College and the Daily Challenge!!

Hello my lovelies!! How are you all doing this week? Well I’ve been busy…..ish. From work (full timer and nightshift) and college (only part time mind!!) It’s been a good week. I know that some have recently just started back into education. It’s a little strange being back in a classroom but its such a great feeling. Anyway, I though I would share with you lovelies some of my college project and the daily challenge that I’m doing. So here we go: (you may wanna grab a cuppa!!)  

Isn’t the ladybird cute!! My first ever attempt at one. I’m back studying textiles and want my sketchbook to look good. Our theme is environmental pattern which means everything and its a great way to explore deeper into the subjects that I have an interest in. Gemstones, water, lava, steampunk and a few others. Is anyone else studying this?? Looking forward to the end result which will be a piece of fabric made by ourselves!!!

At the end of the course we shiuld have a piece of fabric made by us. The next course is garment building with the fabric we made (if we choose to do it!) Im super excited and love it. It does feel a bit broken with only being a day but the amount of work I can do is brilliant. 

How do you make a sketchbook look great??? I’ve got a ton of improving to do and would love to know your thoughts. 

Now back onto improving myself! I have more than one challenge going at the moment. A 30 day drawing challenge which is mainly for giggles. 

But it is helping me become more comfortable in making mistakes and not being such a critic. Plus I plan on mixing up my media that I use and building up on detail. I have a few of these lined up till the new year! Also I’m trying to drink more water……but I don’t like plain water so mixing it up with fruit or squash. (I’m super picky with drinking water. It’s also got to be really cold!) Anyone else like that??

Have you guys got any challenges for this year? If so what are they?? Xx

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