I did also take advantage of the offer they had. Spend a £10 and get a free palette. I got these 2 for myself and the third one went to the sister. (All other purchases are for Christmas!!) 

Until next time beauties. xx

Nyx Galore.

Hello beautiful people. How are you all on this cold, bitter, icy day? 

I think I may have developed a problem or slight addiction. Hay I knew it was coming and I did warn everyone but no one believed me. Until this happened……..

I own 25 lippies!!!! Yay. Anyway these are the newest additions to the collection.(keep reading for a surprise at the end!!) All from Nyx (who ever introduced me to Nyx, while I say thank you, Ross doesn’t!) 😅 Enough of that onto the good stuff. 

Now I know the light pink is not a winter colour. However I couldn’t resist it. The packaging is adorable plus the colour itself is beautiful. A nice pop of pink that looks great and actually works with me. It’s the Nyx Lipstick Butter in ‘Sweet Tart’. The name suits the colour. Plus its super creamy and doesn’t feel like its drying at the moment. 

Now these 2 are winter colours! Look back up for the swatche on my hand. Both are stunning dark berry colours. While the lip pencil in ‘Auburn’ is more than a rustic red, like a red grape wjile the matte Lip Cream in ‘Transylvania’ is more like a plum shade. So dark and daring. Love em. Plus love how creamy they are. 

Hmmmm wonder what to buy next?? 

Surpise!!!! Yip its blue. I have always said blue is my favourite colour. And can’t leave it without a wee show off. 

Look how blue it is, oh hay it matchs my nails! I do love the sheer colour and how it’s very different. This is from Nyx’s Wicked lippie collection in the shade ‘Sinful’. Perhaps I should wear this more often then. A halloween colour for sure, or cosplay. 

Anyway until next time my beauties. 


Younique. The review!

Hello my beauties. Hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend! My sister recently decided on a small beauty adventure and has decided to drag me along for the ride! Basically be your own kind of boss like in Avon. We enrolled, and got sent some products that I can’t wait to show you all!!! 

These are just a few of the full size products, the rest are mainly testers. But who cares, these are amazing and I’ll share with you why. For starters the packaging is great. I mainly like the Bon Bons lipbalm packaging. The colour is great and compliments the other black packaging well. Plus you have to turn the lid, not just pull it. They do a skin range too that I am yet to try. Also Younique don’t test on animals and help support victims od abuse. A win win for me I think. 

I love these swatches. The lighter pink is the Lip BonBons tinted lip balm in ‘Red Velvet Cake’ a nice toned down pink that leaves the lips soft. With a gentle pink hue. It can be worn on it’s own or I think you could have it underneath a lippie. 

Now onto the darker swatch. Deep breathe!! How pigmanted is that! It’s Younique’s Splash liquid lipstick in ‘Sentimental’ I barely needed to use the whole product on the wand for this. The colour is a gorgeous deep mauve, perfect for the season! Plus it’s not sticky and gives a great matte finish. (Defo using a good lipbalm underneath this!) If you want to take a look at some of their other products or this one, here is a link for you- https://youniqueproducts.com/SineadBeaumont1995

And finally for all those eye lovers. I haven’t forgotten about you! This little palette is their Addiction 4 Palette in ‘Moonstruck’ A nice mix of shimmer and matte colours, with 4 lovely warm, earthy brown tones. And 3 cool tones. I love the shade ‘Triumphant’ and ‘Brave’ such gorgeous colours. 

Younique and customer’s say that their products are just as good as Mac, but I can’t make a comment. I don’t own any Mac products to compare them too! The liquid lippies are at £21 each (really want Superstitious!) The Moondust palette is at £38 each. Love the colour palette’s. And the Lip Bonbons are at £18 each. (Can I have one of each please!) 

If you want to have a noisy about I’ll leave another link here for you all to check out. 


Let me know your thoughts folks. Until next beauties. 


The Revolution!

Good afternoon my darlings!! How ya all doing the somewhat tempermental day?? The scottish weather can’t decide if it wants to freeze us or have a very late summer. Tpyical weather really. Now on to the somewhat exciting part. (Well for me anyway! Hope you like it too!) 

My little sister has just really got into her makeup course and I finally got to see her kit that she hot from college. Now I’m not a makeup expert or anyrhing but I will say that she needs a new kit. Asap!! 

This palette is from Revolution in their light to medium. The Ultra Cover and Concealer Palette. This one is actually for me, I’ve been lookin to try some other forms of concealer since I got my Soap and Glory concealer stick. Mainly cause while I do like it, I feel that it doesn’t actually blend into my skin all that well. I can not wait to test this out and see how well it works with me. They do feel very creamy in texture on my finger tips. Not actually used them yet but will!

I got all these products from my local Superdrug and they all where £6!!! That’s a cheeky wee bargin right there. Plus they DON’T test on animals! High five to you Revolution. 

(I have no swatches as of yet, due to taking a really irrating allergic reaction to something! It’s affected my hands and arms badly. Sorry!! But will eventually get them up!) 

Gah I love this eyeshadow palette! Shame it’s going into the gift box for the sis. (FYI she is aware of these but thats all she knows about! Don’t tell her the rest guys!) It’s Revolutions Affirmation palette with 32 stunning colours. Must are a shimmer but a couple are matte’s. Not super expensive nor will they break the bank. I’m loving the shade’s Declare, Vouch and Consent. They look so pretty!! Can’t wait for a little test run. Or to see what she can do with them. 

Quick note, the packaging is fab as well. Sturdy, kinda sleek and great to fit in a decent makeup bag! Plus the rose coloured lettering really stands out on the black beautifully. 

Now onto another cover and conceal palettw but this one is in Light. I prefer the mix if I’m honest but these will be great for her too play about with. Even build up a small customer base and get a good idea on the different skin tones. I saw a great darker one that looks stunning. So think that will be joining her kit soon. 

Do you beauties like Revolution?

Any makeup suggestions would be great folks? 


A Cheeky Haul!

Hello my lovelies. How are you all doing?? Hope the week is going well for you all. Recently I was on a bit of a downer, and so my sister thought it would be a great idea to share with me some of her goodies from the Body Shop. In the last crazy week it was a great treat and a lovely surprise. 

Some coconut body butter, I love this stuff. It smells amazing and does wonders for the skin. I love using it when I soothe the man’s feet. (His feet always get really sore and he has surprisingly soft skin!!) A little mango shower gel that I love. If I could buy this in bulk I would, I’d have so much I think my partner would ban me for life from the body shop!!! (I hope he doesnt do that!!) 

My sister had randomly got some Instablur and the poor soul has no idea what it was for so she gave it too me. I’ve actually got some on today. No foundation or conclearer just this……and I’m a bit so-so with it. It comes out like a soft clay but turns to creamy butter when it goes on the skin and it feels lovely. Not too sure on the coverage (could be cause I used so little!!) But it does feel lovely and very soft. 

She also gave me some of the vitamin E face mist and my fave face wash from their tea tree collection!! What a star!! 

Now these 2 items are a small wee treat for myself. I’ve been lusting after Nyx for a while and finally managed to get my little paws on some. The gorgeous lip creme from their Simply Vamp in ‘Temptress’ is gorgeous. The deep, rich plum tone is perfect for the autumn (or fall if your from across the big lake!) And looks fantastic with my skin. It’s not draining and is easy to wear. (Not got any on as my lips are horribly chapped!) 

Next is one my friend recommended to me. It’s the butter gloss in the shade ‘Madeleine’ and is a stunning nude shade. I do love this one cause it works so well. Plus it doesn’t look too much. A nice creamy texture and soft. Luckily not sticky! I don’t have a Nyx near me so it’s hard to pick something without testing it first. But I just love it. 

A wee swatch of both for you lovelies to see them. Aren’t they gorgeous! The simply vamp is in fact a little darker but the light doesn’t give it much too work with. 

What Nyx products are your faves?? Any recommendations folks??

Until next time my lovelies. 


Glossybox of July. 

Hello my gorgeous rosettes. I really hope your weekend was amazing. I also hope you all stayed safe and well in recent times. May we rise above the hate that no longer has a place in this time of age. Xx

Isn’t this month’s Glossybox amazing!! Some awesome looking goodies that I can not wait to try and share with you. So on the first set:

I’m not so hot for the mascara if I’m honest. Could be due to the amount of times I’ve had a mascara wand in the eye. But I’ll give it a try some other time. The mascara is the Emotio Allowed Mascara by Icona Milano and costs £13.04 from their website. 

Now I really want to try the de-tangle brush from Hairon which is a lovely mint colour. Wet hair is a nightmare to brush through and even though my hair is short (ish) it has a habit of becoming a birds nest!!! Or rats tails…….but thats another story to tell. This little gem is £6.99 from hairon.co.uk. 

This is a Nourishing Night Creme that also adds/builds a gentle healthy looking tan. One problem…..I’m already tanned and tend to tan rather nicely when the sun is out. (When scotland decides to be sunny of course!!!) However I may actually use this for my legs that can look rather pale. Plus it doesn’t smell either. So a win win if I do say so myself. This can be purchased for £12.50 from utanandtone.com. 

Now my 2 favourite products outta the whole box!! Of course one is a lip product! I’m crazy for lip products……maybe a little obsessed. But hay what’s a gal to do. 😉 Anyway, the cute red tube is a Hawaiian Tropic lip gloss in Island Berry with SPF25. It smells (and tastes!!) amazing. Its like a drop of summer of the lips. It does give a gentle red tint and offers moisturisation too. Love it!! Now too finish my other ones………

The pink brush is gorgeous and super soft!! I’m not joking. We have all been there. Where a brush is so soft you just wanna fluff it all over your face!! This is an F20 Flat Brush from Blank Canvas. And I can’t wait to try it with my foundation. I may not like pink but it’s too soft to bother me. Worth £11.95 from blankcanvascosmetics.com. I may be having a little lookie later. 

All productd are full size and their pricing is for the full size too. 

Until next time my gorgeous readers. 


Beauty Blender Review

Hello everyone. A small review today on the beauty blender that I got a while back. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now and I finally got the chance. 

The Nicka K FX blending sponge is the one and only product like this that I own. And I think I’ll just keep this one. I attempted to use it for my foundation and I didn’t like it at all. It just wasn’t giving me the coverage that I get with my brushes or the same look. Plus I felt like the sponge was taking IN more product than actually blending. So I went back to my good old faithful brushes. 

One good thing about this sponge though was how it  worked so well with my concealer. It got into all the annoying parts that my brushes hate. The crease of my nose and the under parts of my eyes. I loved the coverage there and how it blended so well. 

Well until next time my lovely readers. 


The Body Shop romance!

Afternoon my gorgeous rosette’s. How’s the last week been for you all? Good? Any exciting news? I hope the last week has treated you all well. 

I had been left to my own devices in town a day or so ago. And well, my bank account may be wanting to change our relationship soon. (Poor thing, but payday soon!) Not my fault some shops had a few sales on. And one of those shops is a shop that I have had a long romance with. Especially when it comes to their skincare. The Body Shop. I love that place, and the staff are super friendly too. Now on to the products I went and got: 

These 2 gems are both new too me and a new release. Well the vitiman E is a new release in the range. I can’t wait to mold these into my routine. Not tried them as of yet but I can’t wait. 

Now the products. The seaweed range is range that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I got this for my t-zone which has been very oily lately. (Scotland’s crazy weather system.) This is an oil-control overnight gel. And it smells so nice. Not over powering, more like a subtle aloe vera kinda smell. Not like seaweed. (Sniffing my hand all the time isn’t really helping me figure out the smell either) 

Second product is from a range I know and love. The vitamin E range is great for all skin types and combo skin too. This one is the moisture-perfect emulsion cream with SPF 30 (PA+++ but not sure on that part!!) I got this cream mainly because the skin round my eyes and nose are very dehydrated. I do drink loads of water folks!! Hopefully this helps, it’s also packed with hyaluronic acid which helps skin stay hydrated. So I can’t wait. This will be getting used alot in the mornings. 😊 

I love this!!! The tea tree skin clearing foam cleanser. I’m using a face wash at the moment that I’m not super pleased with. (Even though it’s from the same range as this one I prefer the foaming cleanser by a mile!) This is an old faithful that I refuse to part with. Plus I love the new packaging for it. Dark green and black. Great combo. 

I’ll give my verdict about my 2 new purchases later on so watch this space. 

Until next time beauties. 


The Make-up Clearout!!

Hello my beautiful rosette’s. Hope your all having a wonderful week. I finally got round to clearing out my make-up collection. A very much needed clear out might I add. This week has been slightly stressful. And having a full day off I decided to use my time wisely and have a good old clear out. Can I just say how amazing it felt clearly out my stuff and seeing what I actually had!!


2 hours and so later!! These 3 Glossy boxes are full to the brim with stuff that I don’t use. And are getting handed to my best friend who happens to have 2 hyper active, makeup loving gals. (Some of it will be for her as well!)

They’re in for a treat! Loads of lip glosses, lipsticks, eye shadows and nail varnishs from different brands and different colours. Can’t wait to see their faces when they open them. Besides there is no point in me holding onto it all when its not getting used and loved. This way Susal’s gals are gonna have fun, and its all gonna be used. Win win I do believe.


And this is all that I have left. (Minus whats in my makeup bag of course!!) Some of my favourite palettes, lip pencils and nail colours. It feels so good to know what I have and don’t have. Now I can watch my collection grow and become more to my style and taste.

(Was gonna do a makeup sale but not sure how to do one of the blog!!) Maybe next time.

How do you get rid of your makeup?? Do you sell it on?? Or do you give it away??