A Tradition of Hot Chocolate (Blogmas!)

Good evening beautiful readers. How has your day been? I’ve been busy with work, fighting with the new tree (later post!!!) and some winter cleaning. Now I’m settled with my first hot chocolate of the season!! I love traditions. And I had created a tradition a couple years back were I would open up the December month with a fresh hot chocolate. (And my first attempt at Blogmas!)

It helps get me in the mood for Christmas!! 

This year I’ve left my usual and went for something different. 

A white hot chocolate!!! What!! But wait…..there is more. 

It’s a strawberry white hot chocolate!! How amazing is this. And I love it. My first time trying it and it has a good old thumbs up from me. (I’m a hot choco lover plus super fussy. Takes alot to impress me!) 

This hot chocolate is from a lovely little shop called Whittard in Edinburgh. I pass it all the time on my way to college. I bought this for Ā£7 and it’s worth it. 

The strawberry taste is very subtle, I mean barely noticeable but there. And the white chocolate itself its too heavy but creamy. FYI I make my hot chocolates (well the sister does. The queen of making hot chocolates) with hot milk. I hate hot water, yuck. 

But I do love my first chocolate drink of the year. It gets me in the mood for Christmas and helps keep me relaxed. 

Are you a hot chocolate lover?? What’s your favourite?? 

Until next time loves.


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