A Stardew Valley Review

Games. Everyone loves a good game every now and then, whether it’s a computer game or a decent card game. We all love em from time to time. The last few months I’ve been really loving or more obsessing over a game on steam. Its name: Stardew Valley.

At first glance it feels a great deal like a harvest moon game. The farming, the social dynamics, and your overgrown plot of land. But as you delve more into the game play it becomes clear there’s more to it than just growing fruit and veg. (You) The player can play Stardew Valley anyway you choose. Make it more challenging maybe over run the town with your slime egg presses or have a farm dedicated to the Dinosaur.

Now players can pick from 5 different farm types. Each farm relating to a different skill: farming, gathering, slaying monsters (warrior), mining and fishing.

(Not sure how to get in game photos yet!) I personally like the monster and mining farm. As you play through the game you can decide to help with the community centre thats seen better days or you can ask the Jojo Corp to do it for you…….at a price.

My dino and void chicken! Took me ages to get these 2!!!

While splitting your time between farming and exploring the caves, a player can even choose to swoon one of the 12 potential marriage candidates. The main character can marry either gender it doesn’t actually matter.

Stardew Valley was created by Corncered Ape and has been in the making for 4 years before it was released. A one man mission and it still gets updated as often as he can.

Would I recommend the game: Yes, to everyone who loves farm games!!!

Does it play well: Yes it does. The end game has been developed more so thats a great win. Plus you can play anyway you choose. I’m currently trying to get 999 of each item!!

Is it addicting: Isn’t every game. I’ve already put in over 300 hours and several different saved files to this date.

Until next time my lovelies.


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