The Furry Twins

Hi………hello. Is this how mummy does it……..oh wait!! Ah it worked!!

Ehem, hello humans. I’m Maxamillion, a 5 and half month old chinchilla. (I’m the dashing one at the front. The shy guy at the back is my brother Damos.) We live with our non-furry parents. I’m sure mummy has been talking about us. She can get very excited when she chats about us. We chinnies live to about 20 years and can jump too 6ft high! We are still learning and growing in confidence. Good thing too. Mummy will have her work cut out for her, so does daddy. She calls us her 2 flooff balls. 

Thats us having a snooze. You see we like too play when its all dark so no big scary monsters will get us. And sleep during the day cause they might see us. Plus we like too curl up together. (Mummy changed our water so we where up to see her!) 

We can be quite shy and timid. But not so much anymore. Im not to bad with being held ish, not for too long. But my brother Damos doesnt like it all that much. So mummy or daddy just let us come to them. Also we chinnies are very VERY fussy eaters!! Luckily mummy likes to read and makes sure everything we eat is good for us. Like the blueberry we had the other day, that was yummy or the sweet oats we get. Yum. 

Thats a better picture of Damos. Mummy loves chatting away to us, so we squeak back every now and then. We are still shy though. We can even bark for attention too. 

A list of our favourite hobbies: 

Nibbing on our toys.

Getting behind daddy’s box thingy. (He panics a bit and moves things so we can hop out!)

Damos likes to squeeze under the red seats. Mummy still wonders how 2 fat floofly balls can fit in such small places!! We are not fat! We are just 2 balls of growing cuteness!! 

Making a gazillion, trillion and one poopies. 

Rolling around in our dust too. Thats our bath!

Oh and nibbling on mummy and daddy. Sometimes we nibble a bit hard but they dont mind. We still have loads to learn. 

Napping and jumping around like the babies that we are. 

Wait this is an older picture. Mummy dont embarress me! You can do that to Damos! Anyway thats us all tuckered out after a big night of playing and being cute. Mummy loves petting us. She says it’s like stroking super soft velvet. 

You see humans………in the wild we are hunted by big animals and nasty humans who want us for our fur. So in our natural habitant we are on the endangered list due too nasty people and scary monsters. Mummy says we are safe but not allowed out the house. The cold isn’t good for us and cause we are rodents owls or foxes might get us! But at least we are warm and safe with mummy and daddy. 

Anyway I have too go now. Mummy is coming back with that strange hot drink she likes. If you have any questions, damos and I would be happy to answer them next time. 

Farwell humans. Love from the floof balls Maximillion and Damos. 


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