Letter to My Little Dragon

Just recently I got a call about you. Picking up the phone I was filled with excitment, thinking of what to get you for your birthday. Then the news of a bomb shell dropped along with my mood and stomach. 

It was over. The battle at this moment in time was over. And I really had no idea what to say. I spoke to your mum, to understand from her point of view. While I may not agree completely with her, I am not her. She could no longer cope with the onslaught of negativity and in a simple term abuse. And as she spoke I knew it must have been difficult for her to make that desicion. Your mum is still there in your life just not playing as active a role. 

If I’m honest I still can’t get my head round it all. We where so close little dragon, so damn close. But alas this time I must hang up my sword and shield little dragon. I had thought of going on with the fight but knew I was in no postion to aid you. Plus I would have a great deal more on my hands. 

My dear little dragon, I miss you and I hope to see you again. When?? I do not know, but know that this old dragon will welcome you with open arms. 

This is a fight that I must walk away from and sadly let you go. Its beyond difficult but it is for the best. It’s what is best for you my little dragon. 

Until I see you again little one. 

Love this old dragon.


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