The Revolution!

Good afternoon my darlings!! How ya all doing the somewhat tempermental day?? The scottish weather can’t decide if it wants to freeze us or have a very late summer. Tpyical weather really. Now on to the somewhat exciting part. (Well for me anyway! Hope you like it too!) 

My little sister has just really got into her makeup course and I finally got to see her kit that she hot from college. Now I’m not a makeup expert or anyrhing but I will say that she needs a new kit. Asap!! 

This palette is from Revolution in their light to medium. The Ultra Cover and Concealer Palette. This one is actually for me, I’ve been lookin to try some other forms of concealer since I got my Soap and Glory concealer stick. Mainly cause while I do like it, I feel that it doesn’t actually blend into my skin all that well. I can not wait to test this out and see how well it works with me. They do feel very creamy in texture on my finger tips. Not actually used them yet but will!

I got all these products from my local Superdrug and they all where £6!!! That’s a cheeky wee bargin right there. Plus they DON’T test on animals! High five to you Revolution. 

(I have no swatches as of yet, due to taking a really irrating allergic reaction to something! It’s affected my hands and arms badly. Sorry!! But will eventually get them up!) 

Gah I love this eyeshadow palette! Shame it’s going into the gift box for the sis. (FYI she is aware of these but thats all she knows about! Don’t tell her the rest guys!) It’s Revolutions Affirmation palette with 32 stunning colours. Must are a shimmer but a couple are matte’s. Not super expensive nor will they break the bank. I’m loving the shade’s Declare, Vouch and Consent. They look so pretty!! Can’t wait for a little test run. Or to see what she can do with them. 

Quick note, the packaging is fab as well. Sturdy, kinda sleek and great to fit in a decent makeup bag! Plus the rose coloured lettering really stands out on the black beautifully. 

Now onto another cover and conceal palettw but this one is in Light. I prefer the mix if I’m honest but these will be great for her too play about with. Even build up a small customer base and get a good idea on the different skin tones. I saw a great darker one that looks stunning. So think that will be joining her kit soon. 

Do you beauties like Revolution?

Any makeup suggestions would be great folks? 


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