MUR Lip Kits Haul and Review.

Hello my lovelies!! This is a little haul I got  awhile back and thought I should share it now with you all. But first, how was everyone’s Christmas? I hope however you spent the day that you enjoyed it all the same. (My partner is ruining the flat with his damn drone. I should never have got him it!! 😂😅) 

Now onto the haul. Its a lip kit haul from MUR or Makeup Revolution to be exact. All of these where bought from Superdrug for £8 each. (I got a 2 for 3 deal and wanted a treat!) So lets get started shall we: 

The haul.
There are 7 lip kits here and I’ll talk about them all. (Ish, I have a little negative feedback on one but it happens.) Lets start with my favourite one first. 

Regent the metallic lip kit.

How stunning is this red! The best thing is that it’s metallic as well. Very pretty shade and love that it doesn’t make me look washed out. The lip pencil is lush as well and can be worn for a much softer everyday kinda look. The metallic packiging is cute too, and great for telling the difference. Lol.

Next onto a not so favourite.

The Holographic Lip Kit

The sparkly one on my hand that you can barely see is the holographic lipkit in Unicorn Dream. And it was a kind of disappointment. The purple lip liner and the spark liquid lip stick are not a nice combo. And that’s just my personal opinion. I’m happy to wear em individually but defo not together. Which is a damn shame. 

Vampire Night’s!
It was the name on this one that got me if I’m honest. And it is a lovely one as well. A matte lip kit for a matte loving gal. In the pic it was just applied so it still looks wet, but now it’s dried into a deep wine red colour that’s great for that vamp look. Or dark lip lovers out there. Royal and Majesty are both matte lip kits also with stunning colours between them. (Sorry no pics at the mo but will be in my next monthly lipstick library!) 

A little Integrity.
While I’m not a major fan of gloss finishes this colour is beautiful. A lovely blend of pink and purple. Fabulous. More than likely wear the lip pencil on it’s own but I’m happy to give this one a try. 

Empire’s don’t build themselves.
This copper shade is Empire and yet another metallic liquid lipstick. Just one of the very few copper shades that I own. It’s a second favourite even though it dries more gloss than matte. The colour won this one over that’s for sure, plus it’s great to play around with. 

Hope you enjoyed this little haul folks. Until next time my lovelies. 


Lipstick Photo Dairy

Makeup Revolution Noble

Hello everyone. How are you all today. The weather is struggling to make up its mind in what it wants to do today. Today I have a small collection of some lippies that I have been loving or fell back in love with. The first pic is me wearing Makeup Revolution’s Lip Kit in Noble. Love the nude shade and the creamy texture of the liquid lipstick. 

Lipsense Napa x3 and Strawberry Shortcake
I was wearing a lip colour combo here. Lipsense colours Napa and a little of Strawberry Shortcake to give it the pink tint. 

Lipsense Strawberry Shortcake

Makeup Revolution’s No Perfection Yet
The one above was just Strawberry Shortcake x3. A very lovely pinky red colour that came as a nice surprise. Not to in your face but still noticable. I was wearing Makeup Revolution’s ‘No Perfection Yet’ one of my growing fave’s!! 

Kiko cosmetics.
Look at that smile! I’m wearing Kiko here but dabbed on instead of building up on the colour. This one was found in one of the many boxes that still need sorted!! 

Such a pretty colour!!! 

Hope you all enjoyed and until next time!


Why My Pet’s are Encourgaing Me To Have a More Vegan Mindset

(Disclaimer. Pet owners please be advised that some info in this post is distressing and graphic. While no video footage is used or linked please be aware this is to address a real issue. Thank you for your support and hopefully we can stop this.)

My babies. Maxie and Damos. Xx

Wow that’s a long title. But it’s true. If you don’t already know I have 2 playful chinchilla’s. And these guys although small have become a major part of my life. With big personalities and adorable moments that make you make to just say ‘awwww’ every few minutes. These guys have changed my viewing on alot of things. 

This blog post is not pissing on anyone who does buy brands who do test on animals. Your money, your choice guys. 

Makeup Brands. I refuse to buy any brands that test on animals or are involved with a third party that does. Sorry Mac and Nars this northern gal aint gonna be a customer. For me supporting a brand that does I wouldn’t deserve the 2 floofers in my life. So I am be buying more animal friendly products. Vegan products. And that is fine with me. There are so many brands who do NOT test on animals that don’t get the limelight like they should. Body Shop, Kiko, Sheersense and Lush to name a few. If in doubt look for the bunny logo which is only allowed to used by brands that 100% do NOT use or test on animals. 

Buying fur. Never. Never will I buy real fur. I had always been against the fur trade which is illegal in some parts but now more than ever. Just no. After watching a video where animals such as foxes and badgers etc died from elctrotuction and gas I already felt sick. Then it turned to chinchillas. They broke their necks. They killed them while the tiny animal struggled to break free. And thats when I lost it. I cried so damn much! All for the damn fur trade!! 

If you really want fur buy faux fur and don’t be afraid too double check that is in fact fake fur. You can do this by spreading the hair fibres apart and seeing if the fibres are stitched into the fabric. You will see all the stitching. If they are its fake, if it looks like skin, then leave it. Or if in doubt leave it on the shelf. 

Am I going Vegan? Well I’m making some life changes. Slowly. Being a vegan is a huge step forward for me so I’m going to learn more first. It’s not a desicion I want to make lightly. While making some changes I want to learn and do research so I can stay healthy. Any advice would be fab guys!!! 

Damos. Not sure if he wants to jump or relax!!
My boys have really opened my eyes to many things and these things make me angry and uncomfortable. So I want to raise awareness about animal cruelty by supporting animal friendly brands, sharing photos of my beautiful chins and re-educating people where needed. 

Its the 21st centuary. We dont need real fur or products that are tested on animals. Get with the times brands or you’ll lose your custom. 

Until next time folks. 


A Lipsense Review

Hello my lovelies. How are you all doing this morning? Its a kind of grey day here, with some rain. A break from the constant heat which is good in a way. 

Today I’m back with a makeup review. And I’ll be honest I am in love with the brand for many reasons. It’s a chance to build your own buisness like Avon plus all about skincare and makeup. I love the lipstick part. And here is why:

Lipsense’s Red Cherry and Dawn Rising
These 2 shades are from Lipsense which is huge in the US at the monent and its slowly making its way over to the UK. The red is Red Cherry which was my first colour. This colour did tingle when I first put it on and was sticky. 3 coats later and I put on my matte moistursing gloss. And it wasn’t sticky. The colour just went pop and looked amazing. A nice red colour which normally I wouldn’t go for. 

It did have a strange taste but that did go away after a while. May have just gotten used to it. 

Lipsense comes in 3 parts. The colour which goes on 3 times, dried between each application. The gloss goes on last to seal in the colour and the Oops remover is for removing the product. Apparently the colours can be used together!! I haven’t tested that part out yet but will when I have more colors. 

It lasted a long time. Could only take off with the Oops remover. I even did the kiss test…….no transfer. Much to my partner’s delight. He hates lippy for some reason. Did the smudge test…….nothing on my fingers. 

Me wearing Dawn Rising
Dawn Rising is my second shade. It’s a nude/brown shade and is great for everyday wear. I was greatly surprised at how well the shade worked with my tone. 

Lipsense don’t test on animals which is a big thing for me. They have a selection of glosses depending on the finish that your after. From matte, gloss, opal etc

Now for price: the colours are £22 a tube, gloss is £18 and the Oops remover is £10. Pricey when your buying for the first time but I do like the brand. Loved it so much that I even joined the brand. Yes I am a distrubitor of Lipsense and only just started getting into the swing of things. 

For now I have got to go lovelies.

Until next time. 


A Body Shop Nail Affair

Summer is here!!! The weather has been amazing the last few days (maybe weeks but meh!) With it being so hot and sunny I thought now would be a fab time to try a newish shade of nail colour from a brand I adore but never used nail wise. 

My friend got me some nail colours from the Body Shop for my birthday (that was back in January! 😫 sorry hunnie!) This cute lilac is just one of the shades she got me. A fun, cheeky pop of colour which is fab for summer. It’s in the shade ‘A Grape Affair’ and does remind me of grapes. I wanted a fun colour that I don’t normally wear and this has certainly got it going on. My sister loves how it glids on (she is a beauty student so she does my nails for extra pratice) 

I kinda feel like I’m cheating on Kiko right now. Normally Kiko is all I actually wear nail wise but I think they may have a challenge. (That’s just an excuse so I can get more!) No harm in adding some new pieces to the wardrobe. But in all honesty I do love the colour and was both pleased and surprised with the colour outcome. Heck I’m even digging it with my skintone, I’ve caught the sun so my tan has darkened nicely. 

What’s your favourite summer nail colour?? 

Until next time beauties. 


Spring Nails (Where have I Been!) 

Hello lovelies. I’m back. I’ve been away for a bit due to ill health in the family. My step dad took ill and I’ve been helping where ever I can. A little stressful here and there but got aome positive results back from the hospital so fingers crossed all goes well. 

With all the stress recently my sister thought it would be a great idea to treat me to a wee pamper session. She had learned how to do some nail art and wanted to give it a try. 

Love the simple gems on the green nail varnish. Great for spring and cheering me up nicely. Nail varnish is by Kiko Milano Cosmetics. With everything that has happened it was nice to actually relax and breathe. 

Ross and me are just waiting on some news that could move things in a positive manner for us. Just need to wait. Either way it will be a big moment. 

Well until next time my beauties. Xx

Tips On Looking After Coloured Hair

Looking after natural hair can be a handful, but looking after coloured hair……that can be a challenge. Not long ago I finally got my hair dyed blue 3-4 shades of blue to be exact which I adore. I’ve learned a few things on looking after my coloured hair which I want to share with you. So here are a few tips on looking after that gorgeous colour: 

1. The most important one I think but the most uncomfortable. Wash your hair with cold water. It helps protect the colour for longer. (Heat actually damages the colour and will make it fade faster!! Not good!!) 

2. Always use a heat protector when using heated tools. This will help create a barrier for your colour so it will not fade as quickly. This protection can be in the form of a spray or oil. 

3.  Avoid using sulfates on coloured hair these can strip that stunning colour from your hair. Always double check hair products for this damaging chemical and avoid it. 

4. Products. Make sure the products you use are perfect for coloured hair. (Good brands to use are Toni & Guy, Aussie and VO5 ect) 

5. And finally reduce washing your hair to 2 times a week. (Or what your stylist recommends) This lets the natural oils work their magic on your hair. During in between days use a dry shampoo that works with coloured hair to keep it looking fresh and lovely. 

I hope these tips help with looking after those stunning locks and keep em looking fresh. If you have any other tips please leave them in the comments and share the wisdom. 

Until next time my lovelies. 


February Beauty Favourites.

Good morning (or whenever you are reading this!) For once we have a lovely sunny day looking on us today. Today’s post is gonna be about my beauty favourite’s. And to be honest there isn’t a super large amount. But onto the post (while I have a 2 year old sitting on my lap!! FYI said 2 year old is my niece.) 

First up, lip products. I love my lip products and have a few new loves to share with ya. 

A few Makeup Revolution products and their new lip kit in Noble. I’ve already got a small review on that in an earlier post. The lipstick is ‘No Perfection Yet’ and only cost £1!!! Such a deep plum colour with a creamy texture.  I also recently re-discovered the ‘I Love strawberries and milkshake’ lip gloss which I love. Thought I had lost it actually. So glad I found it again. Plus it has a sweet taste. 

A smelly. And a very nice one at that. This is from River Island and called ‘By Night’, it smells amazing. Sweet but not over the top sweet. The best way to describe the scent is like coconut. £10 for this large bottle that I got for Christmas. (I already need a new one cause this one is almost finished!!) 

Now for skincare and its the Body Shop’s Drops of Youth. Which I’ve only started using this month. It does help with keeping my skin hydrated but its not super intense hydration. I’m not to keen on the oil like texture but I do love the way it soaks into my skin quickly. Not to mention the green bottle is pretty damn cool! 

Eeeek. A new palette. But what palette you say. This beauty is from Makeup Revolution from their I ❤ Makeup range. Such a sleek looking case. The the simpleness of it. But wait until you see the inside!! 

All the pretty colours. Ive just dabbled in this palette a few times. Its not been used loads yet but I’m building confidence in my eye makeup skills which where lacking…….greatly. I love the pastels the most along with the blues and pinks. Such a gorgeous palette that I can’t wait to explore more. 

Until next time my beauties. 


A Retro Luxe Review. 

Good afternoon my lovelies. Hope you all having a great start to your week. Recently I’ve discovered the Revolution makeup brand and once again I’ve fallen head of heels for them. They don’t test on animals!! (Super important!) And their products are such good quality too. I got my little sister loads for her christmas and birthday. (She is a beauty student.) Now onto the reason for this post. 

A new craze. The Retro Luxe matte lip kit in the shade Noble. There are 8 of these beauts and I do know that Revolution have also released a few others recently too. I’m gonna be honest with ya………I wasn’t overly interested in these. However I thought I would give it a shot. And I’m so glad I did. The packaging is straight to the point. Eye catching and tells you exactly whats in it. I love the liquid lipstick’s bottle. Love the bronze lid and the colour of the lipstick makes it look vintage!! Now onto the colour. 

Look at the intense colour! It looks a little more brown in person but it’s such a gorgeous shade!! It has a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. (No makeup day and I have a breakout. Great!!) I don’t tend to go for nudes, however I’ll be keeping this beauty in my makeup bag for a while. It went on with ease both the liner and the liquid lipstick. It also doesn’t feel sticky or thick. And has given such a gorgeous layer of colour. With only one application!!! 😲😍

I got this from online and for only £6. Love it. I actually really love this and plan on getting the others. Also I used a lip plumper from Plump It as my base. I’ll have a review on that later on. 
Until next time my beauties. 


Going Blue. A Big Change.

Hello my lovelies. How are you all? It’s been a tempermental and busy week here. With parties and crazy weather. Gotta love scottish weather. Anyway on to the post. And its a huge change for me. I have always loved my dark chocolate locks. They where a serious confidence booster, but I had always wanted a certain colour done. I wanted a change, a big change, but was a little worried. Until last night. Where I sat in a hair dressers for 6 hours getting this crazy transformation done. 

The first 2 hours was stripping my hair of its dark qualities. No more chocolate brown for this gal!! The blonde was a shock to the system let me tell ya. But luckily it was nothing more than a base for the real colour! But how blonde am I!! Not me at all. 

These look purple but they’re actually blue. 4 different shades of blue. The dark blue was the main base while the other 3 gave different tones through my hair. So after several hours, 6 roughly I went from a dark brunette to a bluenette. Amber (from Colour Hairdressing in Dunfermline) you did a fantastic job!! She answered every question I had and was fab. Still getting blue off my face though!! 😄

Ta da!!! I love it. The tones are gorgeous and complement eachother beautifully. So glad I went for it. But was so anxious about the end result. It’s gonna worth it even though I need to wash my hair with cold water. Eeek. But worth it. 6 hours well spent and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I got my hair chopped in a long bob. A great length for styling. 

Until next time my lovelies.