Why Our Daily Struggles Are Important.

Our daily lives are some interesting, moving and yet difficult times. Our hands can tell so many stories of our daily stories, the struggles we face and the many experience’s we have. Different people, different stories, different hands. Each person has a story unique that’s special to them. Some have worked in a trade their whole life, have built a family home and lost it all because of a simple mistake. Some are just working away in a place they hate because they don’t know what they want yet, floating between loving their car and what to do with a computer degree. But always coming home to their other half with a few new scars. Some are struggling with finding a job, but studying hard to provide a life not just for themselves but for their child. Whom they’re currently fighting in court to get access to.

These daily struggles build our character, our personalities, the way we handle situations and how we forge relationships. Having a bad day can bring us down but it that’s just one bad day out of 365 days a year, a hurdle that must be jumped or stepped around. Not everyone will go through the same struggles as our individual selves. People ain’t going to understand some of these struggles because let’s be honest they haven’t lived through them. They haven’t had to make those heart wrenching decision’s or deal with some of those nail biting moments. But it’s the same for them to. They will have went through some moments that some people will never be able too understand.




Age. Strength. Compassion. Understanding. Father.

Will speak his mind in any situation.






Dedicated. Loving. Other Half. Hard working. Loyal.

A voice of reason when I have none.







A Mother. Honest. Funny. Worried. Young.

Needs to be reminded of all the things she has achieved.



Each person means something to me. Each person is going through a different struggle. Has had a different life, has grown but continue’s to grow on a daily basis. They each have determination, belief, confidence with in  themselves and the people around them. These people have grown and become important to me because of their daily struggles. I can learn so much from them, I can also teach them. And that’s why I love them.

Their daily struggle’s don’t beat them it just drives them forward to make their lives better. One day at a time, bad or good each struggle is met head on with our life experience’s.

Until next time.








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