Chinchilla Tuesday!

PICT0097 (1)
Mummy caught my good side.  

Hello hoomans. My name is Damos, and I thought today would be a fun day to introduce myself. I am a 1 year olds chinchilla the same as my brother. I like sleeping on my favourite ledge and climbing up to sit on my mummy and daddies shoulders. Sometimes they need to catch me cause I’m still unsure of my climbing abilities. Did you know that there are loads of different colours of us? We are the standard grey but mummy was saying there are black, white, and even blue sapphire chinchillas!!!! I’d love to see one.

Me and my little brother Maximillion (I’m bigger than him cause mummy said I am) like snuggling in our hanging thingy. We like squeaking and cleaning each others fur. Maxillion likes to steal my sticks too…………and treats.

Maximillion: No I don’t………you stopped chewing and I thought I could have a nibble.

Damos: You do. But we love playing with our mummy and daddy. I like sitting on daddies feet (mummy always says I’m a brave chinchilla!!), climbing over mummies legs and playing chase with Maximillion. My favourite spot is hiding under the table cause I can curl up and rest from playing. I’m still a big nibbler and once bit mummy a bit too hard cause I got scared form a bang. Mummy said it was fine and Maximillion kissed it all better…………..I didn’t means too hurt mummy. But she gave me a kiss and cuddle for saying sorry.

Maximillion: Mummy likes getting kisses so don’t worry. She loves us too much. I’m gonna sleep some more. Night night hoomans.

Maximillion and I being models for mummy. We hope to go to the movies later if we get loads of sleep and maybe a treat. But I think I might just sleep instead and go for a run later. Maybe play with my teddy and curl up on daddies back again. He has a warm back.

I gotta go and snuggle with my little brother. Until next time hoomans. Bye bye.


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