The Make-up Clearout!!

Hello my beautiful rosette’s. Hope your all having a wonderful week. I finally got round to clearing out my make-up collection. A very much needed clear out might I add. This week has been slightly stressful. And having a full day off I decided to use my time wisely and have a good old clear out. Can I just say how amazing it felt clearly out my stuff and seeing what I actually had!!


2 hours and so later!! These 3 Glossy boxes are full to the brim with stuff that I don’t use. And are getting handed to my best friend who happens to have 2 hyper active, makeup loving gals. (Some of it will be for her as well!)

They’re in for a treat! Loads of lip glosses, lipsticks, eye shadows and nail varnishs from different brands and different colours. Can’t wait to see their faces when they open them. Besides there is no point in me holding onto it all when its not getting used and loved. This way Susal’s gals are gonna have fun, and its all gonna be used. Win win I do believe.


And this is all that I have left. (Minus whats in my makeup bag of course!!) Some of my favourite palettes, lip pencils and nail colours. It feels so good to know what I have and don’t have. Now I can watch my collection grow and become more to my style and taste.

(Was gonna do a makeup sale but not sure how to do one of the blog!!) Maybe next time.

How do you get rid of your makeup?? Do you sell it on?? Or do you give it away??


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2 thoughts on “The Make-up Clearout!!

  1. If it’s unused, or barely used I’ll try and give it away to friends and family, but usually I just end up throwing it away! Especially if I’m not sure how long it’s been open for and could be well past its use-by date!

    I love how you use Glossyboxes for storage, I do exactly the same!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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    1. My limited edition boxes, eg the london and paris ones are being used for my makeup desk! Theyre great for that. I’ve made sure all the makeup is safe to use. (Mainly cause my bestie has 2 gals under the age of 10!) Gotta keep em safe.



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