My First Inspirations Box

Hello my lovely readers. How are you all feeling?? I’m currently enjoying my weekend with some projects and some practice time on the sewing machine. This month I got my very first box from the Inspirations Club. Much like a Glossybox instead its full with fabrics and some craft supplies. 

This months theme is Spring with these stunning florals. These are all gorgeous fat quarters from several different companies. (Dont ask me which one is from which company!! I have no idea!!) But I do know which companies. 3 are from Rose and Hubble, 1 from Prestigious Textiles, 1 Dashwood Studios and 1 from Sara Morgan. The club also sent a few ideas of what to make. A small bouquet is this months theme. I shall attempt this later on today. FYI love the light blue fabric the most, so pretty!!

These also came in the box!! Loads of ribbon, cards, felt flowers, some buttons and gift tags. Spoilt for choice of what to make and who for. I love the ribbons and the buttons are going straight to the collecrion tin. (I have a thing for collecting buttons okay.) This is a 3 month plan which costs £60 when its renewed. I’m getting high quality fabrics and some craft supplies so the cost doesn’t overly bother me. It did however come in a cardboard box which had bummed me out alittle at first but opening the box was where the goodies resided. 

Do you have any ideas of what I could make?

Until next time my beauties. 


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