Younique. The review!

Hello my beauties. Hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend! My sister recently decided on a small beauty adventure and has decided to drag me along for the ride! Basically be your own kind of boss like in Avon. We enrolled, and got sent some products that I can’t wait to show you all!!! 

These are just a few of the full size products, the rest are mainly testers. But who cares, these are amazing and I’ll share with you why. For starters the packaging is great. I mainly like the Bon Bons lipbalm packaging. The colour is great and compliments the other black packaging well. Plus you have to turn the lid, not just pull it. They do a skin range too that I am yet to try. Also Younique don’t test on animals and help support victims od abuse. A win win for me I think. 

I love these swatches. The lighter pink is the Lip BonBons tinted lip balm in ‘Red Velvet Cake’ a nice toned down pink that leaves the lips soft. With a gentle pink hue. It can be worn on it’s own or I think you could have it underneath a lippie. 

Now onto the darker swatch. Deep breathe!! How pigmanted is that! It’s Younique’s Splash liquid lipstick in ‘Sentimental’ I barely needed to use the whole product on the wand for this. The colour is a gorgeous deep mauve, perfect for the season! Plus it’s not sticky and gives a great matte finish. (Defo using a good lipbalm underneath this!) If you want to take a look at some of their other products or this one, here is a link for you-

And finally for all those eye lovers. I haven’t forgotten about you! This little palette is their Addiction 4 Palette in ‘Moonstruck’ A nice mix of shimmer and matte colours, with 4 lovely warm, earthy brown tones. And 3 cool tones. I love the shade ‘Triumphant’ and ‘Brave’ such gorgeous colours. 

Younique and customer’s say that their products are just as good as Mac, but I can’t make a comment. I don’t own any Mac products to compare them too! The liquid lippies are at £21 each (really want Superstitious!) The Moondust palette is at £38 each. Love the colour palette’s. And the Lip Bonbons are at £18 each. (Can I have one of each please!) 

If you want to have a noisy about I’ll leave another link here for you all to check out.

Let me know your thoughts folks. Until next beauties. 


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