A Retro Luxe Review. 

Good afternoon my lovelies. Hope you all having a great start to your week. Recently I’ve discovered the Revolution makeup brand and once again I’ve fallen head of heels for them. They don’t test on animals!! (Super important!) And their products are such good quality too. I got my little sister loads for her christmas and birthday. (She is a beauty student.) Now onto the reason for this post. 

A new craze. The Retro Luxe matte lip kit in the shade Noble. There are 8 of these beauts and I do know that Revolution have also released a few others recently too. I’m gonna be honest with ya………I wasn’t overly interested in these. However I thought I would give it a shot. And I’m so glad I did. The packaging is straight to the point. Eye catching and tells you exactly whats in it. I love the liquid lipstick’s bottle. Love the bronze lid and the colour of the lipstick makes it look vintage!! Now onto the colour. 

Look at the intense colour! It looks a little more brown in person but it’s such a gorgeous shade!! It has a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. (No makeup day and I have a breakout. Great!!) I don’t tend to go for nudes, however I’ll be keeping this beauty in my makeup bag for a while. It went on with ease both the liner and the liquid lipstick. It also doesn’t feel sticky or thick. And has given such a gorgeous layer of colour. With only one application!!! 😲😍

I got this from online and for only £6. Love it. I actually really love this and plan on getting the others. Also I used a lip plumper from Plump It as my base. I’ll have a review on that later on. 
Until next time my beauties. 


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