Haul of Embroidery Thread

Hello my lovely readers. Sorry for the late post, and the failure of blogmas. I took a bad turn and needed to recover for abit. I’m alot better though and feeling fantastic!!! As some of you may know, I’ve fallen in love with hand embroidery and want to explore that area more in depth after I finish my college course. 

I was looking around for awhile and finally found a few websites that sell the threads that I was recommended by my lecturer from college. The brand is Perle Finca, which does some amazing threads in some stunning shades. (I don’t know much about the brand itself but hope to get some info soon.)

I ordered these just before Christmas and got them on Christmas Eve!!! I love the colour range, plus the sheer intense colour is amazing. The royal purple (tint 141) is stunning and I can’t get over the greens either. Each one of these only cost £2.40 each so I went and got a few. Plan on getting more next time…….or all of them.😆 I also found that some websites do a larger colour range than others, so defo shop around before buying or settling on just one website. 

These 3 colours are the light grey (tint 116), the baby blue (tint 859), baby pink (tint 827) btw names of the colours may be wrong. I tend to delete emails asap and forgot to get a note of the names. The numbers are right though. I’m going to be using these 3 colours for my final piece for college. My colour theme is a winter theme with pastel colours and a darker green that I’ve used as the main shade. I can’t wait to use them, my only problem is that I struggle to thread my needle with the threads. They are thick with a slight twist. (I have to get my sister to do it for me!!!) 

Hoping to use these more through out the new year in other projects, plus getting me comfortable using them and a needle. (Too many accidents!!) Any advice for a novice in hand embroidery will be greater accepted!! 

Until next time. Xx

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