Our First Christmas Tree.

Another day, and yet another post. This one is all about our tree. It’s not as flashy as some trees, not quirky or vintage. But it is our first tree. (Ross and I!) Which makes it a little more special, it’s finally Christmas in our house.

I love it. Naturally cause I put it up on the 1st of December. It was a little difficult but got there in the end. Super excited to see my wee niece’s face when she see’s it, and her name on labels under the tree!! Gotta love the lights and tinsel, a great way to show off some colour. There is no topper to the tree (Ross ain’t to keen on the star or angel for certain reasons) I’m hoping to find a cute little snowman instead! This Christmas is gonna be a first for so many things:

– Zevanna’s first Christmas with us.

– Maxamillion and Damos’s first ever Christmas!! (They have some goodies too!) 

– Our first tree. 

– A first time for some festive cooking. 

And the list goes on. Although I will admit the tree isn’t finished just yet. One or two more bits and it will be perfect. It’s strange how much things have changed in a year. Last Christmas we had an old tree and it was just Ross and me. This year we have a full house!! I love that, besides it’s not what’s under the tree that matters but who is round it. 

Is your tree up?? What do you love about yours?

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