A small holiday haul.

Holidays. Such great fun and brilliant ways to de-stress from everyday worries. Or times to be just a tad bit selfish. Me and my partner went to Birmingham for a few days (mainly to see Pentatonix!! They were amazing live!!) During this little time away I had to get a few items from some shops I don’t have near me.


They all so pretty. I did get a small bottle of chocolate vodka but that’s somewhat disappered! Now onto the latest makeup editions!!


I finally found a Kiko shop!! Being a lippie addict has its problems. I did get a new lipstick but I can’t seem to find it. Probs in my makeup bag…… Anyway, the lip liner is no. 709 and a pretty dark pink shade that actually looks good on me. (I can wear it all on its own!) This is my first creamy lipgloss that I own in the shade 112. A very pale pink colour but very creamy in texture.


The darker pink is the lip liner and the paler pink is the creamy lip gloss. Love em both. Lovely summer colours. (Ps. I also got a new glass nail file cause I may have sat on my other one! Woops)


This is my favourite purchase while in birmingham (expect for the vodka) I got it in Selfridges, they had a little paperchase area and I may have gotten ‘lost’ there. (If you’re a fan of stationary, journals and art supplies you will know what I mean!!) I fell in love with the gorgeous peacock design. Something you don’t see often.

This beautiful art journal was hand stitched in India. Can I say how beautifully crafted and stunning this piece is. It’s art in itself and will only be used for my best pieces. The journal is too well made for doodles.


These earrings are super cute. (Nice for the season too!) I love the blues and dark grey/blue tones. Playful and sweet. The bees are adorable. Can’t resist a bit of child like fun.

Got any holidays planned??

Until next my beautiful readers. Bye!


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