Interview Outfit and Nerves.

Hello lovely people how u all doing?  I’ve been a little bit of a nervous wreck the last few days. Why? I had an interview. They can be scary, daunting and very intimidating. But can also be great learning curves. They can boost a person’s confidence and help keep a person focused. Luckily for me, I somehow managed to keep my nerves calm (probally then 5 cups of tea before hand!) Or it could be that I kept a positive attitude and had geared myself with some of my own questions. Very glad that I did.

All in all an interview is a great way of showing your talents and a perfect excuse to dress to impress.


My interview outfit for House of Fraser. A jade green blouse from Primark (I love this piece, very versatile) which has a nice loose fit. Looks professional and adds some colour. But not too over the top. Black trousers from Asda – George that has gorgeous detailing and super soft. The fit is amazing too! Not too tight, nor too slack. Plus they weren’t trailing along the floor. (Normally I can never find a pair of black trousers that has a decent fit.)

And the shoes are from Clarks. Love a touch of leopard print here and there. Adds a touch of fun to the whole outfit. Plus they’re hard wearing and great for when I need a touch of professionalism.

What would you beauties wear too a interview?? Let me know.


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