The Body Shop romance!

Afternoon my gorgeous rosette’s. How’s the last week been for you all? Good? Any exciting news? I hope the last week has treated you all well. 

I had been left to my own devices in town a day or so ago. And well, my bank account may be wanting to change our relationship soon. (Poor thing, but payday soon!) Not my fault some shops had a few sales on. And one of those shops is a shop that I have had a long romance with. Especially when it comes to their skincare. The Body Shop. I love that place, and the staff are super friendly too. Now on to the products I went and got: 

These 2 gems are both new too me and a new release. Well the vitiman E is a new release in the range. I can’t wait to mold these into my routine. Not tried them as of yet but I can’t wait. 

Now the products. The seaweed range is range that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I got this for my t-zone which has been very oily lately. (Scotland’s crazy weather system.) This is an oil-control overnight gel. And it smells so nice. Not over powering, more like a subtle aloe vera kinda smell. Not like seaweed. (Sniffing my hand all the time isn’t really helping me figure out the smell either) 

Second product is from a range I know and love. The vitamin E range is great for all skin types and combo skin too. This one is the moisture-perfect emulsion cream with SPF 30 (PA+++ but not sure on that part!!) I got this cream mainly because the skin round my eyes and nose are very dehydrated. I do drink loads of water folks!! Hopefully this helps, it’s also packed with hyaluronic acid which helps skin stay hydrated. So I can’t wait. This will be getting used alot in the mornings. 😊 

I love this!!! The tea tree skin clearing foam cleanser. I’m using a face wash at the moment that I’m not super pleased with. (Even though it’s from the same range as this one I prefer the foaming cleanser by a mile!) This is an old faithful that I refuse to part with. Plus I love the new packaging for it. Dark green and black. Great combo. 

I’ll give my verdict about my 2 new purchases later on so watch this space. 

Until next time beauties. 


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