Latest Tattoo’s.

Hello all. This post is gonna be a little different (in a way!) No product reviews, no lusting over this or that. Just a simple experience with a tattoo artist and a needle. Eek! 😫

 Aren’t they gorgeous!! Simple and pretty. Not over the top or insane. These 2 are my star signs. The one on the right foot is aquarius and the one on the left is capricorn. I’m a cusp child, born on a date where the star signs clash. I got 6 of these in total.

Now getting a tattoo is a BIG thing. You have to do your research on the tattooist, on the design you want, the placement, how big or small. Even if colour is gonna make it work or not!! Cost wise as well. But the main thing about it is simple: are you going to be comfortable with the tattoo. It’s on your skin for life, it’s gonna be apart of you (unless you get it removed, or covered up!)

Don’t forget about your pain threshold either! While your pal may have been cool as a cucumber getting their thigh done, you could be in tears! So always ask (if your not sure you could handle it of course) the tattooist if you could use a numbing lotion on the area in question. I got my feet and just above the ankels done. Now while some parts were cool, some of it was agony! So be warned!!

You also need to think about after care. No point on spending cash on a lovely piece of work and then not looking after it!! It’ll go bad, be all gross and could cost loads in healthcare! So a few easy aftercare tips for ya:

1. Never soak the tattoo! It’s not good for it and it won’t heal right. Always clean the tattoo using the shower and warm water. I like using Simple, I get a nice lather in my hands and then gently clean it. Rinse afterwards and pat dry.

2. Tattoo’s dry out quickly. So keep it hydrated. This is when a moisturiser addict (like myself) are in our zone. You can use coco butter, bepanthan, astral etc. I use astral a couple times a day. But if your not sure ask your tattooist for advice.

3. Don’t itch!!! I know it’s tempting, but you will just damage the skin and ink. Let it heal. It is gonna scab over and please try to leave them alone. (It’s hard sometimes!!) But when it scabs it meams it’s nearly finished healing.

Now ain’t Leo cute. I love all the different shapes and line work. Might as well have a little fun!! This one is for my little niece, the little tornado that she is.

A little strange leg work here. And please ignore the fact that I’m slowly turnin into a gorilla!! Can’t shave for a week and a bit. Damn. Anyway, the one left of the pic is virgo for my mum. Maiden she most certainly is not! And the right one is libra for my step dad. Not so sure on the scales for him. (Love ya really old yin!!)

Now this one is very important to me. This is scorpio and the tough little monster this is for is my younger brother. Who I adore. He can be scorpion at times, so fits him nicely. (This is on my right leg along with my mum’s one, plus it’s my dominant side!) And yes each tattoo is in fact my families star sign.

And finally my tattooist. The lovely apprentice Malcolm was a gem. Thought I was gonna kick him at one point! But he was brilliant. Happy to chat away and made sure I was comfy.

So a big thank you to Malcolm from Voodoo! Hope everything goes well for ya hun.

Until next time my lovely readers.


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