A Cheeky Haul!

Hello my lovelies. How are you all doing?? Hope the week is going well for you all. Recently I was on a bit of a downer, and so my sister thought it would be a great idea to share with me some of her goodies from the Body Shop. In the last crazy week it was a great treat and a lovely surprise. 

Some coconut body butter, I love this stuff. It smells amazing and does wonders for the skin. I love using it when I soothe the man’s feet. (His feet always get really sore and he has surprisingly soft skin!!) A little mango shower gel that I love. If I could buy this in bulk I would, I’d have so much I think my partner would ban me for life from the body shop!!! (I hope he doesnt do that!!) 

My sister had randomly got some Instablur and the poor soul has no idea what it was for so she gave it too me. I’ve actually got some on today. No foundation or conclearer just this……and I’m a bit so-so with it. It comes out like a soft clay but turns to creamy butter when it goes on the skin and it feels lovely. Not too sure on the coverage (could be cause I used so little!!) But it does feel lovely and very soft. 

She also gave me some of the vitamin E face mist and my fave face wash from their tea tree collection!! What a star!! 

Now these 2 items are a small wee treat for myself. I’ve been lusting after Nyx for a while and finally managed to get my little paws on some. The gorgeous lip creme from their Simply Vamp in ‘Temptress’ is gorgeous. The deep, rich plum tone is perfect for the autumn (or fall if your from across the big lake!) And looks fantastic with my skin. It’s not draining and is easy to wear. (Not got any on as my lips are horribly chapped!) 

Next is one my friend recommended to me. It’s the butter gloss in the shade ‘Madeleine’ and is a stunning nude shade. I do love this one cause it works so well. Plus it doesn’t look too much. A nice creamy texture and soft. Luckily not sticky! I don’t have a Nyx near me so it’s hard to pick something without testing it first. But I just love it. 

A wee swatch of both for you lovelies to see them. Aren’t they gorgeous! The simply vamp is in fact a little darker but the light doesn’t give it much too work with. 

What Nyx products are your faves?? Any recommendations folks??

Until next time my lovelies. 


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4 thoughts on “A Cheeky Haul!

    1. Thanks megan. I’ve got my eye on a few other goodies but im gonna hint to the other half for them. Lol. They where a great price and fantastic quailty. Totally get them. Let me know what you get. Xx


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