Ootd. (Some Grunge)

Hello beauties. Hope your all well! Anyway I went and had a little slurge at River Island (i’ve finished all the Christmas shopping!!) and thought why not get a treat. 

I love this outfit. The top is loose fitting, makes it easy to wear tucked in or hanging loose. Even at a 10 its still got loads of room. Not too mention that I love the eagle and flower motif on it. Can’t forget the mini stone (diamond like) details. The top is in their Urban section at £16. 

Now the skirt. Very comfy to wear and my first piece of faux leather. I love how these are both well on trend but they can easily be worn with something else too. 

A cute mini skirt from their Urban section at £35. I love the stud detailing on the pockets and it has pockets!!! Bonus. Plus it sits nicely on my hips. I do like that it doesn’t rub on the skin. A statement piece that I am super happy I bought. Teams up together rather well if I must say. 
Until next time beauties. 


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