Ootd and a Day Out. 

Hello my lovelies on this beautiful sunny day. It is a stunner of a day and I wanted to make the most of it with a casual outfit to go with the braw weather.

My favourite cardie of all time!! Super comfy and so cosy. The length is perfect and something I always look for in a cardie. Actually really like the 3 grey tone going on too. From Primark.

The khaki dress is also from Primark, love the loose fit and how easy it is to wear. It does have a long line chain but I took it off after the niece attempted too grabbed it.

The aztec shoes are again from Primark. Aztec designs are just amazing on their own.

Bag is from River Island. Its small but perfect for a simple day out. Think it fits in with my outfit quite nicely.wp-image-284654147jpg.jpg

My niece, sister and I went to Sally’s to pick up some stuff for the sister’s college course. Never been in there before and was a little overwhelmed by all the stuff. Pleasantly surprised at the huge range of items and products that they had too offer beauty students. (And those in the industry.)

We thought it was a good idea to do some window shopping and stumbled upon these little cuties!! I love sheep, all the cuteness and white fluffy wool. Far too cute if you ask me.  

And finally my niece wanted to show the world her sausage roll that she was slowly picking apart. (Her hair has finally come in nicely, she used to be bold!! Well very fine hair that you could hardly notice!) Over all this was a great day out, one that I desperately needed too.

Until next time my lovelies.


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