Fashion Book Collection (Reference)

Books. I love them. So easy to get lost in one or even find some amazing pieces of info about a subject you enjoy or even just have an interest in. Who doesn’t love the feeling of turning a page!! Or the smell of old books……bliss. Anyway onto the topic of the post. Personally I have a small (ish) book collection. With a smaller reference collection for subjects that interest me. Here is my small but steadily growing fashion book collection: 

These books are all fantastic in themselves. (I do have a quilt making book and a Gok Wan one but can’t locate them!!) I’ve always believed if you have an interest in a subject then you should always invest in that subject. It can be a career choice or just a hobby, as long as it is enjoyed then it is worth investing in. Besides I love knowlegde, and I love finding out new info that I never knew. I’m slowly becoming a common face at my local library or college library. šŸ˜‹

Now to the books themselves. The dress making book was a gift from my mum 2 years ago, which I have used often. Mainly for reading but I hope to change that into more pratical work this year. It’s a lovely step by step guide on dress making with great instructions and amazing detail. 

The Coco Chanel is a beautifully illustrated piece about her life by the talented Megan Hess. She changed the face of fashion with her daring outlook and continues to be an inspirtation to aspiring designers. (Myself included there!!) Plus I love how it flows and gives key information into her life and work ethnic. While the book is short, sweet it suits the late designer perfectly. Short, sweet and to the point. I’d have loved to work with her, or learn from her. I bought this from Amazon when I saw it at work one night. 

Next are my 2 bible’s. The purple hardback is ‘The Fashion Book’ which is a great piece of the whole of the Fashion world. A mixture of photos and information on a whole list of people. Its an A – Z  of makeup artists, textile designers, photographers, models, jewellery designers, Illustrators, Retailers and even Icons. All these people helped change fashion through out history with their own creative flair. I got this tome from Waterstones last year and it has helped through college a few times. (Can’t remember how much it was!!! Sorry!!) 

My most recent purchase for this collection!! I’m so chuffed that I got this, simply because of the sheer amount of information thats in it. It’s a history book but of fashion!! A hard back that cost Ā£30 from Waterstones. (Heads up…… furry mosters have already took a few bites outta it!!) 

One of the pages out of this 480 page book. It spans from the ancient world to the modern era of how we currently dress. I love the sheer detail, knowlegde and work that has went into this book. I haven’t read all of it but it is useful for history of fashion and if you ever need so inspiration from an older era. (Now to find a book on corsets!!) 

I do hope you all enjoyed this little tour of some books that I do love.

Until next my lovely readers. 


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