A Rose and Some Gemstones (Drawing) 

Hello my lovelies, how are you all doing? It’s been a nice, slow week for me and I’ve loved it. Got lots done too. Even been super productive with loads of crazy design ideas. And I wanted to share with you all some of the things I’ve been working on. 

Blue and purple simplified gemstone
I’ve always liked gemstones but can never draw them well so I thought I could maybe simplify them down and still make them look nice. These purple and blue one is a fav of mine, (done in pencil) which I plan doing a canvas version of. Not sure which medium I’ll use though. But I do love it and the black pen outlines helps it too pop. 

Red and pink simplified gemstone in pencil
Yellow simplified gemstone piece
I’ve enjoyed messing around with scale and shape each time I do one of these simplified gemstone pieces. This yellow one is my second largest piece that I’ve done. It was difficult trying to get several yellows that didn’t match in shade each time. 

Green and Brown simplified gemstone piece in pencil

While drawing this one it gave me an idea for something else that I wanted to draw for ages. I really like how the colours work so well together and may go for a more ‘earthy’ colour palette on my next gemstone piece. 

I’ll be very honest now, I’m not the best artist in the world and there are some things that I just struggle too draw. (Damn high school teachers and saying things have to be perfect!!!!) 

A simple multi colour rose in pencil
This simple multi colour rose was alot of fun. It was a challenge to make it look like a rose just without the softness of one. The idea for this came from my green and brown gemstone piece that I had done. I have loads of plans for this design and its future. With different colour palettes, mediums and uses. 

What have you been creating or drawing lately?? 

Until next time lovelies. 


A sewing project. The lip plushie. 

Hello my lovelies. How are you all on this beautiful sunny afternoon?? I’m still trying to sort out our internet and help the boys settle in. More on them in another post!! 

A few days ago I was rather bored and stuck on what to do. So I started making some of my plushies again. A little differnet than the heart shaped ones that I normally do. 

The Blue one is my favourite so far!!

My lip plushies!! A friend had asked me to make her some as giveaway prizes for her buisness and I thought it would be a great idea to be productive with my time. And build up on my skill in hand sewing.  I spent yesterday brain storming some ideas and cutting out what patterns I wanted and what colours I would need. Just a little smaller than an A6 piece of paper. 

Today will be a sewing day and adding all the final details. All the hand sewing…….welcome cramped hands. 

Leaf inspired lip art plushie

A square here, a square there.

Making these little cuties (i’ve got 10 so far that will go too my friend) have been a test of my patience and creativity. It was enjoyable too sit down and actually work on something that I could see taking shape. A very valuable lession. I’ve made a few mistakes……..like ripping my stencil, under sizing the pink inside and tangling my threads together. 

Under sized the pink section in this dotted lip art plushie.
I’ve enjoyed playing with all the colours, thinking up patterns and ideas, using my resource’s, and learning something new along the way. Even got plans to add some other fabrics into the mix, rhinestones, beads and buttons. But may not do that with these ones just yet. So far she has liked them. Fingers crossed her customers do to. 

Have you guys got any projects on the go? If so, what are they?? 

Until next time folks. 


A Felt Heart Project

Good morning/afternoon lovelies. Recently we have had such brilliant weather and it’s certainly improved everyone’s mood. With my recent situation I thought it would be a great idea to make the most of all the free time that I now seem to have. And so I have with a little project. 

This is how it started out, I sketched out a rough idea and tacked it on to some felt. Cutting round this was a little difficult with chucky fabric scrissor’s but got there!! 

I loved playing around with the placement of the buttons but wasn’t keen on the patchwork placement. I changed it but you’ll need to see the final piece!! 

The tricky part!! It was easy enough to do the blanket stitch until I started adding the stuffing! That’s when it got a little difficult and fiddly. Very fiddly. (Had to relearn the blanket stitch since the cute watermelon project!!) But it was so worth it. Why, well check out the next photo!!! 

I had forgot about the patchwork patch until I found it under my buttons box. It was a challenge sewing this on when over half the heart was already stitched!! 

I’m so pleased with the out come of this little project. Love that I used my time in such a more postive manner with this little cutie. In fact I’m already thinking of making more with other felt colours and fabrics!!! Think I’ll keep this one as a tester and experiment with the others. Watch this space for a potential up coming shop if I get enough interest!! 

What projects have you lovelies been working on?? Where they a challenge and what did you learn? 

Until next time my lovelies. 


February’s Sketchbook

Another installment of my sketchbook’s from the last month. (This will be a monthly post!!) I’ve noticed I draw alot of eyes, lips and hearts for some strange reason. Why I’m not exactly sure. The above piece was a shading and learning curve. In a simple pencil. By the way, if anyone has any artistic advice please don’t be afraid to share in the comments! Or even even some lovely active artistic blogs would be fantastic.

This was drawn a while back but I actually love it. It was my first colour test of an eye. However I had altered the shape alot. Really chuffed with the colour and how the skin tone worked oit rather nicely. I had done loads of manga drawing so that will most likely be an influence. 

Another older piece that makes me happy every time I see it. Loved playing the the shape and colours. First time I actually used a white pencil in my work that I wantes to make noticeable!!! 

This was a 15 minute facial sketch………boy do I have a long way to go!! Still need to work on placement, size and the proportions but I do feel like I’ve made great progress!!

This is an on going banner piece. I see loads of stunning banners everywhere. So I thought I would give it a try myself, turns out to be a tad stressful. I still don’t think its lined up right but great practice. I do like the flower detail but plan on adding text and more petal details. 

Yet another lip study. This one just a little larger in orange. So far I like the detail and the shading on the upper lip. (I HATE DRAWING TEETH!!!) I may just keep it as an unfinished piece. Not to sure yet. 

Yet another eye study but this one is a tad more realistic. I changed the shape slighty and can again see great development. However the eyebrow……..I have no idea what happened. 

I was basically playing about with lines and this happened. A skirt and leg placement. Gonna need to work on that knee though. Everything else looks good but it looks odd.

These 2 pics. (One above and below.) These where just pieces I was doing to use up leftover acrylic paint. First time I used this techinque………I love it!! They look like dandelion’s! Feel like I’m defo gonna have to explore this one more. But I do feel sorry for my poor brush. (It had a good wash after and a well deserved rest.)

It’s green!! I finished my first large arcylic painting. A simplified gemstone piece. I used 2 different shades of green and added white to lighten it up. I don’t think I have an even coverage but it turned out so much better than what I expected. The black outline is black biro pen. Love the effect and combo.

Until next time my lovelies.


A Sneak Peak in the Sketckbook 

Hello lovely people. We finally had some snow here in tempermental Scotland. Not much but its something I guess. Anyway hope your having a fab week (day even). 

You will see plenty of pencil work through out my pieces. Gonna expand on the mediums though. Hoping to use charcoal pencils today. 

I’ve been debating over this post for a while. I had lost my spark for drawing but recently it’s came back with a bang!! And now I’m beyond proud to let you have a sneak peek into my sketchbook (s) I’m using several at the moment. 

My first fashion illusration piece. Turned well seeing as I have no idea how to draw a dress or a figure. 

I did this one as a smaller sample of a larger piece. This is pencil but the large piece is a mix of oil pastel/acrylic paint.

This was the piece that I finished last night. A simplified gem piece. Beyond pleased with it and I plan on doing loads. From different colour palettes, mediums to size. (If interested in one please let me know size, colour and medium.) This is done in pencil. 

I can never get hair to look right. So I had fun with this one. A good tester piece to see how it can flow. 

The proportions are all wrong on the face. But I thought it would be an interesting thing to see what I could do in 10 mins. The face is a mix style and only for fun. (Ain’t the green slime cute!!!) 

Another simplified gem piece but smaller. I do love the sytle and colour scheme. This is in my sketchbook for college. 

This shell was a complete accident. I have a shell on the other side of the page and an oil pastel underneath. I was adding some work shading to the shell when this happened. Love it. 

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek through my sketchbooks. And I can’t wait to do another. (If anyone is interested in any piece’s please let me know through here. Would be happy to discuss mediums, sizes and prices.)

Until next time my darlings. 


My First Inspirations Box

Hello my lovely readers. How are you all feeling?? I’m currently enjoying my weekend with some projects and some practice time on the sewing machine. This month I got my very first box from the Inspirations Club. Much like a Glossybox instead its full with fabrics and some craft supplies. 

This months theme is Spring with these stunning florals. These are all gorgeous fat quarters from several different companies. (Dont ask me which one is from which company!! I have no idea!!) But I do know which companies. 3 are from Rose and Hubble, 1 from Prestigious Textiles, 1 Dashwood Studios and 1 from Sara Morgan. The club also sent a few ideas of what to make. A small bouquet is this months theme. I shall attempt this later on today. FYI love the light blue fabric the most, so pretty!!

These also came in the box!! Loads of ribbon, cards, felt flowers, some buttons and gift tags. Spoilt for choice of what to make and who for. I love the ribbons and the buttons are going straight to the collecrion tin. (I have a thing for collecting buttons okay.) This is a 3 month plan which costs £60 when its renewed. I’m getting high quality fabrics and some craft supplies so the cost doesn’t overly bother me. It did however come in a cardboard box which had bummed me out alittle at first but opening the box was where the goodies resided. 

Do you have any ideas of what I could make?

Until next time my beauties. 


Royal & Langnickel Paint Brushes.

Recently I have been in a rather creative artie kinda mood. I’ll be honest, I ain’t the greatest artist or the most confident painter in the world but pratice makes perfect. But I did think it was a good idea to explain some of the tools of the trade, just like who a makeup artist has their brushes. So do we.


These fantastic brushes are the ‘Royal & Langnickel’ set (just the green handel ones!!) Easy to use and keep clean, although mine are getting a little grubie. Ewwww.

They work brilliantly with all paints, and have so many different uses!! Just like makeup brushes. And are a great beginners kit if anyone wants to get started.


Each one gets used differently, I haven’t used them all yet. Will have loads of fun with them when I do!! I had got these from college, but just checked if they can still be purchased. They can!!! At a reasonable price too!! I wouldn’t really recommend for small watercolour pieces or super detailed pieces. But with arcylic anyday and maybe gooashe.

They are alot better for the block colour (had another set at college!) Then go in with other brushes or pencils for detailing. A cleaning tip for anyone who doesn’t know, wash your brushes (like these do!!) in warm soapy water and then dab off gently. And never leave brushes in water, brush side down. You will damage the hairs.

Hope you enjoyed. Xx

Watercolours. A Wandering Artists Tool

Hello all you amazing arty people. Got a new post for all creative people out there. Do you guys get inspiration all of a sudden when your out and about??  But then realise that you have no art stuff on you to get the colour or shape down. I get that often (a little too often actually!!) but I have invested in a watercolour box that I can carry around with me. And it must be shared with you all.


This piece of kit is ‘Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolours Sketcher’s Pocket Box’ and a lovely little god send it is! I love this, and bring it almost eveywhere with me. (Unless I’m working then it stays at home.)

The colour pigmention in the paints themselves are fantastic, with 12 colours in total. Only thing is you don’t actually get a black in the set. The little paint blocks can be bought individually either online, or from a really good art shop.


The best thing about these is that the are so small!! The little silver brush is apart of the paint set, and can fit in your bag so easily. It’s also very light in weight which is an added bonus. Just make sure you have a bottle of water on you (just don’t drink it if your using the water for the paints, trust me it ain’t nice at all!)

I like using these to get some basic colour and then and in more detail with pencils over the top.

Do you guys like water colour paints??
Do you like carrying round art stuff with you everywhere too?? If so, whats your favourite tool?? Xx

Colourful Canvas – Daily Inspiration

Thinking about it, everyone has a past.
You, me, our best friend, that woman in the cafe and even that guy down the road.
Like a canvas of their own design. Filled with different colours, shapes and tones. Some will be more subtle, with pastel colours and softer shapes. While others will be darker, vivid colours and more dangerous shapes.

Even the softest of canvases will have spots of dark colours. Hopefully even the darker ones will have areas of pastel. The canvas of our lives blend into one another. By our own design. By knowing eachother.

So instead of seeing just another person, see a canvas instead. Of past struggles and praises. Dont judge any person, we don’t know what their canvas looks like, nor do they know yours.

We are all a canvas. A blank space that begins to be coloured each day. Respect each canvas, just like you respect your own.

Cause one day you could make a master piece. By your own design.


Big Dreamers – Daily Inspiration

We all dream big. We’re a race of dreams. But so many of us don’t chase after those dreams. They just let them waste away and turn to dust.


But there are some of us, some of us who just can’t stop our dreaming. Who’s dreams are so big that they consume us. Non-dreamers say ‘You can’t do it!’ or ‘forget about it, you can’t achieve that’ or the rude ones who just laugh at our dreams.

I say, we can achieve those dreams. Don’t take on the massive dream at once, break it down into small managable pieces. You wanna be the best dancer on the stage, enroll in dance classes. Or a doctor, then ask to help your local emergancy services. Get your name out there!! Start your dreams off small, then you can build on them.

People get scared at their huge dreams and don’t go for them. Just break ’em down into what you can achieve today!! Its today that counts.

Are you a big dreamer? I’m a big dreamer and I know that I’m on the right track. By doing things small, you and I can get there one day.