How I’m Coping With Unemployment. 

Unemployment. I hate it. I truely do hate it with a passion. I’ve always worked since I turned 18 and never really been out of a job……until now that is. And it ain’t fun. It’s actually horrible, it’s stressful, and very upsetting. 

(FYI I was let off with loads of other people because there was NO work coming in for us. Which is understandable.)

To begin with I treated the first few days as a sort of holiday really. I applied to a few jobs here and there but my attitude was upbeat. I was confident and wasn’t overly worried. Even had an interview but didn’t get it. However I remained calm. That is until this week where I came to the realisation that I didn’t have any holiday pay or last minute payments for my old job coming in. 

Now fear and worry have set in with the simple thought of: how the hell am I gonna pay my part of the rent!!!?? 

So I did the only thing I could do. I swallowed my pride and walked into a job centre. They have helped me apply for Jobseekers, even gave me a list of website’s to look at for jobs and I have a meeting this week with them. I’m nervous but feel more in control. I’m making a positive step forward. 

Heck I even took a leap of faith and applied to some bigger jobs!! I even smashed a recent phone interview but I need to wait 3 weeks for the face to face interview (which doesn’t help me now!!) But I’m still gonna see what happens and I’m still gonna go for it if I can. 

Even though I have all this positive stuff round the corner. I’m still so worried. How can I pay the rent?? Is Ross gonna cope?? How does he feel about this?? What about next months rent?? What about food and my boys?? And now my stepdad has taken a bad turn! 

So many thought’s are running through my head but I know I will get there. I always do. It’s just so scary. So difficult and now is when those damn voices have come back to make things worse. My anxiety has come back with a vengence. 

But I will get there. I’m just too damn stubborn to accept this. 

Until next time my lovelies. 


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11 thoughts on “How I’m Coping With Unemployment. 

  1. I admire your courage. Don’t confuse a season with a lifetime. You’ve got a bang on attitude towards situation. Keep up that!

    Universe always falls in love with a stubborn soul.

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      1. You’re a warrior, aren’t you? 😊 so inspiring! Sending you heartfelt prayers so that you and your family can get through this situation. ❤

        – Anaida

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  2. In the meantime you can use sites like peopleperhour for freelance work in all manner of areas! It’s something I have been looking into while I look for a new role.

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  3. Hey love,

    I am right there with you on this unemployment journey! I know you know that you aren’t alone but thought I should further affirm. I have felt some very similar feelings to you, which I shared on my blog. It is hard but this delay is certainly not our destination. Keep on pushing! God bless you hun!



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    1. Good thing that we are both too stubborn to give up. Recently moved to an area that has a high demand of jobs so hope to be working soon. Good luck to you and your job search.



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