The Wee Tea Company (purchase & review)

Good morning my lovelies. How are you all doing on this chilly and yet sunny morning?? I’m still full of the cold so I believe a new tea is in order. For those who don’t know me, I’m a pure tea jenny. If offered a choice it will be tea any day, any time. And your like me this little place will excit you too. 

Look at all this tea and that’s not all of it!! The little pop up shop is located in Dunfermline shopping mall. It’s run by The Wee Tea Company (how adorable is the name!!) and smells like heaven!! (Heads up, this is not a sponsor post!! I’m just a tea fanatic!!) Also the tea leaves they use are grown in Scotland! Talk about local and have a website all tea lovers should check out:

They let you smell the tea’s as you walk round. As the lovely man said (I didn’t get his name!!!!) it’s the best way to get the know the tea. And they all smell amazing. Each one with something different to offer. They also do the normal Earl Grey but also some other gorgeous ones. Such as their: Rose Smoked Black Tea (new, christmas is round the corner folks! 😉) or their Highland Christmas Chai. They have a few in for Christmas!!! (Some of their tea’s also have some health benefits, so don’t hesitate to ask!) Know any tea jennys?? Got their Christmas sorted here. 😆

I had to get myself some. Not sorry or guilty in the slightest. (Can’t wait to go back!)

The Ginger Chai Tea smells delightful (loose leaves) but I’m reviewing the tinned tea. The lovely Christmas Chai Black Tea that are bagged. 18 silk pyramids bags to be specific.  

Excuse the snippers, I’m sewing. Anyway how intense is this colour. Such a beautiful orange!! I love the intense colour and the flavor…… When you first smell it, it just wafts chai. That lovely Christmas scent that’s not in your face. I don’t normally drink black tea, but this is lovely. The chai taste is there and tickels the back of your throat. (The only tea I haven’t put sugar in!) It has such a rustic taste. 

It’s actually so hard to put into words. But it does taste amazing. 

I hope this has tickled your tea taste buds my lovely readers. Until next time. 


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2 thoughts on “The Wee Tea Company (purchase & review)

  1. I’m a huge sucker for tea, so this post speaks to me on a personal level. Haha. I love a good pyramid tea almost as much as I love a quality bit of loose tea. Chai teas are also really great for the winter / Christmastime. There’s just something lovely about the taste.

    I’m normally big on tea conpanies, but I’ve never heard of this one and reading such great things about here, I may have to check it out. I’m glad you had a good experience with them.

    mchi (@mchiouji) |

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    1. I hadnt even heard of them until i stumbled upon their shop!! Glad im not the only lover of tea. It helps soothe and destress you on so many levels. 😊 thank you for the lovely comment. X


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