Snood Over!

Hello my lovelies. How are you all doing? I’m having a fantastic week so far! Big plans are coming together and I’m beyond excited!! But enough of that, onto the post. 😄

Now who loves scarves?? I do. I have a collection that I refuse to get rid of. Who doesn’t love the cosy feeling they give or the amazing fabrics, colours and textures that they come in! I love em all. However…….I can’t wear them at my work place due to health and safety. So I’m working away while being cold. (I get cold easily and struggle to keep heat.) And then one cold day, my saving grace came too me in the form of a snood. A snood is like a scarf but has no end. It’s just a continous piece of fabric. They can come in different lengths and thinknesses.

A simiple colour and simiple design. A friend recommended them too me and so I went a lookin for some. FYI loads of gorgeous ones in New Look!! But too nice for where I work. I work in a warehouse at the mo near docks so it gets very chilly. The one I did get is from Primark for only a few £’s. I can’t mind the exact price but it wasn’t more than £5!! Plus a great piece to any wardrobe. A cute fashion piece if you will.

Mainly gray with baby pink a cute little combo for the season. Plus it’s warm and helps me keep in the heat. The quality is actually great and easy to wear. Nothing super fancy but workable. I’ve worn it all week and love it. No more complaining from me anyway! I would recommend getting one if you hate the annoyance that a scarf can bring, but also want to keep warm. I plan on getting more of these simiply because they are cute and do a great job.

Do you guys own any snood’s? Where do you get yours from if you do??

Until next time beauties.


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