Glossybox of July. 

Hello my gorgeous rosettes. I really hope your weekend was amazing. I also hope you all stayed safe and well in recent times. May we rise above the hate that no longer has a place in this time of age. Xx

Isn’t this month’s Glossybox amazing!! Some awesome looking goodies that I can not wait to try and share with you. So on the first set:

I’m not so hot for the mascara if I’m honest. Could be due to the amount of times I’ve had a mascara wand in the eye. But I’ll give it a try some other time. The mascara is the Emotio Allowed Mascara by Icona Milano and costs £13.04 from their website. 

Now I really want to try the de-tangle brush from Hairon which is a lovely mint colour. Wet hair is a nightmare to brush through and even though my hair is short (ish) it has a habit of becoming a birds nest!!! Or rats tails…….but thats another story to tell. This little gem is £6.99 from 

This is a Nourishing Night Creme that also adds/builds a gentle healthy looking tan. One problem…..I’m already tanned and tend to tan rather nicely when the sun is out. (When scotland decides to be sunny of course!!!) However I may actually use this for my legs that can look rather pale. Plus it doesn’t smell either. So a win win if I do say so myself. This can be purchased for £12.50 from 

Now my 2 favourite products outta the whole box!! Of course one is a lip product! I’m crazy for lip products……maybe a little obsessed. But hay what’s a gal to do. 😉 Anyway, the cute red tube is a Hawaiian Tropic lip gloss in Island Berry with SPF25. It smells (and tastes!!) amazing. Its like a drop of summer of the lips. It does give a gentle red tint and offers moisturisation too. Love it!! Now too finish my other ones………

The pink brush is gorgeous and super soft!! I’m not joking. We have all been there. Where a brush is so soft you just wanna fluff it all over your face!! This is an F20 Flat Brush from Blank Canvas. And I can’t wait to try it with my foundation. I may not like pink but it’s too soft to bother me. Worth £11.95 from I may be having a little lookie later. 

All productd are full size and their pricing is for the full size too. 

Until next time my gorgeous readers. 


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