Christmas Jumper(s)

Day 2 of Blogmas, and it’s been a giggle with taking tons of photos and trying to get stuff all sorted. Who doesn’t love cute Christmas jumpers?? Well I have a slight confession…….me. I don’t like Christmas jumpers. However it’s the horrid ones with all the crazy stuff hanging out, too many bells and the recent social media, hast tags ones. I was out shopping when I stumbled upon 2 and I loved them. 

How awesome is this jumper!! I actually love it. There are bells (they may be coming off soon!!) but its the colours I love. It’s little bits of coloured tinsel and it goes round the back. How cute. Simple and just right for Christmas. (I got this from Asda george for £16.) Its cosy and perfect for the season. Also this is a medium size, and ain’t to snug. 

The second jumper is actually for the guys. I am ‘modeling’ it because my partner is currently in the land of nod. (Night worker, he needs his beauty sleep!!) 

Santa! Why are you on a jumper old chap? Ain’t it cute. The best gents jumper that isn’t over the top. (Although Ross would wear one of those just to tick me off!!) It’s actually a Large and looks great. Can’t wait for him to wear it!! I got this outta George Asda too for £16 (I think!!!) last week. I’ve been pestering the poor bloke too wear it since. Lol. 

I’m more excited about these and Christmas cause it’s my niece’s first one with us!! I hope she loves the jumpers just as much as I do. I have one for her, but cann’t show you yet. It wouldn’t be fair on the wee one. She will be modeling it shortly though!

Do you like Christmas jumpers?? If so, what ones do you like?? 

Until next time beauties. 


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