Tips on How to Cope with Going to Nightshift.

Starting a new job can be hard on anyone. New people, new work load, loads of stuff to learn. But going from a normal 9 – 5 job to a night shift is hard. But not impossible. I’m back doing a nightshift and it’s been fun to get back into the swing of things. Here are some simple tips to help:

1. First your sleeping pattern is gonna be knocked for 6. If your a night owl, brilliant, if not dont panic. The first shift is always the hardest on the sleep pattern. Stay up as long as you can (a day or 2 before you start of course) or simply attempt to make your bedtime later. Your first week will be hard on you but by the end it will be easier on your body. My partner is a nightshifter and I started staying up later so I could spend time with him. (It helped my own change into a night worker!) 

2. Food. Energy. This is beyond super important. No matter what your doing you need energy. You could be up on your feet for 10 hours or lifting heavy loads. So good food is important. If you don’t like breakfast when you get up, that’s fine. Just bring a big snack for your first break. I have a 15 minute break, were I have my sandwichs, banana, grapes, blueberries or whatever I have for that part. Lunch, I always try and have something cooked. Tuna pasta mayo or chicken curry. My last break tends to be a little unhealthy, crisps and maybe some chocolate. Always make sure you have something to eat. Your gonna need it.

3. Travel. Depending on where you work, travel time will be inportant. This could cut into your sleep time too!! I’m lucky that my partner drives and works in the same place! Ask to car share, if you know anyone who lives close to you. Do your research on train times and several bus routes. (If you miss one you can always get another bus. And hopefully won’t be late) 

4. Routine. Set yourself a little routine like any other job. Getting up at a certain time, and being able to get things you want done. This helps alot. It makes it easier to handle, so setting that routine early on will be a great help to you. I get up at 3pm on my work days (I start my shift at 7pm) this way I can have a shower, my cuppa and something to eat when I feel like it. I hate being rushed. 

5. Social. Being a night worker can be hard on the social life. Your mornings could well be your friends bedtimes or your other halfs. So trying to find that little balance can help. Usually Ross and I try to spend Sunday and a Monday together………or at least teasing each other. Sometimes I see friends and others I take the day to get things done. Like food shopping. 

I really hope this helps some of you. If your not sure on anything you can always ask. I’m more than happy to help. 

Until next time my fellow nightfuries! 


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