A feeling of Hopelessness

For the first time, I can’t fix this. I can’t speak reason or put a plaster on the wound. I can’t take you away from the pain and the fear of not knowing.

We both know something is going on, and there is NOTHING we can do. I watch you panic and work yourself into a mess. All the while wishing I could do something to make things right. But for the first time I can’t. I feel completely and utterly useless. My words have no effect on you as you scream and rage.

For the first time I’m lost in an ocean with no way to get to shore. And I can see a horrible storm coming. One I’m not too sure I’m gonna enjoy. For this time I can’t enjoy the chaos cause the storm is far too close to home. To my heart. And that scares me.

So I’ll stay strong for you. I’ll be your rock and I’ll try to get you to smile. This fight your fighting, I’ll take up the sword and shield I’m known for, and I’ll fight by your side.

Even though this time there is truely nothing I can do.

I’m lost. I’m scared. And the storm is coming.


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