Going Blue. A Big Change.

Hello my lovelies. How are you all? It’s been a tempermental and busy week here. With parties and crazy weather. Gotta love scottish weather. Anyway on to the post. And its a huge change for me. I have always loved my dark chocolate locks. They where a serious confidence booster, but I had always wanted a certain colour done. I wanted a change, a big change, but was a little worried. Until last night. Where I sat in a hair dressers for 6 hours getting this crazy transformation done. 

The first 2 hours was stripping my hair of its dark qualities. No more chocolate brown for this gal!! The blonde was a shock to the system let me tell ya. But luckily it was nothing more than a base for the real colour! But how blonde am I!! Not me at all. 

These look purple but they’re actually blue. 4 different shades of blue. The dark blue was the main base while the other 3 gave different tones through my hair. So after several hours, 6 roughly I went from a dark brunette to a bluenette. Amber (from Colour Hairdressing in Dunfermline) you did a fantastic job!! She answered every question I had and was fab. Still getting blue off my face though!! 😄

Ta da!!! I love it. The tones are gorgeous and complement eachother beautifully. So glad I went for it. But was so anxious about the end result. It’s gonna worth it even though I need to wash my hair with cold water. Eeek. But worth it. 6 hours well spent and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I got my hair chopped in a long bob. A great length for styling. 

Until next time my lovelies. 


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4 thoughts on “Going Blue. A Big Change.

  1. That looks fantastic! Wow, your hair (and you, the owner of the hair!) look so great; I love it. 🙂 The cool blue tones really work – none of that kind of limey turquoise shade. I’ve wanted to get a sort of dark raven look done for an eternity now, but my hair is, under the dye, oh, I’d say about 90 percent grey? And grey hair does some weird, weird things to hair dye, so I’ve abstained, but this post has perhaps reignited my interest…

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  2. Thank you Sandra. 😘 That would look beautiful on you, ask a hairdresser who knows what they’re talking about for their opinion. I hope you get it and would love too see. Fingers crossed you do but your hair is lovely anyway!! Xxx


  3. I LOVE this color! I am a stylist myself, but super part-time because of my crazy scheudle with school and my kids. It so great on you and the blue is so pure! Did it last long? That’s one of the issues I usually have with fashion colors. My clients get dissapointed at the short life span of their, once vibrant, color. But with the new fashionable style of softs blue’s, grey’s, and all cool tones, I feel like that blue you have mayfade into something amazing!

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